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‘The Ingraham Angle’ on Jeff Zucker



It is a rush transcript of “The Ingraham Angle” on February 2, 2022. This copy will not be in its remaining kind and could also be up to date.

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST:  Nice present as all the time. I’m Laura Ingraham. That is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE from Washington tonight. The rise and fall of the department Covidians. That’s the main focus of tonight’s ‘Angle’.

Now, CNN says, that it compelled Jeff Zucker out for an undisclosed workplace romance. However the reality is, he ought to have been compelled out for a unique affair. His relationship with pretend information on Russiagate; the informal smearing of figures like DeSantis; and all of the COVID fearmongering. Nicely, Zucker’s staff didn’t simply flirt with damaging lockdowns, they fought for them.


SANJAY GUPTA, CNN CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: We could be opening early. And lots of people, Chris, are frightened about this.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: It’s far too early to let down our guards proper now; far too early for states to be reopening.

MEGAN RANNEY, EMERGENCY PHYSICIAN: It appears untimely and even harmful to reopen the nation.


INGRAHAM: Now, from the beginning of the pandemic Jeff Zucker, CNN, fed its viewers a day by day menu of fraudulent COVID narratives. They didn’t do actual reporting. They merely repeated as gospel no matter Fauci mentioned, hardly ever questioning his logic, or difficult his conclusions.

CNN sort of turned the cult of Fauci, relishing ever perceived contradiction between him and President Trump.


WOLF BLITZER, CNN HOST: Dr. Anthony Fauci is on the quilt of the brand new difficulty of Time Journal. There it’s as one of many 100 most influential individuals of 2020. Nicely deserved from my perspective. He does wonderful work.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: Couple of viewers emailed in saying, they’re fearful about you. You look drained. I’m positive you’re exhausted. We recognize you taking the time.


INGRAHAM: And all of the whereas, Zucker oversaw CNN protection that dismiss promising COVID therapies, and naturally, the medical doctors who’re efficiently utilizing them with sufferers. Republican governors who rejected the Fauci mantra had been forged as anti-science kooks.


MATTHEW DOWD, DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL ANALYST: Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbott of Texas have prompted extra unneeded deaths in these two states than any immigrant ever has achieved.

PAUL BEGALA, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Disgrace on Governor Noem, who has a horrible COVID downside in her state.


INGRAHAM: However now, two years later, most people is lastly informed that whoops, the lockdowns that turned their lives the other way up, they didn’t work. States like California, New York, Illinois, Michigan, they stored their restrictions in place for a lot too lengthy, didn’t do any higher at stopping COVID deaths than people who opened up or stayed open all alongside.

Now, in fact, you didn’t want Johns Hopkins to do the research to know that lockdowns had been a catastrophe, since you had been informed the reality from the start.


INGRAHAM: If we look ahead to Dr. Fauci’s seal of approval to reopen America, we might not have an America to reopen. At the least not one we acknowledge.

The colleges could possibly be shut down for years. Lockdowns don’t work. The harm they trigger is catastrophic to our financial system, our kids’s schooling. We’re all seeing that, psychological well being and our security.


INGRAHAM: However CNN’s department Covidian bought you panic and lies. They bought them by a public well being sector that hated Trump and love the thought of utilizing COVID to create a brand new regular. A medical superstate to manage the little individuals.

So of all of Zucker’s transgressions, his hiring of smug, sanctimonious anchors and contributors was amongst his worst. And of all their COVID blowhards, pushing the lockdowns, one explicit host actually loved his main position.


CHRIS CUOMO, FORMER CNN HOST: Have a look at these fools. Fools. I do know they need to be on the market. Fools.

Issues will worsen. I don’t care the way you reopen. What are we dashing again to? Take into consideration what you’re so anxious to get again to when it comes to regular, and what you’re going to lose that we’ve gained on this pandemic? OK. Give it some thought. Watch out what you want for. The time with household, the time collectively, photos of what we see in Venice of clearer water and clearer skies that they’re exhibiting us all around the world. I do know we will’t do nothing ceaselessly. However we will take into consideration how you can be collectively, higher.


INGRAHAM: After all, evening after evening, Zucker cheered the Cuomo double-box routine. Chris and his Governor brother, Andrew, chewing over the pandemic fats and yucking it up because the love gov was sending efficient seniors again to their convalescent properties.

