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Who Is Sebastien Delorme Girlfriend In 2022?




The actor Sebastien Delorme broke the news about his new girlfriend on Instagram at the beginning of September.

Delorme and his wife, Julie Perreault, have been divorced for the past three years. A comic from Quebec posted the first photo from his dating life to his timeline on the evening of the fourth of September, making his romantic life public for the first time. Actors from cinema, television, and the stage were caught on camera making out in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal.

Delorme is a well-known actor in Quebec who has appeared in films such as Snake Eyes, La Promesse, and Gaz Bar Blues. Recently, he has been seen on the 2022 television series Indefendable playing the role of Me Leo Macdonald. In addition to this, he was Patrick while he worked for The Red Band Society.

Actor Sebastien Delorme Reveals New Partner On Instagram

On his social page on the 10th of September, 2022, the actor uploaded a picture of him and his girlfriend passionately kissing when they were in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. In 2022, he finally appeared to have found love again, despite having been apart from his long-term partner Julie Perreault for the previous three years.

The actor has removed the comment box despite the fact that he recently revealed he is in a relationship. Before that, on March 27, the actor had posted a picture on Instagram with a mystery woman in the Centre Bell location.

They were attending the sporting events taking place in the stadium while donning a shirt with the Delorme name. The girl was sporting a red shirt with the number 87, while the actor was decked out in a white and red striped jersey.

The actor tacked a note on the wall that read, “Hello, Please, I need your help feeding our orphans.” We had not eaten in days. Peter Miller, a Canadian actor and a former professional football player, made a comment in the section for user submissions titled “Partner” and included an image of a yellow heart.

Nicole Dubé, a devotee of Delorme, posed the question to him, “Who is the Lucky One?” However, someone remarked that it will be a date for the father and the daughter. It seems that the actor did not frequently show the photo to the girls. Despite this, on November 1, 2019, he shared the selfie on social media with comedian Camille Felton before the two of them walked through the rain in Saint-Eustache, Quebec.

The actor discusses his girlfriend’s participation in the PA Méthot podcast at some point in the past. He claimed that the person he was dating was the one who introduced him to the music of Jay Scott.


Sebastien Delorme Previosuly Married Actress Julie Perreault
Actress Julie Perreault was formerly married to Delorme, but they divorced. The couple dated for a total of twenty years during their time together. The two started dating in 1999 and got engaged after dating for a number of years. Nevertheless, the couple divorced in 2019, and 7 Days Magazine was the publication that confirmed the news. Despite this, the pair appears to have a healthy relationship.

Known for her roles in Je voudrais qu’on m’efface, Minuit, le soir, and Doute Raisonnable, the actress and photographer who was formerly married to Delorme is a Canadian (Reasonable Doubt). As Alice Martin-Sommer, the actress participated in a number of television thriller shows.

Two of Delorme’s children were born to him and his ex-partner while they were together. The older of the two Delorme sons is named Thomas, and he was born on September 11th, 2001. Thomas is currently 21 years old. After a wait of eight years, the couple finally had a stunning baby girl, Elizabeth, in 2009.

The younger daughter that Julie and Sebastein have is currently 13 years old. The son of the pair had followed in the footsteps of both of his parents. In addition, he is an actor like them and is best recognised for his roles as Thomas in La vie compliquée de Léa Olivier, Tommy Perron in Toute la vie, and Olivier Carriere in District 31.

Who Is Sébastien Delorme Conjointe?
Sébastien Delorme, an actor, started his collegiate education at the Collège André-Grasset. He received his diploma in the year 1990.

In 2008, he was given the Gémeaux Prize as recognition for playing an exceptional male lead role in the French soap opera La Promesse.

In addition to this, Delorme completed the theatrical option course at Lionel-Groulx College in Sainte-Thérèse and received his diploma in the year 1995.

At this point in time, Sebastien Delorme is 50 years old. The 18th of February, 1971 was the day he was born.

He spent his entire childhood in the Outremont neighbourhood of Montreal, Canada.

