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How Rich Is Escape To The Chateau Host James Strawbridge In 2022?




As a well-known Cornish chef, James Drawbridge has amassed a net worth of $600,000. The majority of James’s money comes from the restaurant where he works as a chef.

On the critically acclaimed series Escape to the Chateau shown on Channel 4, the character Drawbridge is making his first appearance. The owner of the chateau, Dick Strawbridge, has one of his sons work in the kitchen.

Lt. Col. Dick Strawbridge and his partner Angel Adoree are the subjects of the reality television series Escape to the Chateau. The couple obtained their 19th-century French Chateau in exchange for their two-bedroom apartment in Essex, and the series follows their efforts to restore the chateau to its former glory.

While Dick’s younger children, Arthur and Dorothy, make frequent cameos on the show, Dick’s oldest son James, who is 38 years old, is finally making an appearance in the ninth season.

The celebrity chef hosts his own programme on BBC and has been making a respectable living off of it, but what is the current estimate of his net worth? Let’s find out.

James Strawbridge

James Strawbridge and His Family’s Estimated Net Worth

It is anticipated that James Strawbridge possesses a net worth of 600,000. James, of Drawbridge fame, is currently working as a chef and making a fortune.

His most recent endeavours in a variety of TV shows have resulted in increased fortune for him.James has a number of interests outside of cooking, and he shares his home on South Cornish Street with his wife and their three children. The chef who has won multiple awards is also an authority on eco-friendly ways of life and a published book.

When he’s not working as a chef, one of his favourite things to do is go food hunting with his lovely family. In his own time, he enjoys rowing in the ocean for his community club and painting landscapes of the Cornish countryside.

The wealth of the chef can be attributed to the many business links he has. While this is going on, his family is becoming rather wealthy because to their reality show entitled “Escape to the Chateau.”

Since 2016, James’ father, Dick Strawbrige, and stepmother, Angela, have participated in Escape to the Chateau as cast members, during which time they have been living in and remodelling their French chateau.

Dick had a career in the British Army before becoming a contestant on the reality show. After entering the Royal Corps of Signals, he quickly rose through the ranks and was eventually given the titles of Lieutenant and Captain in the 1980s.

After that, the Captain received the honorary rank of Member of the British Empire (MBE) in 1993 for his exemplary service and departed the army in the year 2001. However, his education and skill in engineering and environmental issues came in helpful for the television shows that he did later on.

Scrapheap Challenge, It’s Not Easy Being Green, and Coast are all shows in which Dick has appeared. At the same time, his partner Angela made her first appearance on television in 2010 when she pitched her concept for a hospitality business called The Vintage Patisserie on the programme Dragon’s Den, which was produced by the BBC.

They are now both playable characters in “Escape to the Chateau.” The couple spent a total of £280,000 to acquire the Chateau de la Motte-Husson, which was built in the 19th century. However, following the completion of all of the refurbishment and transformation work, the property is now worth at about 2 million pounds.

We are able to calculate that the pair has a net worth in the six-figure range, with their home alone being valued at two million pounds. Despite this, James has a net worth that is just marginally lower than that of his parents. However, it’s possible things will change after James makes an appearance on the show this season.

Ways James Strawbridge Makes His Money

1. Chef at Strawbridge Kitchen

James Strawbridge has accumulated his net worth working as a chef

James Strawbridge is the owner of Strawbridge Kitchen, which is well-known for its food photography and recipe development. Strawbridge is an executive chef. From his garden studio and development kitchen, he does work for a number of different beverage and food companies.

He is most interested in working with customers who offer high-quality products and services, such as Cornish Sea Salt, the Real Olive Company, Beacon Foods, ProQ BBQ, Samworth Brothers, Davidstow Cheddar, Truffle Hunter, Ocean Fish, and Home Pizza Ovens.

James is also responsible for managing the financial aspects of the operation. He is in charge of his clients’ lead generation, as well as their Business Development, Marketing & PR strategy, and more.

Because networking is an important part of running a successful business, he places a strong emphasis on developing relationships with other chefs working in food service, food manufacturing, and retailer innovation teams.

2. Publishing Cookbooks

James Strawbridge works at Strawbridge kitchen developing new recipes and food photography.

James is always coming up with new recipes and sharing them on the internet so that others can benefit from his knowledge and experience. He has worked as both a food writer and an author, contributing his work to a number of different publishers and culinary pieces.

It is said that he has eleven cookbooks on traditional skills, artisan crafts, and food preservation that have been published on an international level. Because the author is an avid environmentalist, the subject of sustainable living and cooking is heavily emphasised in his publications.

The author has written numerous publications, some of which include titles such as “Salt and the Art of Seasoning,” “The Complete Vegetable Cookbook,” “Zero-Waste Vegetable Cookery,” “The Artisan Kitchen,” and “Practical Self Sufficiency: The Complete Guide to Sustainable Living.”

3. BBC’s Strawbridge Over Drawbridge

In the year 2022, Chef James launched his own cuisine programme called Strawbridge Over Drawbridge. The first episode of the television series was broadcast on BBC1 in September of this year.

Throughout the show, James travels throughout the country to various mansions and estates that are quite breathtaking. He educated himself on the history of the home he visited and then made meals that were themed after the history of the location.

James travelled to Ballywalter Park for the purpose of the series. While there, he stayed in Crom Castle as a guest of Lord and Lady Dunleath. At the same time, he was able to make acquaintance with Lord and Lady Erne and visit Greyabbey House, the residence of Bill and Daphne Montgomery.