The mission of Zucker’s department Covidians was to disregard or smear any medical opinion that questioned their cultish outlook on lockdowns and mandates. Now, amongst their targets had been medical doctors who authored the Nice Barrington declaration, who appeared commonly on the ‘Angle’.


JAY BHATTACHARYA, PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE, STANFORD: Denying herd immunity is like denying gravity. Even when you’ve got a vaccine, it’s nonetheless herd immunity that protects individuals in opposition to the virus. Lockdown prices will in legislation – in even within the brief and intermediate time period have bigger or longer well being penalties.

MARTIN KULLDORFF, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL PROFESSOR: The varsity closings, wealthy mother and father or center class mother and father can do to a better tutoring. The working class kids, they don’t have these choices. So that they’re those who’re struggling essentially the most.


INGRAHAM: They had been proper then and they’re proper now. However Zucker despatched out the zombie squad to tear all of them down.


WILLIAM HASELTINE, FMR PROFESSOR, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL: I’m extraordinarily involved that the President is being suggested by individuals who communicate of herd immunity. Herd immunity is one other phrase for mass homicide. That’s precisely what it’s.


INGRAHAM: Naturally, they had been all following the cues of department Covidians’ supreme leaders and longtime pals of CNN. Inner NIH e-mail present that the devious duo of Francis Collins and Tony Fauci had been scrambling for a plan to smear the few medical doctors courageous sufficient to face as much as them and the whole medical institution.

In a single e-mail, Collins wrote concerning the work of three fringe epidemiologists that appears to be getting quite a lot of consideration. He then known as for a fast and devastating revealed takedown of its premises.

And Fauci’s community Covidians, properly, they gave him airtime in an effort to snigger off the perimeter medical doctors.


ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NIAID: Once we needs to be doubling down in implementing the general public well being measures that we’ve been speaking about for therefore lengthy.


INGRAHAM: At a time of disaster when everybody wanted the chance for a full and truthful airing of the choices, all of them that had been accessible to us, Zucker’s CNN took each alternative to name for excessive lockdown measures that damage tens of millions of American households and wrecked our financial system.

They trashed scientists and medical doctors, who merely needed Individuals to listen to the opposite aspect of the story. They launched ugly assaults in opposition to President Trump and his staff who finally helped get hold of the very vaccines that CNN now celebrates.

So from starting to finish, the Zucker Covidians noticed the pandemic not as a tragedy to be managed, however as a chance to be exploited. It is without doubt one of the most shameful intervals within the historical past of American journalism. Perhaps, simply perhaps put up Zucker, CNN will start to flee the cult it constructed. And that’s the ‘Angle’.

Becoming a member of me now’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Stanford Medical Faculty and one of many authors of the aforementioned Nice Barrington declaration. Dr. B, to start with, I can’t imagine you’ve been approaching the present for this lengthy. I maintain these clips. I used to be like, was that basically October 2020? And certainly, in fact, it was.

Your ideas on CNN’s roll and pushing the smear of medical doctors who dared query the lockdown’s effectiveness?

JAY BHATTACHARYA, PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE, STANFORD: You understand, in 4 days after we wrote the Nice Barrington declaration, Francis Collins wrote an e-mail to Tony Fauci calling for a devastating revealed takedown of his premises. And the press began attacking us, smearing us, arguing that we needed to let the virus rip when what we needed to do is defend the weak.

And CNN, I feel, has performed a extremely malign position on this. It’s created a really hostile atmosphere for individuals like me to attempt to advocate for similar insurance policies. And what’s occurred is that so many scientists stayed silent on account of it, regardless that that they had the identical reservations that the – we’re – the authors of the Nice Barrington declaration had.

It’s been a devastating time to be a scientist. It has been a devastating time simply to be right here, as a result of the lockdowns have created a lot harm. I imagine that there are lots of, many people who find themselves now handed away that ought to have survived this, due to the harms within the lockdown. There ought to – the proof on the worldwide knowledge alone.

