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Bravo Brings Us A New Dating Reality Show To Binge On – Where Was Love Without Borders Filmed?




The documentary Love Without Borders follows the romantic journeys of five American singles who are willing to go anywhere in the world to discover true love.

Love Without Borders is a daring social experiment in which five American singles put their lives on the line and board a plane to an unknown location in another country in the hopes of meeting the person they would spend the rest of their lives with. Erika Angelo will pair people not based on their nationality but on whether or not they are compatible with one another.

The Americans decided to move to a different country in the hopes of meeting their perfect partner there. An ophthalmologist named Aaron Motacek, a composer named Danna Richard, a musician named Philip Michael Thomas Jr., a social worker named Naaem Thompson, and a programme manager named Gurleen Virk are competing for the prize.

Bravo shared the new show Love Without Borders as a Bold Social Experiment

Where Was Bravo’s Love Without Borders Filmed?

The movie “Love Without Borders” was shot in a variety of locations, some of which include San Diego, Texas, and North Dakota, to mention a few.

Danna Richard, a musician, announced that she was going to get a cow and invited her fans to Montana in the trailer for her new album. Therefore, it’s possible that the blogger is located in a western state of the country.

On their social media, Gurleen Virk has posted about the trailer that was released. Even the programme manager brought up San Diego, which was mentioned as possibly lacking in diversity.

According to social worker Naeem Thompson, he is currently navigating the dating scene outside of Houston, which is a major metropolitan area in the state of Texas. The candidate had the misconception that he would not be able to blend in at the location of the dating scene.

Aaron Motacek felt that there were not many opportunities for romantic encounters in his hometown of Fargo, North Dakota. As a direct consequence of this, he has a meeting with Meel Lucas on the opposite side of the world.

Erika thinks that the six Americans should modify what they are doing and what they are looking for because their soulmate can be on the opposite side of the world from where they are currently looking for them.

As a direct consequence of this, the show sets five people who are now single on a journey around the world to look for the love that eluded them and the life that they want. However, they were forced to abandon everything, including their employment, their families, and their homes.

They weren’t aware that they were moving to a different country, let alone that they didn’t know where they were heading. They are even required to participate in daily life in the community. As a couple, they lived together, which contributed to the development of their fantasy. At the conclusion of the experiment, they were presented with the unsettling option of giving up life for love or going back to their previous life.

Following the viewing of the preview, the competitor will meet their partner in a separate location around the world. They must also contend with cultural differences and tolerate varying standards of living.

How To Watch And Where Is It Streaming?

Following each episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Love Without Borders will make its debut on Bravo TV on Wednesday evenings at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

People who do not have cable can view the programme via Sling TV Blue, DirecTV Stream, Hulu with Live TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Spectrum TV, and a number of other online streaming services.

Peacock will make the episode available to stream the next day. In order to see the show, users will need to register for a Peacock account.

Danna Richards is in Montana to find her love

Danna Richards is in Montana to find her love

Bravo’s Love Without Borders Premiere On November 30, 2022

The first episode of Love Without Borders will air on Bravo on November 30, 2022 at 9/8c on a Wednesday night, and it will be available to stream on Peacock the following day.

On November 16, the preview was made available online, in which relationship counsellor Angelo presented the five Americans who travelled to meet their new matches. The premiere of the series will consist of a combination of both of the episodes.

The first episode follows a group of American singles as they abandon their lives in search of love elsewhere in the world. They take up residence with complete strangers in the hopes of finding their life partners among them. Nevertheless, they have to figure out whether or not their love will last forever.

In the second episode, An ophthalmologist from a rural village uproots his life and moves to another country with the hope of finding love there. A optimistic single woman meets the man she has always imagined herself with in a foreign land. Even a man from Atlanta has to make an effort to adapt to living in a different country.

Love Without Borders 2022 (season 1) cast: Where to follow the 5 singles on Instagram?

The daring social experiment that is Love Without Borders is going to be broadcast on Bravo the following week. The show will assist five unattached individuals who have been unsuccessful in their search for love in the United States in locating their ideal partner in another nation.

In the search of love, these people who are single will not only uproot their lives but also leave behind every other relationship they have ever had. They are going to go to an unknown location in another country without communicating with or looking at a picture of their “ideal” match while they are there.

Arica Angelo, who specialises in relationships, will provide guidance and assistance to the people who are single and help them find love. The first episode of Love Without Borders will air on Bravo on Wednesday, November 30, at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.

5 singles travel to another country in Love Without Borders

1) Aaron Motacek – @aaronmotacek

Aaron Motacek

Aaron Motacek

In the romantic comedy Love Without Borders, a 31-year-old optometrist named Aaron will embark on a “journey around the world for love.” Because there were so few dating opportunities in his hometown of Fargo, North Dakota, he decided to participate on the show.

He will say goodbye to his close-knit family and the optometry business that his brother owns in order to find out if Mael Lucas, who is from Paris, France, is the woman he will spend the rest of his life with.

2) Danna Richards – @montanadanna

Danna Richards

Danna Richards

Danna is a musician and composer who was born and raised in Livingston, Montana. She is 38 years old. She has already moved out of her typical house and into a Sprinter van that has been converted into a living space.

Free-spirited Danna is excited to establish a family and is ready to compromise her nomadic lifestyle for the love of the man who would complete her. During Love Without Borders, she will make an effort to develop a relationship with Brian.

3) Philip Michael Thomas Jr. – @thephilipmichael

Philip Michael Thomas Jr

Philip Michael Thomas Jr

Philip is a musician who works out of the Atlanta area. He has gone on a number of bad dates and been in unsuccessful relationships, so he has a lot of experience in the local dating scene. Now, he has made the decision to put his energy into locating a genuine romantic partner.

Philip claims to have remained celibate for four years, and he has been single for the past seven months. He did this so that he might have room in his life for a loving relationship. Throughout the course of Love Without Borders, Philip will do all in his power to forge a more profound bond with Carmen, who is from Ghana.

4) Naeem Thompson – @geminiguynaeem

Naeem Thompson

Naeem Thompson

Naeem is a social worker who specialises in working with adolescents in middle school. He resides on the outskirts of Houston. On Instagram, he calls himself a “psychotherapist and EmotionCoach,” and his profession is listed there.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Naeem is said to have “heard a word from God” to “reexamine” his relationship with women, find a wife, and settle down, as stated in his Bravo biography.

Naeem is at the point in his life when he is prepared to get married and start a family of his own. He has high hopes that Chandra is the one he will spend the rest of his life with.

5) Gurleen Virk – @morewithgurl

Gurleen Virk

Gurleen Virk

Google is currently employing Gurleen, who is 28 years old and holds the position of programme manager there. She was tired of the culture of hookups in San Diego, so she joined Love Without Borders in the hopes of finding a “true connection.” This is according to her bio on the Bravo website. Gurleen wants to be with a man who is willing to make a long-term commitment to her relationship.

She hopes that Shreyas, who she meets on the show, will turn out to be her ideal partner.

On the show, these five singles will seek the assistance of Arica in the hopes of meeting their potential partners. Arica will also act as a guide for the singles along the way.

Kinetic Content is the company that is responsible for producing the newest series, and Eric Detwiler, Scott Teti, Chris Coelen, Brent Gauches, Sarah Dillistone, and Kenda Greenwood Moran are the executive producers of the show.

On Wednesday, the first two episodes of Love Without Borders will be made available to watch online. Peacock will make each episode available to stream the following day.