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Francesco Aquilini Family, Meet Brothers Luigi, Roberto And Paulo




Francesco Aquilini, who runs his business empire with the help of his brothers Roberto and Paulo, comes from a family of entrepreneurs.

The 53-year-old businessman Francesco is a philanthropist, investor, and the current chairman of the Vancouver Canucks. He also holds the position of managing director for Aquilini Investment Group, a Vancouver-based holding company for a number of various businesses.

For the organization, which is most known for owning the Vancouver Canucks and Rogers Arena, Francesco holds the positions of Chairman and NHL Governor. He is also the chairman of the Canadian digital media business Enthusiast Gaming.

Through his donations and the organizations his family established as a result of their multiple business ventures, Aquilini has performed humanitarian work in British Columbia.

Aquilini serves as chair and is principally responsible for funding the Italian Gardens at Hastings Park. His company has given the BC Children’s Hospital considerable support. Francesco also makes a significant contribution to The East End Boys Club, a mentorship program for at-risk young men in British Columbia.

Some Quick Facts About Francesco Aquilini
Name Francesco Aquilini
Age 53 (b.1969)
Profession Businessman
Nationality Canadian
Spouse Taliah Aquilini (divorced)
Parents Luigi and Elisa Aquilini

Francesco Brother Roberto Aquilini Is The Managing Partner of the Aquilini Group
Roberto Aquilini, managing partner of The Aquilini Group, was born and raised in Vancouver, where he also began his professional life. He is Francesco’s younger brother.

He oversees a corporation that owns and runs a global conglomerate portfolio of businesses, including food and beverage, hotel, entertainment, commercial, industrial, and residential building and development projects, sustainable aquaculture, and renewable energy initiatives.

Mr. Aquilini has made a substantial contribution to growing and improving the Group’s diverse businesses. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Business from the University of British Columbia.

Roberto, his wife, and their five kids continue to prioritize their family and give back to their community.

The Group supports numerous charities, including British Columbia Children’s Hospital, Canucks for Kids Fund, and Canucks Autism Network. Francesco’s younger brother is actively involved with many of these groups.

He also generously supports the VGH, the UBC Hospital Foundation, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Paolo Aquilini Is One Of The Successor Of Aquilini Investment Group
The Vancouver-based Aquilini Group, a family-run corporation established more than 50 years ago by Paolo Aquilini’s father, Luigi Aquilini, also counts Paolo Aquilini as one of its managing partners.

Along with his two brothers, Francesco and Roberto, and Paolo, Luigi remains the leader of the Aquilini Group. The company is among the most diverse in Vancouver.

Paolo earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of British Columbia while working full-time in the family business. Since he was 14, Paolo has joyfully worked in every department of Aquilini Group, focusing on developing commercial, industrial, residential, and, most recently, technological businesses.

In addition to his responsibilities as a managing partner, he devotes a significant amount of his time to the company’s strategic direction, new business ventures, development, and construction.

Paolo is committed to promoting community life despite his commercial pursuits.

Additionally, he participates in national and international charities that are driven by a deep passion for and commitment to serving others.

Paolo is actively involved in a number of significant local organizations, as well as national and international nonprofits, including The Salvation Army and Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries, a Vancouver-based organization that has emerged as the global leader in providing churches with resources to support mental health and wellbeing.

Since the Aquilini Group acquired the franchise in 2005, Paolo also holds the position of president of The Canucks for Kids Fund.

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Vancouver Canucks Chairman Francesco Aquilini Belongs To A Family Of Businessmen
Francesco Aquilini, the chairman of the Canucks, was a member of the Aquilini Investment Group from birth. One of Canada’s most prosperous family-run businesses is this one.

The Aquilini family has managed numerous subsidiary businesses with tremendous success because to their work ethic and way of thinking.

The Vancouver Canucks, a team that has gained notoriety thanks to NFL influences, are the most renowned corporation in the Aquilini group. It is a Vancouver-based professional ice hockey team. For a 50% investment in Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment, which also owns Rogers Arena and the Canucks hockey franchise, Aquilini paid John McCaw, Jr. on November 17, 2004.