In March of 2021, 228,000 kids, that’s what the UN estimated would die from hunger brought on by the lockdowns in South Asia. Within the U.S., we simply had a report that we’ve topped over 100,000 individuals lifeless from kind 2 diabetes. That needs to be managed. However we – the lockdowns prevented managing even fundamental care, delayed most cancers remedies and delayed most cancers screening. We – the psychological hurt, the college closures, the lockdowns with–

INGRAHAM: However Dr. Bhattacharya, isn’t the position of journalists, particularly from this storied model of CNN, isn’t it their position to query and demand on knowledge and justification, transparency on all these items? And but at each flip, once we requested, while you requested for the information, the transparency, the justification, you’re dismissed as anti-science, otherwise you simply – you’re going to be chargeable for the deaths of tens of millions of individuals, hundreds of individuals. It was a right away castigation. Was that stunning to you coming from Jeff Zucker’s CNN?

BHATTACHARYA: I used to be completely shocked. I imply, I feel the concept that that now we have a novel virus work by means of the society, that there’s a scientific consensus on precisely what the fitting factor to do is, a lot that we will suppress and censor individuals who simply disagree with the consensus, the concepts of Dr. Fauci, that’s completely wonderful to me. What ought to have occurred was a great, deep dialog between scientists who agreed and disagreed. We’d have come to some conclusion that might have been much better than what we had.

As a substitute, we had media shops like CNN, basically demonizing anybody who disagreed with Fauci, serving because the propaganda arm of Dr. Fauci. And it’s one in all these items the place like, I take a look at it – look again at it, and I simply can not imagine it really occurred. What ought to have occurred, what I believed would have – would occur and it positioned what I assumed was America was free speech, free dialogue, a dialogue between scientists who might disagree however we’re–

INGRAHAM: However Dr. B, there’s – it’s nonetheless occurring. That is nonetheless happening. And it continued at present on CNN, the place now Dr. Peter Hotez is trying – is utilizing the misinformation description to once more attempt to silence totally different factors of view. Watch.


PETER HOTEZ, TEXAS CHILDREN’S PEDIATRICIAN: The Biden administration has to comprehend that anti-science is a killer, disinformation. It’s not even simply disinformation. That is an anti-science empire proper now. And we’d like Homeland Safety. We’d like the Justice Division. We’ve actually acquired to determine this out. And Well being and Human Companies won’t be able to determine this out on their very own.


INGRAHAM: Once more, they need to shut down speech, name it disinformation, kill any opposing viewpoint. He was one of many greatest critics of the Nice Barrington declaration, physicians and researchers.

BHATTACHARYA: I imply, he desires to make use of the Division of Justice. He desires to criminalize scientific debate. Simply take into consideration that for a second. I imply, I feel people who find themselves assured of their concepts should not afraid of dialogue and debate. What you might have is a bunch of individuals, a small group of individuals. Hotez is definitely funded by Fauci’s group. He’s – a lot of his funding comes from the NIAID led by Fauci.

I feel you might have a small group of individuals, who’ve needed to create an phantasm of a scientific consensus that doesn’t exist and didn’t exist. They’ve but pulled the wool over the eyes of the American individuals, and the American individuals ought to demand higher.

INGRAHAM: They usually’re doing it now with a vaccine for infants. They’re pushing the identical sort of failed concepts and unproven theories. Dr. Bhattacharya, thanks very a lot, as all the time.


ERIC FLANNERY, CO-OWNER, THE BIG BOARD: He’s a Navy veteran, a man who served for 10 years. I do know what that is. I by no means thought that within the capital metropolis of the US of America, it will be considerably controversial to open up a bar the place all people was welcome.


INGRAHAM: That was Eric Flannery, proprietor of The Large Board bar in DC on this present Monday evening. And petty tyrant Mayor Muriel Bowser has simply revoked his liquor license, after he defied town’s masks and vax mandates.

Now, the day after his look, queen Bowser went one step additional. She simply shut down the bar.


FLANNERY: I actually don’t know. When individuals ask me, the place are you going to get on the opposite aspect of this? I don’t know. I simply know that I’m doing the fitting factor. And this place is meant to be open.


INGRAHAM: Eric Flannery, the proprietor of The Large Board bar is again with us completely. Eric, it’s – it doesn’t shock me sadly now in Washington, DC. However your ideas now that the bar that you just love and also you’ve put a lot blood, sweat and tears into, to not communicate of cash, is closed.

ERIC FLANNERY, CO-OWNER, THE BIG BOARD: I’m actually unhappy. However you understand what I’m actually unhappy for is all my staff. They’ve been right here for 10 years, Laura. They arrive in, they arrive to work. My cook dinner that was cooking meals final evening, he was right here on the day we opened. The bartender who was serving non- alcoholic drinks final evening, he’s been right here for 9.5 years.

