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Where is Leslie Parms Now? Lyntell Washington Update




“20/20: The Barefoot Witness,” which airs on ABC News, focuses on the chain of events that led up to the death of Lyntell Washington in June of 2016. The skeletal remains of the middle school instructional specialist, who was 40 years old and had been reported missing, were found a few days after the report of her disappearance. But the inquiry didn’t get going until a good Samaritan named Leslie Parms saw Lyntell’s kid, who was three years old at the time, alone in a parking lot and dialled 911. If you were wondering where he might be right now, don’t worry about it because we’ve got you covered.

Who is Leslie Parms?
On June 9, 2016, as Leslie Parms drove into a parking lot, he saw a small girl strolling around unattended for the first time. He approached the small girl, who was three years old, and told what had transpired after the following: “I said, ‘pardon me, young lady, where’s your parents?’ She just kind of wandered around in a fog, looking at everything, and as she was walking to the car, I called the cops. Leslie placed a call to 911 to report that her daughter, who was three years old at the time, was unattended and holding a pillow.

During the programme, Leslie stated that when he asked the young girl where her mother or their car was, she pointed to a vehicle that was parked in the same lot as them. Inside, Leslie was unsuccessful in her search for the mother but did locate blood. He told them, “You just look at the blood pool, I knew someone, something really awful happened to someone, and it wasn’t going to be good at all.” He pointed to the pool of blood. The girl, who had not suffered any injuries, was reunited with her family, and the authorities immediately began searching for Lyntell, the girl’s mother.

Lyntell’s body was discovered in a ditch on June 14, 2016, and an autopsy determined that she passed away as a result of a head wound caused by a gunshot. During that time period, the statements made by Lyntell’s daughter lead the authorities to Lyntell’s coworker, Robert Marks. She was pregnant with his kid when she was killed, and she had been having an affair with him prior to her death. In the end, Robert was found guilty of murdering Lyntell as well as the unborn child, which resulted in a life sentence for him.

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Who is Leslie Parms?
During the 1990s, Leslie Parms received her education at Louisiana State University. After some time, he attended Southern University and A&M College, both located in Louisiana, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater from there. On the broadcast, he revealed that he has always had a strong interest in assisting other people and that in the past, he served in the United States Marine Corps and was stationed at the Yuma Air Station in Arizona. Currently residing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Leslie has been the sole owner of TriStar Global L.L.C. since the month of May in 2005. His posts on various social media platforms give the impression that he is a member of the Nation of Islam (Nation of Islam).