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“The Watcher” Netflix Ending Explained: What Happened To The 657 Boulevard House?




The Watcher, a brand-new show that can be found on Netflix, has recently been the subject of a great deal of media attention. The narrative of the show is inspired on real events.

The intriguing chain of events that took place at a house in New Jersey serve as the inspiration for the plot of the real crime docuseries. It was derived from “The Watcher,” a short piece of fiction written by Reeves Wiedeman that was in part inspired by a real-life occurrence.

In The Watcher, the main characters are a married couple with two young children who have just moved into the house of their dreams in the suburbs. However, as soon as they begin receiving threatening letters from an unknown individual identifying themselves as “The Watcher,” their once utopian lives begins to fall apart.

There are a lot of people who watch this show that are trying to decipher the show’s mysterious finale and figure out what the show is actually trying to hint to. Now, all of the details pertaining to The Watcher’s conclusion have been presented to us.

Netflix Original The Watcher Ending Explained
Fans of the Netflix show The Watcher have speculated that the sinister and disturbing face that the character John Graff, played by Joe Mantello, gives off towards the show’s conclusion indicates that he might be the watcher.

In the series that can be found on Netflix, The Watcher’s true identity is never disclosed.

From the beginning of the show, Dean has a sneaking feeling that John is The Watcher. During a chance meeting, John fools Dean into believing that he is a local building inspector named John Graff. However, Dean discovers that there is in fact no such inspector in the area.

When Dean is told by a contractor that there is no inspector in Westfield with the name John, he begins to have dubious thoughts about the situation. The truth about John Graff is ultimately revealed to the Brannocks by the Brannocks’ private investigator, Theodora.

As the story goes, Graff and his family were the previous occupants of the house before the Brannock family moved there. John was able to get away from the scene of the crime and then vanish after he had killed every member of his family.

The audience has come to the conclusion that John Graff is The Watcher. In contrast to Dean and Nora, John Graff can be seen fleeing through the tunnel that leads to the Brannocks’ home, hiding from Dean in the home of their next-door neighbor Pearl, and, in the series finale, hauntingly peering out the window towards 657 Boulevard. All of these events took place during the course of the show.

Fans have come to the conclusion that Graff is The Watcher despite the fact that he is never revealed to be that role.

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What Happened To The 657 Boulevard House?
Since the infamous “The Watcher” was never found, the Broaddus family’s decision to sell the home is completely understandable given the circumstances. After everything was said and done, the family did not even finish moving into the house before departing.

According to the accounts, the family was forced to rent the home before they could buy it because so many potential buyers were afraid by the idea of getting letters from The Watcher. Due to the absence of planning authority, even the attempt made by the Broaddus family to demolish the house and divide the land into two separate lots proved fruitless.

In March of 2019, five years after purchasing the home for $1.4 million, the Broaddus family decided to put it up for sale at a reduced price of $999,000. This was the situation despite the fact that years had been spent on renovations.

The sale of 657 Boulevard took place on the first of July in 2019. The new owners were not revealed by the real estate agent, however it is speculated that Andrew and Allison Carr are the couple who purchased the property. It would appear that they are what is known as a “young family in town.”

After the sale of their home was finalized, the Broaddus family wished the new owners the best of luck in their new home by giving instructions to their real estate attorney to deliver a message to the new owners. There have been no recent letters delivered to the new owners of 657 Boulevard.

Some people in the community have questioned whether or not the Broaddus family’s story was taken seriously because the new owners were locals. During interviews, they have, without a doubt, confirmed that the events they have witnessed are in fact real.

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What Is The Watcher Based On?
The Watcher is based on a short tale written by Reeves Wiedeman and originally published in The Cut in 2018. In the article, the terrifying true narrative of how the dream house that Derek and Maria Broaddus had been saving for for their young family is portrayed, only to have it quickly turn into a nightmare.

In 2014, the Broaddus family made the decision to acquire the magnificent suburban home located at 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey. However, even before they could settle in, they started to get noises that were strange and frightening. There were comments made about the children of the Broaddus family being “young blood” and about how no one would be able to hear them scream if they played in the basement.

The author of the messages, who signed them “the Watcher,” asserted that they were merely the most recent in a long line of people who had been watching the house and the people who lived there. It didn’t take long at all for the neighbors and the local police to start getting involved in the situation.

As the letters became increasingly bizarre, the author began accusing the Broaddus family of casting a hex on their home and begging them to let their children spend the night there. The author also pleaded with them to let the kids remain there. As it stands, “The Watcher’s” true identity has not been revealed, and as a result, Derek and Maria Broaddus have ultimately decided to rent out the property rather than move there permanently.

Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts look stunning on the premier of The Watcher.
Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts look stunning on the premier of The Watcher.

The Cast Of The Watcher
Without an outstanding cast, The Watcher would not be able to garner such much interest. The Watcher, on the other hand, has become one of Netflix’s most popular programs thanks to its excellent production and its array of skilled actors. The following actors are featured in The Watcher:

Naomi Watts stars as Nora Brannock in the role.

The role of Dean Brannock was played by Bobby Cannavale.

Mia Furrow stars as Pearl Winslow in the role.

Theodora Birch portrayed by Noma Dumezweni

William “Bill” Webster and John Graff are portrayed by Joe Mantello.

Mitch portrayed by Richard Kind

Jasper Winslow portrayed by Terry Kinney

Dakota played by Henry Hunter Hall

Isabel Gravitt as Ellie Brannock

Luke David Blumm as Carter Brannock

Maureen and Mo, played by Margo Martindale

Karen Calhoun portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge

Ryan Murphy is not just one of the executive producers of The Watcher but also a co-creator of the show. Murphy and the show’s second creator, Ian Brennan, have worked together on a number of projects in the past, including Glee, Ratched, and Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, among others.

This project has also attracted some of the most talented actors working today. Naomi Watts is no stranger to the horror category, having played the lead role in films such as “The Ring,” “Funny Games,” and the most recent installment of “Goodnight Mommy.” She is now portraying the character of Maria Broaddus in this production.

Within the movie, Bobby Cannavale plays the role of Derek Broaddus. Cannavale has appeared in a wide variety of roles over the course of his career, including that of Marilyn Monroe in the most recent film, Blonde, Irving in Mr. Robot, and Tony in Nine Perfect Strangers. Real estate agent Karen Calhoun is portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge, who most recently took home an Emmy for her work.

An Emmy was awarded to Coolidge for the job that she did in The White Lotus. Pearl, the Broaddus family’s next-door neighbor, is portrayed by Mia Farrow in the film. Rosemary’s Baby is widely considered to be one of the best and most influential horror films of all time. Farrow is best known for portraying the lead role in the film. Relatively recently, she appeared in the film Be Kind Rewind, and she is widely known for the charity and activist work that she has done.

Some FAQs
When Did The Watcher Air On Netflix?
On October 13, 2022, the first episode of The Watcher was broadcast.

Who Is The Watcher?
The identity of The Watcher was not disclosed by the show.