Later, on November 8, 2006, Aquilini bought the remaining 50% of the Vancouver Canucks and Rogers Arena. Gaglardi and Beedie’s legal battle over the purchase of Aquilini reached the British Columbia Supreme Court in May 2007. The court decided in favor of Aquilini on January 10, 2008.

Aquilini, Beedie, and Gaglardi were not recognized by the court as a legitimate partnership, and McCaw was free to sell the club to anybody he pleased.

Because of the numerous joint family get-togethers they had attended over the years, Gaglardi and Aquilini were acquainted. Luigi and Bob, their fathers, had long been close friends and business colleagues. In the planned Garibaldi At Squamish resort north of Vancouver, both families continue to hold the majority of the shares.

Aquilini developments are also owned by this family firm. Developer and owner of real estate is Aquilini Developments. The corporation is primarily based in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, while having holdings across Canada, the US, and Italy.

Recent residential and mixed-use developments in the Greater Vancouver area include the Willingdon Lands redevelopment in Burnaby, Seymour Village in North Vancouver, and Tsawwassen Shores in Delta. Two residential towers have also been built by the company next to Rogers Arena.

In addition, the group recently acquired a renovated golf course, commercial property, and an acre of land in the center of Moncton, New Brunswick.

Currently, Aquilini Developments is working with the Gaglardi family to promote the $2.6 billion Garibaldi at Squamish resort.

Aquilini Investment Group Owns Golden Eagle Group
The Golden Eagle Group is owned by The Aquilini Investing Group along with other investment endeavors.

The Golden Eagle Group oversees a mix of recreational and agricultural operations on 5,000 acres of valuable agricultural land. In the Greater Vancouver Area, this property is the lone greatest land holding.

This comprises real estate, a 400-acre hardwood tree farm, two 18-hole golf courses, a western town movie set, and other items.

The Group also owns and runs one of the largest blueberry and cranberry production and processing operations in the world.

Additionally, the Group also runs Aquilini Renewable Energy and Aquilini Properties. Hotels and other assets are owned and managed by Aquilini Properties all over Canada.

Wind and waste-to-power are two examples of the green energy business opportunities that Aquilini Renewable Energy is looking for. a suggestion from the division to build a facility for Christina Lake-close petroleum waste reduction and recycling.

Aquilini Investment Group Faced Early Struggle
One of Canada’s most prosperous privately held families businesses is Aquilini Investment Group, although they had challenges along the way. But Luigi and his wife Elisa worked really hard to make this Group a success.

Soon after Luigi arrived in Canada from Travalgliata in northern Italy to marry his young wife, everything started with real estate. They got married and lived into a modest cottage in Vicenza for $4 per month in 1953.

Luigi had to go to a river to take a bath because there weren’t any bathrooms around. Elisa was convinced to depart for Canada right away when he was enlisted and stay with her sister in East Vancouver while he concluded his duty.

When Luigi eventually arrived in Vancouver in 1956, his only assets were a strong back, an iron will, and a fifth-grade education.

After working three jobs, he eventually purchased a small house on Napier Street, which he renovated overnight before going back to work building chimneys and laying track for the PGE Railway between North Vancouver and Squamish.

He bought three building lots with the proceeds from the sale of the house. After constructing homes and selling them, he used the proceeds to buy a business site and team up with two partners to develop his first apartment building.

The Aquilini family owns a variety of businesses in 2022, including hotels, blueberry farms, golf courses, residential buildings, amusement parks, waste incineration facilities, upscale eateries, and Pizza Hut franchisees.

Their extensive dominion did not arise from a grand plan. Fundamentally, it is the result of Luigi’s buy-and-hold approach at a time when real estate in the Lower Mainland was some of the most sought-after on the continent.

They are also the main national developers of commercial, residential, and office real estate.

Francesco Aquilini is the face of Aquilini Investment Group
Francesco Aquilini is the face of Aquilini Investment Group

Some FAQs
How old is Francesco Aquilini?
Being born in 1969, Francesco Aquilini is 53 years old.

What is Francesco Aquilini nationality?
Francesco Aquilini was born in Canada, and his father is an Italian citizen.

Does Francesco Aquilini have kids?
Yes, Francesco Aquilini and his former wife Taliah Aquilini have three children.