I – they need to be working. They got here down right here by means of the entire pandemic, whereas all people was staying of their home. They got here down right here and labored. In order that’s actually the saddest half for me.

INGRAHAM: Now, Eric, Mayor Bowser swears she didn’t need to shut down your bar. Watch.


MURIEL BOWSER, DC MAYOR: I just like the enterprise to conform. And we don’t need to shut anyone down. And that’s how we’ve approached this all through this 20-some months of this pandemic. We need to give individuals help, recommendation, provides, assist, no matter they want. However we do want them to observe the laws.


INGRAHAM: Now, did anybody shut her down for the a number of instances she violated her personal masks mandates? I imply, come on. Eric, how a lot assist did her administration give your small business earlier than they really – they first revoked your liquor license then you definitely – they shut you down.

FLANNERY: Sure, they got here down and so they do some issues. The well being division was down right here. They got here for a random inspection as any individual who had willfully opened up the door and walked in, was fearful that the servers and bartenders weren’t carrying masks. They got here in.

Earlier than they even did our follow-up inspection, the place I had fastened each factor that they had been there, and I’ve the report that exhibits every little thing that they requested me to repair was fastened. They already had the door placard that they had been going to placed on to shut us down.

INGRAHAM: Eric, at this level, what do you say to different restaurant excursions and bar homeowners in DC that they’re complying? They’re asking for a vax card. Individuals present them their vaccine playing cards and so they go in and presumably they’ve a great time. I imply, do you assume this needs to be a interval of resistance? As a result of we all know restaurant reservations are down in DC.

FLANNERY: I – from a buyer who informed me the restaurant reservations had been down 60 % from 2020 and 2021, what do I say to them? Nicely, they’re not doing it anyhow. All people is aware of that. There are individuals come discuss to me daily and say, Oh, sure, I acquired all these locations and no person’s doing it.

The mayor simply needed to come back. Nicely, perhaps not the mayor, however the metropolis well being administration determined that this was a spot that they needed to focus on.

INGRAHAM: They usually needed to make an instance out of you. Eric, perhaps Virginia for you, however combat on as a result of I feel finally they’re going to interrupt on this mandate nonsense. We recognize it. Better of luck to you, sir.

And Joe Biden’s Supreme Courtroom choose is now in a whole state of chaos. Professor Jonathan Turley and Senator Tom Cotton clarify in moments.


INGRAHAM: Like every little thing else, Joe Biden touches his Supreme Courtroom choice course of is in shambles. Candidate Biden, he thought he was being actually woke and so cool by pledging to appoint an African-American lady to the Excessive Courtroom. However in fact, he was additionally successfully discriminating in opposition to the overwhelming majority of the grownup inhabitants.

And now even liberal web sites like Slate thinks he has himself in a bind, claiming that Biden’s pledge has backfired and needlessly tokenized future nominees. Likewise, Politico is fretting about the truth that so many Democrat consultants and insiders can’t cease speaking concerning the nomination as an off ramp to relocate Kamala Harris.

“Intense skepticism inside some components of the occasion about Harris’ capacity to win a presidential race if Biden doesn’t run for reelection and a need to open the sector to different doable successors.” Ouch.

And given the novel views of a few of the potential nominees, large strain can be placed on so-called reasonable Democrats, who’re up for reelection this yr. So that they vote in opposition to Biden’s choose. Give it some thought this manner. If Montanans need to defend their Second Modification rights, they higher demand that Senator Jon Tester block Biden’s choose. The identical goes for Mark Kelly in Arizona.

Neither they nor the opposite moderates ought to imagine something Biden guarantees concerning the {qualifications} of his Excessive Courtroom choose.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: What I’m searching for is a candidate with character in addition to a judicial philosophy that’s extra one that implies that there are unenumerated rights within the Structure.


INGRAHAM: Sorry, given the truth that the whole left-wing authorized institution believes that the Structure has no fastened which means, it doesn’t matter what the nominees’ skilled expertise is.

Anybody that Biden picks should imagine that the courtroom isn’t sure by the plain language of the statutes or the Structure. And what does that imply? It means bye-bye free speech, it’s all misinformation now. Bye-bye non secular liberty and even parental rights.

