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Where Is Farhana Bodi Ex Husband Heroies Khan Now? Inside The Love Life Of Instagram Star




Her current ex-husband, Heroies Khan, was previously married to Farhana Bodi. You may find Heroies on Instagram under the username Heroies Havewalla.

Khan is an entrepreneur. On his Instagram account, which currently has 426 thousand followers, the majority of the photographs he publishes are those that pertain to his job.

Her latest participation on the No. 1 trending Netflix series Dubai Bling appears to be gaining traction with people all over the world, and she has been featured on the covers of several major magazines and periodicals, including Grazia and Maria Claire.

When it comes to getting to know the cast members of Dubai Bling, there are a lot of their close friends and family members to become familiar with. In spite of the fact that Farhana Bodi characterises herself as a “young single mom,” viewers are still unsure about the identity of her former husband.

In addition to this, Farhana, an Instagram sensation residing in Dubai, had tied the knot with her partner Heroies Khan, and the couple was also the proud parents of a kid. Despite this, they were married after being together for a number of years before it all fell apart. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find an in-depth discussion of the history of their relationship as well as their past dating experiences.

Where Is Farhana Bodi Ex Husband Heroies Havewalla Now?

Prior to their marriage, Farhana Bodi and her current husband, Heroies Havewalla, were married. However, they just recently divorced each other. Her exe-husband, Heroies Havewalla, is reportedly a product engineer for the cryptocurrency company Goldpesa, as reported by Lifestyle Asia.

In addition to that, he is an entrepreneur, the creator of Trilogyforex, and a Director of a quant firm. Concerning the location he calls home at the present time, that would be Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Heroies Havewalla is an entrepreneur who was born in Canada and is most known for his involvement in GoldPesa, a company that is currently valued at USD 50 million. GoldPesa is another company that is associated with bitcoin.

In point of fact, GoldPesa is an innovative new technology firm that is made up of some of the most brilliant minds in the world. The company’s objective is to create one of the most cutting-edge forms of currency that the world has ever seen. GoldPesa is an example of a tokenized structured product that is backed by gold and was produced with the assistance of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Farhana Bodi Relationship Timeline And Dating History

Sources claim that Farhana and Heroies have a cute young son named Aydin, who is an Instagram sensation with over 100k followers on his IG profile (@aydins world). Aydin’s Instagram username can be found here. After separating from her husband, she and her son Aiden, who is now six years old, have relocated to Dubai.

Despite the fact that she and her spouse are no longer together, she has not moved on to a new relationship since the breakup. When it came time for them to tie the knot, they followed the rituals of the Islamic religion. In addition, because of her father’s illness, they decided to reaffirm their commitment to one another while on vacation with her family in the Maldives.

The dark-haired beauty, who is famous for the enchantment that emanates from her eyes, has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and regularly shares valuable content with them. On top of that, Farhana’s ex-husband has an account on Instagram, where he routinely posts advertisements for his company. @heroies currently has 428 thousand followers.

In addition, Heroies, who operates under the guise of an entrepreneur, uses Instagram to publish stuff that is frequently associated with their job. However, he does make the effort to publish images of himself and Aydin together, and he called one of those photos “his world.” It would appear that the two are getting along well for the sake of their child. In addition, Farhana’s name has not been connected to any other male at this time, with the exception of her ex-husband.

Farhana with her ex-husband Heroies Khan

Farhana Bodi Age And Biography

Farhana Bodi is a model, blogger, brand influencer, and social media celebrity. She was born in India on January 4, 1986, however she grew up in South Africa, and she currently resides in Dubai. Her Instagram account has over a million followers. She is a frequent guest at high-profile events such as the Met Gala and the Cannes Film Festival, both of which contribute to the widespread recognition of her face in the fashion business. After making an appearance in the 2022 season of the Netflix reality show “Dubai Bling,” she quickly climbed to notoriety.

In addition, the story follows a group of wealthy individuals who make their home in Dubai and are known for their luxurious lifestyles. You won’t just watch rich people and their lives in Dubai on “Dubai Bling,” but you will also see competition, heartbreak, and other drama on the show. A number of well-known actors, including Zeina Khoury, Safa Siddiqui, Kris Fade, and Al Samadi, made guest appearances on the brand-new show on Netflix.

According to her bio on Instagram, in addition to being a content producer and social media influencer, the woman, who is 36 years old, is the founder of I Am Woman Of The World, a company that links brands and clients through lifestyle events that are targeted at empowering women. (And just so you know, it has almost 60,000 followers!)

According to The Cinemaholic, she started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of 19, first as a model and then as a makeup artist. She also made use of social media, keeping her followers (which now number 1.7 million) informed of her every step and keeping them engaged. She is said to have opened for Atelier Zuhra at both London Fashion Week and the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet, as reported by Vogue Arabia.

Dubai Bling: What is Farhana Bodi’s nationality?

Since its debut on Netflix, Dubai Bling has been able to garner a significant amount of public interest and discussion. As a result of this, fans have been interested in obtaining information regarding the nationality of cast member Farhana Bodi.

The wealthy cast members of Dubai go about their regular lives as the focus of the show, which follows their every move. It provides a glimpse into their extravagant lifestyle while illuminating how they run their company at the same time.

The show, which features both comedic and dramatic elements, has already won the favour of a great many viewers, and many people are looking forward to season two.

What is Farhana Bodi’s nationality?

Farhana was born in India and has South Asian ancestry. She holds the nationality of India. She made her debut alongside the other cast members, and she gave the audience a glimpse into her personal life.

She is fluent in English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Urdu thanks to her upbringing in those respective countries. She is currently working hard to dominate the world of fashion while also strutting her stuff on her various social media platforms.

Even though Farhana has established a reputation for herself in the fashion business, being a fashion model was not always one of her goals. In fact, when she was younger, she preferred playing sports than dressing up.

However, everything changed for her when she turned 19 because that’s when she discovered her passion for fashion and made the decision to pursue it.

A look at her net worth

Since Farhana has spent a significant amount of time working in the industry, she has successfully amassed a large number of fans along the road.

She currently has 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and she keeps them entertained by posting pictures of her extravagant life and taking them along for the journey.

Keep in mind that her lifestyle blog, which is called I Woman of the World, has been doing rather well on its own and has attracted quite a few readers ever since it was first published.

The jet setter is believed to have a net worth of approximately $1.5 million, however the exact figure has not been disclosed.

A look at what has she said about her journey

A look at what she has to say about her experience as a whole.

Farhana has come a long way, and she does not shrink back from discussing the obstacles that she has been forced to overcome along the road.

During an interview with Social Ketchup, she revealed the guiding principle of her life and shared her philosophy, which is as follows: “Never give up on what you genuinely want.” Those who are courageous enough to take risks will own the future. When you believe in yourself and what you want to achieve, there is no obstacle that can stop you.

She said this about her blog: “I’ve always wanted to encourage and empower women from all different walks of life.” I decided to launch this project with the goal of establishing a social media community that encourages women to launch their own businesses and brands and serves as a forum for all women to motivate and support one another through the sharing of their professional and personal experiences. In addition to that, I offer a VIP guest list service, which I put to use when hosting VIP events for high-end brands.