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Jessica Lowndes Vacationed In Costa Rica With Her Secret Boyfriend Marc Jordan




Since the year 2021, Jessica Lowndes has been in a relationship with her lover, Marc Jordan. I’m Glad It’s Christmas is a movie in which Jessica has a starring role.

The GAC Family is getting ready for the holiday season with the release of their newest episode of I’m Glad It’s Christmas on November 26, which will be available on various streaming platforms.


In the film, Lowndes portrays an aspiring singer whose life is upended when she is asked to star in a low-budget show that is being staged in her hometown. During the course of their collaboration to present a concert the community has never witnessed before, she meets Jason, a jingle writer and single father, who is portrayed by Paul Greene.

As the person who is most commonly referred to as the Empress of Soul, Gladys Knight is another fantastic addition to the roster. It is impossible to deny her dominance over the music charts, as evidenced by the fact that her classics such as “Love Overboard” and “Save the Overtime for Me” continue to reverberate with people’s hearts in this day and age. She seized the opportunity to prolong her dominance over television by starring in a brand new Christmas movie.


Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes

Meet Jessica Lowndes’s Boyfriend, Marc Jordan

The fact that Jessica Lowndes has a boyfriend named Marc Jordan has been kept a secret, but not the fact that they are dating. Jessica uses Instagram to brag about her blossoming relationship.

After it was revealed in 2013 by Us Weekly that Jessica Lowndes had ended her relationship with Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom, many people believed that she was through with romantic relationships.

Since then, the screenwriter and producer has been successful in keeping her romantic life a secret. She has consistently declined to discuss her romantic endeavors, and it wasn’t until 2022 that she posted an Instagram video of herself and an unknown man ziplining together.

Marc Jordan came into her life mysteriously and has remained there ever since. He has refused to leave.

Aside from that, he didn’t want any part of her celebrity, as evidenced by the fact that he kept his social media accounts private and refused to answer questions about his background or career.

We are only able to get glimpses of him through her Instagram posts because he appears to be doing well enough for her to invite her on her travels. We are quite disappointed about this.

Jessica Lowndes And Marc Jordan Relationship Timeline

When Jessica Lowndes first met Marc Jordan, she knew that he was the one for her. The timeline of their relationship demonstrates how far the two of them have gone as a couple.

Jessica Lowndes and Marc Jordan dressing up in Halloween 2021

Jessica Lowndes and Marc Jordan dressing up in Halloween 2021

Jessica Lowndes And Marc Jordan Made Their Relationship Public With A Spicy Halloween Attire.

Prior to meeting the dashing Marc Jordan, Jessica Lowndes had successfully concealed her romantic relationships from inquisitive eyes throughout the course of the previous few years.

The new pair chose the most effective way to make their relationship public known by posing for a provocative Halloween photo together in which Jessica is seen handing over money to a law enforcement officer who is on the hunt for a tattooed vigilante named Jordan.

They spent the night in the company of their pals until they decided to go out partying with their friends, at which point they changed into clothes that were more appropriate for the occasion.

Jessica Lowndes And Marc Jordan Made Us Believe In Love In The New Year.

After having a wonderful New Year’s celebration, Jessica Lowndes shared on Instagram the moment she uncovered all of the photographs that she had been keeping secret over the course of the previous year.

Things had progressed further than they looked to have in the series as they took vacations to the snow-covered mountains to ski, candle night dates, and pleasant Christmas nights, among many other activities.

Jessica Lowndes was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1988

Jessica Lowndes was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1988

Jessica Lowndes And Marc Jordan Took A Vacation To Costa Rica. 

In February, the couple decided to take a trip together to Costa Rica, where they would explore the undiscovered waters of their relationship while held close by one another.

He was the ideal accomplice, and the two of them would frequently spend their evenings at Tamarindo DIRIA beach watching the sun go down.

Her heart and spirit were healed during the month-long trips, which she took when her life seemed like something out of a movie.

Jessica Lowndes Went On A ZipLine With Her Man.

In April, just when you thought Jessica Lowndes was finished with her travels, she went back to her social media accounts and posted a video of her and her partner doing ziplining.