The comment was made by the chef in an interview with the newsletter “I believe that these residences were developed in such a way as to elicit an exclamation of “wow.” You can see them from the road, and they do seem nice, but it isn’t until you come around the curve that you realise how incredible they are. Wow.”

James starred with his father Dick Strawbridge on ITV show The Hungry Sailors.

4. TV Shows

This year, James Strawbridge has been in a number of different television shows, including the BBC Series. Additionally, he made an appearance in the series Escape to the Chateau on Channel 4 opposite his father, Dick Strawbridge.

The rigorous routine of the chef was interrupted briefly so that he could take some time off to visit his biological father, Angela, and his younger stepbrothers and stepsisters at their chateau in France.

While travelling across estates in Northern Ireland, the chef couldn’t help but notice some striking parallels between the estates he was seeing and the home where he and his family have been living.

Comparing the chateau to the other residences he went to on the BBC show, he commented, “The first thing they’ve got in common is that they work hard with people who operate the place,” as reported by Express UK. He was referring to the staff members who were in charge of running the estate.

Since they initially purchased the home, James’s father and stepmother have worked hard to increase the value of the property, and James couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments. When James had to leave the estate and go back to his own life, the family experienced a lot of strong emotions.

The father and son team had previously made an appearance on the ITV show The Hungry Sailors, in which they undertook a variety of culinary trips and, along the way, learned about the distinctive customs and delectable culinary specialties of numerous locations.

5. Family Inheritance

James will undoubtedly take over the management of the family business at some point in the future. The family believes that Dick Strawbridge, his father, has a net worth in the millions of dollars.

It is important to remember that their magnificent chateau is said to be worth two million pounds at this point. As a result of Dick and Angela making additional improvements to the exterior of the property, it is anticipated that the property’s market value will increase.

However, it is possible that he will be required to divide the fortune with his step-siblings Dorothy and Anthony, who are the offspring of his biological father Dick and his stepmother Angela. At the same time, it is not known whether or not James is interested in inheriting the wealth of his family.

It’s possible that in the distant future, he and his siblings may carry on the heritage started by their father by taking care of the family chateau.

Dick Strawbridge’s son accidently posts rare inside look at Escape to the Chateau home

James Strawbridge, the oldest son of ESCAPE to the Chateau star Dick Strawbridge, posted a series of photos from inside his father’s famous French home, but quickly said it was a mistake.

James went to Instagram and posted three pictures of the inside of the famous house from “Escape to the Chateau.”

He posted a picture of his smiling dad, Dick, outside during a misty sunrise. He also posted a picture of his stepmother, Angel, and James’ half-sister, Dorothy, in front of the Chateau.

James changed his mind in the comments section below the post, where he wrote: “I was a week too early… It was my dad’s fault that he gave me the wrong date. At least I won’t have to talk about it on my blog next week,”

A third picture showed Dick, James, and James’ half-brother Arthur smiling in the kitchen of the French home.

The large kitchen has white tiles and a stainless steel counter where you can prepare food.

Pots and pans are also hung on the walls, which is common in royal kitchens.

James joked, “For the record, I’d like to say that my moustache and beard are better kept.”

This comes after James recently said that his half-siblings, not him, will get the Channel 4 chateau when he dies.

James Strawbridge, who has his own BBC cooking show called Strawbridge Over the Drawbridge showed how the Chateau will be passed down to Arthur, Dorothy, and their children and grandchildren.

James starred with his father Dick Strawbridge

James Strawbridge- Wiki

We know this because James was born on December 31, that year. But there are no news stories about the cat day of the month. In 2022, he will be 38 years old. The day he was born is a Virgo, which is his zodiac sign. He is both British and Burmese in the same way. Also, it’s hard to tell what kind of person he is.

And Dick and Brigit Strawbridge had a son named James. He has a brother with whom he lives. The man’s name is Charlotte Strawbridge. His father works in the oil business in the Middle East and Asia. Her mother, Brigit, is also a philanthropist and an environmentalist in England. He went to York University and got a degree there. He worked hard and got a first-class honours degree in modern history.

Dick Strawbridge and Angela with their kids, Anthony and Dorothy.

Dick Strawbridge and Angela with their kids, Anthony and Dorothy.


Strawbridge also started working as a professional in 2007. In 2007, he worked for Wastebusters, an educational project run by a non-profit group. He is making the most recent episode of a show right now. He also stars in the ITV1 show The Hungry Sailors with his father. In the same way, the father and son team used to eat their way along the British coast.

James, who is a very smart and skilled chef, also works with his father. On the other hand, his father hires people from his own family. It’s Not Easy Being Green: Three BBC shows with the well-known celebrity who runs the commune are filmed at Newhouse Farm.

James Strawbridge Wife, Marriage

The chef is married to a woman he loves, and they have a child together. Holly Strawbridge, who has been his girlfriend for a long time, is now his wife. In the same way, he has his own three kids. The names of the children, on the other hand, are not known to the public. There is also no other information about his family and children. No specific details about his family, like the names of his wife and children, have been given.

When I last saw James, he didn’t seem to be with anyone. He might not have been dating anyone at the time. It’s possible that he was focused on his work goals. Right now, he and his family are happy where they are.

James Strawbridge and his family have millions of estimated net worth

James Strawbridge and his family have millions of estimated net worth

James Strawbridge’s Net worth

James’s work and the good things he does for the environment have helped him make a good living. When he worked as the Executive Chef at Havener’s Bar & Grill, he made a lot of money. Because of this, his estimated net worth in November 2022 is about $600,000. His father has about $10 million in his bank account, which is about the same amount. But no other details about James’ personal life have been made public, such as his annual salary, possessions, or other sponsorships.