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Five Locations Where You Can Dress to the Nines



Five Locations Where You Can Dress to the Nines

When it comes to dressing up and getting out our finest gear, we’re often waiting for that one special event or party.

Because the excuse to get fancy doesn’t come around too often, we keep our best outfits tucked away in the closet. But when is it the right time to dress to the nines?

The answer might differ for men and women, along with whether they’re dressing to go out with friends, attend a professional event, or meet up with extended family. Depending on the place and event type, you should be dressing in your best outfit and sparing no expense.

But which events are worth it? Let’s dive into five of the best locations to showcase your best look.


Casino Nights

The casino is associated with luxury and class. Today, most people play games like blackjack online, since there are more varied games, better deals, and the added convenience of playing from home. For the dedicated fan of 21, there’s simply no better option available for playing their favorite game.

But playing a round of blackjack might not be your reason for heading to the casino, Oftentimes, casinos host large events like performance art and musical concerts. Whether you’re heading to the casino for a night out or to try and hit blackjack, pull out your finest trappings. This is the time to wear those fancy dresses—and maybe even a tux.


Engagement Parties

An engagement party can be a complicated event. On one hand, you’re there to celebrate a person’s engagement and the arrival of their wedding day. On the other hand, it’s not actually the wedding day—so how formal is it? And is it worth dressing up?

The answer is yes. You should dress to the nines when you attend an engagement party because it lets the hosts know that you’re valuing the event that they’re throwing. Along with feeling great, a perfect outfit is a signal that you’re taking something seriously.


Sporting Events

Unlike the casino, a sporting event isn’t treated like a luxury event. However, as anyone who watches a major UEFA football match can attest, spectators dress to the nines. Even most coaches in top leagues wear suits while on the sidelines.

While it might not seem like a natural choice, dressing up for a major sporting event is simply how it’s done around the world. The bigger the game, the more important that outfit is. For example, many guests at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar were sporting brand names like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton from the stands.


Sporting Events


Company Parties

A company party can be a stressful event. However, one of the easiest ways to set yourself up for success is to show your colleagues and bosses that you care by dressing well. This is especially important for employees that might work remotely or who are required to wear a uniform on the job.

By wearing something nice to a company party, you can let your personality shine while also highlighting how professional you are. The idea is to bridge personal and professional worlds—which is always a bit easier if there’s a conversation starter, like a daring accessory or a flashy pair of chelsea boots.


A Special Case for Air Travel

When it comes to heading to the airport and settling in for a long flight, you’ll see plenty of variation in outfits. Some travelers stick to pajamas, while others might wear some of their nicest pieces. Others might instead wear something stylish onto the plane… then change into more comfortable gear once the plane takes off.

If there’s one piece of perennial advice on fashion, it’s to find a way to manage both comfort and class while traveling. Rather than putting on your best articles of clothes, opt for combinations that look fancy and feel casual. This will provide the perfect balance of looking respectable while traveling through crowded airports and feeling relaxed when it’s time to buckle up for a multi-hour flight.