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Set off Of Dying And Case Data



The dynamic 24-calendar year-old math trainer Colleen Ritzer skilled a horrible cease in 2013 on the arms of Philip Chism, a earlier pupil who’s billed with brutal rape and homicide.

Prosecutors assert within the trial that on the age of 14, Chism began off a terrifying sequence in a Danvers Excessive Faculty restroom.

The protection crew, headed by John Osler, cleverly queries the prosecution’s timeline because the dramatic courtroom scene heats up, bringing consideration to the intricate particulars of this terrifying situation.

Colleen Ritzer Autopsy Report
Colleen Ritzer Post-mortem Report

Colleen Ritzer Post-mortem Report

Because the trial delved into the forensic specifics of Colleen Ritzer’s post-mortem, the drama within the courtroom about her terrible lack of life escalated.

Simply one of many important witnesses, forensic pathologist Anna McDonald, supplied disturbing particulars about how Ritzer died.

In keeping with McDonald’s testimony, the 24-yr-previous math trainer died from a mixture of asphyxiation and sixteen neck stab wounds, a number of of which impacted main blood vessels.

This information stable query on the circumstances on the rear of Ritzer’s tragic demise and highlighted the severity of the assault.

Lower than the route of Essex Assistant District Lawyer Kate MacDougall, the prosecution has supplied proof indicating that the felony offense was begun in a Danvers Substantial School restroom by 14-12 months-previous Philip Chism.

The alleged sequence consisted of stabbing, rape, and strangulation. The assault was stopped when a fellow college pupil unexpectedly entered the place, forcing Chism to shift to the woods to finish the occupation.

Countering this portrayal, the safety has questioned the prosecution’s timetable and the seriousness of Chism’s alleged capabilities, speculating that Ritzer may need handed away speedily within the restroom.

Colleen Ritzer State of affairs Details

The circumstance amenities on the terrible actions of 2013, when 24-12 months-outdated math teacher Colleen Ritzer was reportedly brutally attacked by her 14-yr-old pupil, Philip Chism.

The prosecution, which is lead by Essex Assistant District Lawyer Kate MacDougall, claims that Chism began the rape, stabbing, and strangulation offense in a Danvers Larger School restroom.

MacDougall contends that Chism needed to go to the woods to complete the grotesque crime just because one more faculty pupil had burst into the washroom, stopping the assault solely momentarily.