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Timi Olagunju challenged President Bola Tinubu To This.



Timi & Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu has been challenged by a tech lawyer and policy consultant, Timi Olagunju to meet market women and ask if his policies have been instrumental to the progress of the country or otherwise.

The lawyer who said this in a live programme on Channel TV stated that President Tinubu could only determine if his government has truly bettered the lives of Nigerians from the reactions of common people on the streets.

Mr. Timi Olagunju added by saying: “Let me thank God for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He is a president and I’m going to put it to him, simple. I remember in 2004/2005, he visited the University of Ibadan and I was at the Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan; that is over how many years ago – 2004 and 2005, and he made mention of something in the lectures he delivered that development is when the market woman on the street is happy that she has food on the table, shelter over her head and clothing to wear, that you don’t need big grammar to understand whether there is development or not.

“Just go and ask the average Nigerian – market woman and the likes – right and they will tell you whether there is progress or not. I challenge Mr. President to take on that mantle and go and ask the market woman on the street, he might do a disguise and ask whether his policies have brought development or hardship in Nigeria.”

In recent times, there have been a series of negative reactions towards some policies and decisions taken so far by President Tinubu on how they had worsened the socioeconomic progress of the country.

Popular among them is the removal of fuel subsidy which has led to a hike in petrol prices and drastic inflation.