So get up, senators Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney. However there’s a brand new improvement that might additional complicate Biden’s plans. The horrible information that New Mexico Senator Ray Lujan suffered a severe stroke. We want the senator a speedy and full restoration. And we provide prayers to his household in very difficult, troublesome time.

However there’s nonetheless the query of how this would possibly have an effect on a affirmation vote in a 50-50 Senate. Becoming a member of me now’s Jonathan Turley, George Washington College legislation professor. Professor Turley, this was alleged to be sort of a slam dunk. However how is the scenario evolving? Inform us one of many phrases that they like to use to the Structure so far as this nomination course of goes.

JONATHAN TURLEY, GWU LAW PROFESSOR: Nicely, what’s astonishing is this isn’t simply unprecedented, however pointless for the President to say that he wouldn’t take into account every other candidates primarily based on their race or gender. He would solely take into account black females.

Variety points have been raised by presidents up to now, however they’ve been raised as kind of preferences, not exclusionary guidelines. Certainly, the Supreme Courtroom has declared exclusionary guidelines like this one to be unconstitutional or illegal, when utilized to varsities, or companies.

And so, you might have this inherent battle that he’s created, the place this nominee will sit and listen to arguments in two circumstances on the constitutionality of one of these exclusionary rule. Now, that doesn’t imply that this could possibly be reviewed or that his alternative can be reversed. However what’s odd is that lots of the media shops are saying, properly, different presidents have achieved this. And that’s simply not true.

They are saying that Reagan did this. That when he appointed O’Connor, Reagan mentioned, he would give one in all his first positions, one of many vacancies to a lady. However the White Home confused that was not a assure. And when O’Connor was chosen, Reagan had a shortlist with nearly all of males on it.

Trump, when he mentioned that he could be placing a lady on Supreme Courtroom, had already spent months and months with a public shortlist that they’ve been vetting. Barrett had been a entrance runner within the earlier nomination. And when he mentioned he was going to place a lady on the courtroom, it was days earlier than he was going to announce her identify.

What these presidents didn’t do is, they didn’t say that they’d not take into account anybody else past individuals with this race, this gender as laid out in an exclusionary threshold rule. It’s simply–

INGRAHAM: And I simply need to get in – get this level in, Jonathan. It’s not even standard. If it’s a political transfer, it’s not standard. Current ABC Information ballot discovered that 76 % of Individuals need him to contemplate all nominees no matter race or gender, solely 23 % supported Biden’s pledge.

So that they don’t need range to be the driving think about a courtroom choose. Persons are tremendous with nominee of any shade, however that that’s the driving issue above all else? I feel that additionally factors to a bigger downside the Democrats have with the problem of race.

TURLEY: That can be grossly unfair to the nominee. This labored for President Biden’s benefit. Consultant Claiborne got here as much as him throughout a break within the presidential debate, and mentioned, you have to promise that you just’re going to nominate a black feminine. And he circled and mentioned it precisely like that.

And I feel lots of people, I wrote a column the subsequent day, kind of, what, whoa – that you just’re not stating a choice, you’re really stating an exclusionary rule. And he’s caught with it. Nevertheless it’s unfair to the nominees. There are individuals on the shortlist. African-American ladies on that shortlist which have stellar backgrounds. You could possibly disagree with whether or not they have the fitting jurisprudential views, nevertheless it’s unfair to them for the President to say, Sure, you had been chosen on this threshold exclusionary foundation.

And so, I feel that this was, kind of, an error that the President repeated, all you must do is do what his predecessors did, and state that he needed to see–

INGRAHAM: Self inflicted wound.

TURLEY: –publicity on the courtroom.

INGRAHAM: Sure. One other self inflicted wound. Professor Turley, nice to see you.

And becoming a member of me now’s Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton. Senator, Schumer was on the White Home at present to satisfy with Biden over the courtroom choose. It’s apparent they’re feeling some strain right here. What are the state of issues as you understand them?

SEN. TOM COTTON (R-AR): Nicely, the President mentioned, he’s going to appoint somebody by the top of February. There’s been a shortlist that’s been revealed in quite a lot of totally different shops. I don’t know who he’s going to appoint. I’m frankly much less fearful, Laura, concerning the race or the intercourse of the nominee, than a radical judicial philosophy.