Moreover, Sebastien Delorme stands about 5 feet 10 inches tall (1.78 meters).

Actor Sébastien Delorme has a resume that includes roles in movies like Snake Eyes (which was released in 1998), La promesse (which was released in 2005), and Gaz Bar Blues (released in 2003).

Who Is Sébastien Delorme Conjointe 2022?
Sebastien Delorme was married to the famous actress Julie Perreault from the year 1999 until the year 2019; their wedding took place in 1999.

Sebastien and Julie, who were married for a substantial amount of time, were a happy couple. Elizabeth and Thomas Delorme, the latter of whom also became an actor, were the couple’s two children.

Does Sebastien Delorme Have An Instagram Account?
Sebastien Delorme has an Instagram account. His handle name is @delorme_sebastien.

He currently has over 53 thousand followers, along with 131 posts.

Julie Perreault Bio
The name Julie Perreault is given to a Canadian actress and photographer of the same name. The books “Each one his truth” (1999), “Lorenzaccio” (1999), and “Crime Against Humanity” (1999), amongst others, are considered to be among her most notable works. In the year 2000, she also performed in the plays “Nostalgie du Paradis” and “Clone-Moi” at the Theatre d’Aujourd’hui. In the web series Projet-M that was broadcast on Ztele in 2014, she gives the performance of Andrea Sakedaris. In the acting world, she is generally considered to be quite talented.

Julie was born on June 6th, 1976 in the town of Le Gardeur, which is located in the province of Repentigny in Canada. Her nationality is that of Canada, and she is of the White ethnicity. Her formative years were spent in what is now known as Levis but was then known as Saint-Jean-Chrysostome. There is absolutely no information provided on her family, including her parents, her siblings, or her childhood. When she was only eighteen years old, she moved to Montreal to study at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montreal, and she was later promoted in the year 1998. She moved there when she was only eighteen years old. She adheres to the Christian faith. She recently celebrated her 43rd birthday with her family and friends in the year 2019.

Career of Julie
Julie got her start in the entertainment industry by appearing in a few plays, one of which was Francois Tardif’s La Gourde magique.

After that, she made an appearance in Bebe dragons as the character Marie-Anne.

After that, she had roles in the 1999 films “Each one his truth of Pirandello,” “Lorenzaccio,” and “Crime Against Humanity,” all of which were released in the same year.

Following that, in the year 2000, she appeared as an actress at the Theatre d’Aujourd’hui in the plays Nostalgie du Paradis and Clone-Moi 3 written by Francois Archambault.

In the year 2002, she appeared in a recurring part on the television series Ramdam, which is aimed at young people.

Between the years 2002 and 2003, she can be seen on Real-TV as the character of Adele.

In 2003, she was successful in competing for a part in the series 3X Nothing of the Comic Guys.

From the beginning of the series in 2003 until its conclusion in 2006, she plays the part of Caro.

During the year 2005, she made an appearance “in the evening” in the Midnight series.

In the movie Horloge Biologique, she plays the role of Justine.

One of the things that makes her stand out is the fact that she made it all the way to the semifinals of the Quebec version of Dancing with the Stars, which is called Le Match des Etoiles and is hosted by Normand Brathwaite.

After making an appearance in Les 3 P’tits Pigs in 2007, she subsequently had an appearance in Bluff.
In the series Sisters Elliot, which will air on TVA, she will make her return to television alongside Isabel Richer and Sylvie Leonard.

In the year 2008, she makes her second appearance on stage playing the role of Anne in the play The Little Room at the Top of the Stairs.

After then, she reprised her role as one of the characters in the play “In Extremis,” which was performed at the Theatre du Rideau Vert in the year 2010, alongside Karine Vanasse.

Beginning in the new year of 2014, she is starring as Andrea Sakedaris in the online series Projet-M, which is being shown on Ztele.


On the set of the 3X series Rien, she develops a passion for image and light, and as a result, she began to practise photography in her spare time outside of filming.

In 2007, she established Espace Urbain, her very own photography studio.

In 2009, she decided to start working on her own instead of continuing to collaborate with the studio team.