They were equipped with the safety gear necessary to save themselves in the event that anything went wrong while they were zooming above the trees.

Jessica Lowndes and Marc Jordan spent one month in Tamarindo DIRIA

Jessica Lowndes and Marc Jordan spent one month in Tamarindo DIRIA

Jessica Lowndes Used Her Boyfriend As Her Muse For A Single. 

After a few days, they hurried to Costa Rica and went on an adventure together, participating in activities such as kayaking and snorkeling. Even though they were in the middle of nowhere, they continued to laugh and giggle like they were in a classroom.

Jessica Lowndes drew inspiration from her boyfriend for a song that she recorded under her own name.
She made Marc feel her adoration for him when she used him as her inspiration for the single “Lost Love sunsets remix,” which is an artistic medium, which is the best way to express one’s love for another person.

The song was included on the Elemental album, and it featured a collage of her memories with her boyfriend, in which she asked him to be in the music video. The words referred to his beauty and how it was unexplainable by mere language.

She referred to him as her lost love and her one and only, which gave the impression that he had stars in his eyes.

Jessica Lowndes and Marc Jordan in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Jessica Lowndes and Marc Jordan in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Both Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz have done an excellent job at trolling everyone.

When the 90210 star appeared to reveal that she was in a relationship with the 58-year-old, the internet immediately began a heated debate as to whether or not the relationship was real.

Jessica stated in a video posted on Instagram that it was “too early for April Fools,” which indicates that the answer to the question is not “yes.”

The entire event was a cunning viral prank designed to promote Jessica’s new music video for the song “Deja Vu” (remix).

After meeting Lovitz on the set of Hawaii Five-0 in the previous year, Lowndes, who is 27 years old, said she ‘fell in love with humour and comedy’ in a statement that she provided to Entertainment Weekly. Lowndes said she wanted to work with Lovitz again.

A comparison has been made between this video and the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000, which may be viewed down below. In it, Jon plays the role of a figure similar to a sugar daddy who winds up in the hospital.

The actress teased that she had a new man in her life through a series of social media posts, the most striking of which was a photo of Jon’s hand between her knees. Jessica and Jon used these posts to keep us guessing about their relationship.

Jon Lovitz calling Jessica Lowndes his bunny

Jon Lovitz calling Jessica Lowndes his bunny

Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz’s Engagement, Explained

UPDATE: Jessica Lowndes has stated that the news of her alleged engagement to Jon Lovitz, a former cast member of Saturday Night Live, is an April Fool’s joke. After spending the weekend giving people the impression that she and Lovitz were engaged, the 90210 actress uploaded a video on Instagram revealing that the engagement rumours were a fake.

The posts were part of a complex publicity gimmick designed to promote Lowndes’ newly released track “Deja Vu.” In the music video for the new song, Lovitz is seen receiving some racy treatment from Lowndes before it is revealed that he is having a dream about being in a coma while in the hospital.

Since they both appeared on Hawaii Five-0 in the previous year, the actress and the comedian have known each other since that time. Even in their downtime, they’ve been seen hanging out together at a pool and having fun shooting photos of each other.

When they began posting suggestive photographs of themselves on social media over the weekend, their well-established acquaintance contributed to the spread of speculations that they were dating. Ex-girlfriend of Aaron Paul teased “the romance” with word play and heart-eyed videos. She even laughed off allegations that she had a sugar daddy.

Then, Lowndes posted a photo of a big engagement ring on his Instagram account, leaving the description blank for your convenience. This sent the rumour mill into frenzy.

After this snap, Lovitz posted a video on his channel showing Lowndes being rolled around in bed while he was filming.

However, a significant number of admirers did not believe that the two were romantically involved. One user of Instagram by the name of soupor sam remarked, “I know what it looks like when a bed has been screwed in.” “FUN FACT. The sheets do not still have the wrinkles that were caused by the packaging.”

The fact that a photo that Lovitz uploaded on his Instagram account claiming to be spending Easter with Lowndes appeared to have been taken days earlier was not helpful to the conspiracy at all.