As a member of the Judiciary Committee, I’ve seen now dozens of his nominees to decrease courts, and nearly to an individual, these are leftwing ideologues who imagine that the Structure is all the time evolving. Unusually, it’s all the time evolving to left and to cater to the whims and the desires of liberals at legislation colleges and in large cities within the Democratic Social gathering. So I’ve acquired fairly tempered expectations that Joe Biden goes to appoint anybody whom I can help or whom most Republicans may help due to the character and the views of the nominees he has put forth to date.

INGRAHAM: Nicely, the purpose that I used to be making within the lead-in to this, Senator, was that any of the nominees, I’m positive they’re all nice individuals, it’s nothing private, however to be on that checklist, it’s not simply pores and skin shade. You must imagine that the Structure is malleable. It’s foolish putty that may be stretched or moved, and phrases don’t actually matter. Heller, the Second Modification, particular person rights case authored by Justice Scalia, there’s no manner they’d greet with that. So anybody like Montana Senator Tester or Kelly, or any of the so-called moderates, a vote for that nominee is a vote to intestine that Second Modification. That’s my level. And that’s what the constituents in these states have to know.

COTTON: I feel that’s nearly actually proper, Laura. The left, particularly the authorized left in America doesn’t view the Structure as a legislation that has a settled which means on the time it was adopted, on the time the amendments had been added, and that it’s our basically legislation. They view it as one thing that’s all the time topic to alter, normally change within the liberal course. And that implies that Democrats who’re up for reelection this yr, like Raphael Warnock in Georgia, or Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire, are going to must reply for the views of this nominee if, as you say and I think, this nominee is hostile to free speech rights of each American, to the rights of gun homeowners or any of the opposite cherished rights now we have on this nation beneath our Structure.

INGRAHAM: Or non secular liberty rights. Let’s say there’s one other emergency. Ought to they nonetheless be capable of maintain shutting down church buildings and different homes of worship? There’s no manner any of these rights are going to outlive the kind of, quote, evaluation any of those nominees would give it as a result of the Structure is all the time evolving.

COTTON: And that has been the historical past of these circumstances over the past two years, Laura, is sort of each time any of the COVID lockdown circumstances have come earlier than the courtroom, the liberal justices on the courtroom have all the time sided with these Democratic governors and mayors who need to constantly lock down our financial system, shut colleges, maintain individuals in masks indefinitely.

INGRAHAM: Senator Cotton, we can be watching, particularly a few of your colleagues on the Judiciary Committee. Thanks.

And Biden places a one-man present on. And the “Not One Minute” marketing campaign is gaining steam. Rimming Arroyo has it. “Seen and Unseen” is subsequent.


INGRAHAM: It’s time for our “Seen and Unseen” phase the place we expose the large cultural tales of the day. And for that we flip to FOX Information contributor, Raymond Arroyo. Raymond, Biden really had a giant occasion at present, for Biden, that’s.

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: He did. Nicely, he’s reviving what he calls the Most cancers Moonshot that he launched about six years in the past, Laura. That is an try to search out one thing of unity that he can run on and perhaps let these ballot numbers. However on the occasion at present, he resorted to enacting little dramatic scenes with himself in between the requisite confusion.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: — informed that sufferers don’t need to share their knowledge. All of them need to share their knowledge. Typically you all don’t need to share what you understand.

Doc, all I want, are you able to do something to present me simply six extra months to see the child born. After I put collectively the Most cancers Moonshot, after they discovered I had NASA and quite a lot of different companies regarded to me, like, what’s that matter with you? I mentioned, guess what. NASA is aware of extra about radiation than all of you.


ARROYO: NASA additionally is aware of higher than to place “moonshot” and “most cancers” in the identical phrase, Laura. This isn’t working. I don’t know if he thinks politically it is a assist. But when Biden is de facto eager about reducing the most cancers demise charge, he ought to have been extra proactive getting these hospitals to deal with and treatment for most cancers sufferers. There’s a research out of the College of Birmingham that discovered that one in seven most cancers sufferers missed their surgical procedures because of the COVID lockdowns, and the final most cancers moonshot we spent $1.8 billion on, Laura, it didn’t transfer that demise charge in any respect.

INGRAHAM: Sure, the lockdowns damage observe up remedy and common checkups for a complete number of illnesses. So we received’t know what number of lives had been misplaced due to the lockdowns, perhaps by no means. However we received’t know for many years for positive.

