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What Religion Is Gavin Newsom? Find Out If The Politician Is Jewish Or Christian



Gavin Christopher Newsom is a Christian businessman who is the governor of California.

Newsom was the 42nd mayor of San Francisco and the 49th lieutenant governor of California before becoming president. He is a member of the Democratic Party in California. He was also the host of The Gavin Newsom Show on Current TV from 2012 to 2013.

Together with his family friend Gordon Getty, the politician started his business career by starting PlumpJack Associates L.P. The company grew its business by opening wineries in Napa Valley, including PlumpJack Winery, PlumpJack Cafe, Balboa Cafe Bar and Grill, and many others.

Newsom was chosen to be the governor of California in 2019. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he was blamed for not being a good leader. Several attempts were made to get rid of him as governor, but they all failed, and he got his job back.

Gavin Newsom Religion – Jewish Or Christian?

Gavin grew up in a Catholic family and has a strong belief in his religion and the Church.

The well-known person was baptized as a child and is a Christian. He goes to Mass every Sunday and stays with the Church.

He sort of thinks of himself as an Irish Catholic rebel. But he believes in God strongly and will keep doing so.

Gavin had trouble reading as a child because he had dyslexia. He went to Redwood High School, where he played both basketball and baseball as a shooting guard.

The politician went to Santa Clara University and got a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. He had also studied in Rome for a semester. Santa Clara’s religious views were different and heterodox because he took a Jesuit approach.

Gavin Newsom Family Ethnicity Explored
Newsom was born in San Francisco to what is thought to be a White American family.

His dad, William Alfred Newsom III, was a judge at San Francisco’s Court of Appeal. William had gotten married to Tessa Thomas Menzies, but they broke up when Gavin was five years old.

William’s parents, Christine Anne and William Newsom II, were the ones who started Pat Brown’s campaign for district attorney. Gavin may have become interested in politics because his family has been involved in politics for a long time.

Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law, Ron Pelosi, used to be married to William’s sister. Gavin is also related to the famous singer and songwriter Joanna Newsom, who is his cousin.

Since 2008, Newsom has been married to Jennifer Seibel, an actress and filmmaker. They live in Fair Oaks with their four children. He was married for five years to Kimberly Guilfoyle, but they split up in 2006.

Thomas Addis was Gavin’s great grandfather on his mother’s side. He was a scientist and professor from Scotland. Gavin’s mother is also from Europe because of this.