ARROYO: Laura, at present, as you understand, is Groundhog Day when the eyes of the nation flip to see if the groundhog sees its shadow. As you understand, it’s a little totally different in D.C., the place annually, Punxsutawney Joe leaves his basement and appears out. Now we have the video. If he sees his shadow and returns to the basement, we can have six extra months of inflation. It appears like he did see his shadow, Laura, and people costs are going to remain sky excessive.

INGRAHAM: You’re so unhealthy.

ARROYO: Punxsutawney will a minimum of have numerous time for Wordle and the Olympics again on the White Home, I assume. That may maintain him occupied till inflation goes.

I consider that cute little groundhog, and it’s lovely, and I assumed after I awakened, is Anthony Fauci going to come back out and see his shadow and there’s six extra months of COVID restrictions? No. Then my children mentioned, no, six extra years, mommy. I mentioned, OK, good.

Raymond, we launched a “Not One Minute” marketing campaign to encourage individuals to skip even watching the genocide Olympics, so let’s hope Biden tunes that out as properly.

ARROYO: Nicely, individuals appear to be getting your message. Even Bob Costas has known as out the Worldwide Olympic Committee for doing enterprise with the Chinese language given their human rights file.


BOB COSTAS, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: The IOC deserves the entire disdain and disgust that comes their manner for going again to China but once more. They had been in Beijing in 2008. They go to Sochi in 2014. They’re shameless about these items.


ARROYO: In accordance with a brand new report, Laura, in “The Washington Publish,” athletes from a minimum of two western international locations are planning to boycott the opening ceremonies in Beijing. College students for a Free Tibet are urging these athletes to face with the persecuted Uyghurs, the Hong Kongers, in addition to the Tibetans. It is a factor I feel we’re going to see achieve steam. However quite a lot of these athletes are being warned by the IOC to not make an announcement. They don’t need any controversy right here.

INGRAHAM: No. I feel, the pace skaters, they’ll skate proper again to their lodge after which proper again to this rink as a result of you possibly can’t go wherever. It’s principally all in lock down there. You may’t even have your mother and father or members of the family, no spectators.

ARROYO: Laura, did you see this video at present? We’ll put the video up right here. It is a Belgian Olympian, she examined COVID optimistic. They took her to an undisclosed location. So she put this video up, and so they ended up taking her again to the Olympic village. That is scary with the Chinese language individuals taking individuals wherever they need to go.

Now, earlier than we go, I usually don’t help boycotts, however I got here throughout a TikTok video by a health care provider that had me saying “Not One Minute.”


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Vaccinate, vax-vaccinate! Vaccinate, vax-vaccinate!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who’s that lady speaking about vaccines?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who’s that lady speaking about vaccines?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It’s me. It’s me. All proper, all proper, all proper, all proper, all proper. C-O-V-I-D, COVID you possibly can take knee.


ARROYO: Laura, now we have to ban all of those vaccine jingles, poems, minor theatrics. Healthcare professionals ought to warn us about one thing aside from vaccines. I feel we’re all fed up with it.

INGRAHAM: You heard of poetry slam, slam poetry, poetry slam. It is a poetry jab. Come on, that is foolish. It’s the Tremendous Bowl halftime present. Perhaps they’ll check out. Raymond, thanks.

By now you might have heard about CNN’s head honcho Jeff Zucker’s sudden departure from the cable laggard. However you haven’t heard the tales from the within. In moments, we communicate to 2 former contributors concerning the bigger rot inside that community.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Zucker has been a bigger than life determine at this group for almost a decade, a pioneering determine.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Jeff was a visionary chief for CNN over the past 9 years of what can solely be known as a difficult information cycle. It’s an unbelievable loss. Jeff is a exceptional individual.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There’s actually a readability of mission and a readability of imaginative and prescient for this community that can be missed.


INGRAHAM: Awkward. Not solely had been the main points of Zuck’s workplace romance identified for years, apparently it was reportedly widespread information simply amongst most staffers at CNN at any senior stage. So the Zucker lieutenant concerned is a lady named Allison Gollust. The small print of their dalliance aren’t actually all that necessary at this level. However what is critical is that earlier than coming to CNN she served because the comms director for former governor Andrew Cuomo. And in keeping with “The Washington Publish”, Gollust and Zucker had been instrumental in securing the Cuomo on Cuomo interviews, these double packing containers with the Cuo-bros throughout COVID. So in different phrases, CNN was and is stuffed with unethical, politically corrupt monsters.

Becoming a member of me now are two former CNN political commentators, Jeff Lord and Andre Bauer. Jeffrey, they spent years peddling lies to defame President Trump and his supporters over at CNN. So the truth that they had been passing judgment on him on the fraudulent Russia-gate rip-off whereas the conflicts of pursuits teaming at that community, your ideas tonight?

JEFF LORD, FORMER CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Laura, to start with, within the contest between Donald Trump and Jeff Zucker and CNN, Donald Trump received with none query right here as of today. I as soon as requested him in 2014 when he was a non-public citizen, if he ran for president, would he tackle the media which had been traditionally anti-Republican. And oh, my, on he went. Sure, he would take them on. He wasn’t going to place up with this. This in our time resulted in the entire pretend information scenario.

Secondly, Jeff, I went again and dipped into Ted Turner’s memoirs. He’s the founding father of CNN, and he fairly particularly says in his memoirs that he thought that media of the day, and that is circa late Seventies, was biased. He mentions Walter Cronkite particularly. And he mentioned he needed a simply the information, ma’am, sort of journalism. Jeff moved CNN within the actual other way. And full disclosure, I clearly benefited from that. I used to be a commentator. I used to be a Trump man on CNN, which, in fact, led finally to my dismissal.

And thirdly, by the admissions of CNN’s “Dependable Sources” and Brian Stelter, I discover this very fascinating, at least former anchor and fired anchor Chris Cuomo is out to burn seen and all the way down to the bottom. Wow. That’s fairly unbelievable right here. They’ve acquired a complete lot of issues over there, not the least of which is kind of sabotaging the picture of the mainstream media as neutral.

INGRAHAM: I don’t assume anybody goes to have a look at CNN, anybody with any reminiscence of all of this, goes to have a look at CNN for a similar once more due to what they did throughout COVID and what they did to Donald Trump and the entire battle that had been brewing inside. Now, Andre, apparently, Ted Turner again in 2018 made an fascinating remark about that community he based.


TED TURNER: I feel they’re sticking with politics somewhat an excessive amount of. It might do higher to have a extra balanced agenda. However that is only one individual’s opinion.


INGRAHAM: Andre, is {that a} legitimate opinion, particularly in gentle of what has occurred, completely imbalanced community, and clearly not telling the reality about a complete number of points?

ANDRE BAUER, FORMER CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Completely. However should you return, Zucker and the previous, prior president Trump, they had been pals. That they had labored collectively on the president’s TV present beforehand. After which when the president, then candidate, acquired into this race, one of many causes I used to be employed early on is I used to be one of many first statewide officeholders as former lieutenant governor to endorse the president.

They usually didn’t simply rent myself and Jeffrey Lord. There was Corey Lewandowski, Kayleigh McEnany, Paris Dennard, Rick Santorum, they went out and located those that supported the president and conservative points, and their rankings went up. That they had a lovefest. In the event you look again in 16 when the president didn’t even attend the talk in Iowa, he went to a school. I went to it and held a rally, and CNN adopted him. They usually made a big revenue and a big following over following the president.

Because the years progressed, they’ve change into a much bigger and larger detractor of his message and distorting his message. And I feel it got here to their demise. However this has been an ongoing love-hate fest for a while that began again in 16, and after they stop having the president to beat on final yr, you noticed their numbers plummet as a result of they actually don’t have something. They absolutely don’t have a trigger with the present administration to get enthusiastic about. So the one factor that basically stored their rankings was President Trump.

INGRAHAM: That’s gone. Sure or no solutions solely. Will CNN study from this and change into higher? Jeffrey, sure or no?

LORD: Sure, with new possession.

INGRAHAM: Andre, sure or no?

BAUER: Sure.

INGRAHAM: Wow, you’re each optimistic. I hope you’re proper. Gents, thanks.

And up subsequent, Final Chunk, the COVID tyrants that managed public colleges is not going to cease terrorizing your kids. A stunning Final Chunk subsequent.


INGRAHAM: Loudoun County faculty outrage is constant. An assistant principal is threatening children who return to high school unmasked.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Till you arrive, your kids can be held in an in-school restriction scenario right here in school. It’s necessary that I level out they don’t seem to be allowed on campus or on Loudoun County public faculty property. Beginning tomorrow, it is going to be thought of trespassing.


INGRAHAM: That’s a misdemeanor, $2,500 tremendous.

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