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Roan Curtis Belongs To A Wealthy Blended Family – Her Father Owns Eugene Choo




Roan Curtis is the daughter of Kildare Curtis and Stephanie Butler, who have always been there for their daughter. Roan will play the younger version of Kate in the upcoming season of the Netflix comedy Firefly Lane.

The author of the book that will serve as the inspiration for the drama series that was developed by Maggie Friedman is Kristin Hannah. The first season focuses on two young women who came of age in the 1970s and follows them as they make their way through adulthood.

Following the success of the first season, the show’s creator said that the upcoming second season will be the series’ final instalment. However, they guaranteed that everything they wanted to say would be covered in the sixteen episodes that would be split into two halves.

Aside from that, she is not the only one to watch because the ensemble also includes other well-known actors, such as Katherine Heigl, who plays her elder counterpart, and Sarah Chalke, who plays her best friend of thirty years. Both of these roles are played by Sarah.

It should also be noted that the attendance of Ben Lawson, Beau Garrett, Ali Skovbye, Roan Curtis, and Yael Yurman has been praised.

Roan Curtis


Roan Curtis’s Parents Separated When She Was Young

Roan Curtis has been performing since she was a child, and her parents, Stephanie Butler and Kildare Curtis, have been instrumental in her development as an actress and her career in the industry.

In the midst of the success she was having in her work as a guest performer on a number of different television series, such as The L Word, Smallville, Bionic Woman, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, she was having problems at home.

Her parents were so focused on showering all of their affection on her that they neglected their relationship with one another, which resulted in tension between them. They lived too far apart to continue their marriage once it became impossible for them to reconcile their differences.

Roan is never allowed to suffer as a result of their animosity toward one another or the monotony of their separations; instead, they make sure that she has two pleasant homes that are different from each other.

Her Father, Kildare Curtis, Is An Entrprenurer.

Kildare Curtis, an entrepreneur and the owner of Eugene Choo, is where Roan Curtis derives her dogged determination from. Roan is the daughter of Kildare.

According to the information provided on his website, he is the offspring of a grocer and an artist and spent his formative years in a variety of remote communities and outposts located across the Canadian north. Observing his mother and father at work as painters and designers of displays inspired him to pursue a career in graphic design.

While he was growing up, he did not have much, so he had to make do with what he had. He wore hand-me-downs from his siblings and spent his winter nights watching movies at the library.

When he went to the West Coast in the 2000s and launched his apparel company, he finally realised his ambition after a long period of searching for it.

In point of fact, she exemplifies the stereotypical daughter of a patriarchal figure in that she gives great weight to the advice and counsel of her father. She frequently praised him for being imaginative as well as compassionate.

Kildare appeared on Instagram to wish his youngest daughter Ruby well on the occasion of her eighteenth birthday, but he had not yet done so with Roan. This indicates that the connection appears to have deteriorated over the years.

After the divorce, he was able to find love again and is now married with a son who is in his teenage years and requires the majority of his attention.

When he brought all three of his children, Roan, Ruby, and Kasper Lee, out on a date together, however, the suspicions were put to rest once and for all.

Kildare Curtis dining with his three kids

Roan Never Misses To Wish Stephanie Butler On Mother’s Day

The fact that Roan attends every single gathering where her mother is being honoured demonstrates that Stephanie Butler could not have hoped for a more perfect child.

After her divorce, Bulter had withdrawn into herself, keeping her Instagram account hidden from prying eyes and making only fleeting appearances on her daughter’s account on the social media platform.

Even though she does not promote their movies or express satisfaction in their accomplishments, she is their emotional support system and does the little things that count.

She acts like a child despite her years, and she spends her free time producing absurd home videos that she then shares with her kids.

In the year 2021, she surprised everyone by referring to her mother as Queen Heff in a post in which she shared a moment of pure pleasure in which she danced her heart out. She utilised some of her expert negotiation skills to try to persuade the 25-year-old to walk out into the icy night to grab her a bottle of sauvignon blanc, but their relationship is best described as one of friendship rather than romance.

When she was younger, she was a wonderful mother. When she was with her youngest child, she would dress up like a princess and crown her the jewel.

Roan Curtis Has Step Mother Mother And Step Brother

As a result of her father’s second marriage, up-and-coming actress Roan Curtis gained a new family, which she considers to be more significant than the people with whom she shares merely genetic ties.

After the breakup of her parents’ marriage, her father did not waste much time in finding a new companion; he wed the woman who would become his wife, Jennifer Mackay, in August of 2008.

Roan Curtis Boyfriend

Roan Curtis Has a Sptemother, Jennifer Mackay, And She Is A Business Owner

Jennifer Mackay, Roan Curtis’s sister, is an entrepreneur in her own right. Roan is the eldest of three children.
Despite the fact that Roan and Jennifer Mackay have not spent much time together, they have maintained a friendly connection for the benefit of the people they care about the most.

Due to the gap that exists between them, the artist has not yet expressly wished her a happy mother’s day or included her in any of the family rituals.

In addition, Jennifer continued to keep herself busy with her life by caring for her children while also running The Block, a retail company that sold apparel, footwear, and accessories for men and women.

The locations in Gastown are frequented by thousands of clients because they offer competitive prices and make aesthetic decisions that are in step with current fashions. Because each item has a price tag that is well into the hundreds of dollars, she must have more than enough money to spend the rest of her life in opulent luxury.

Her job, her husband, and her child take up the most of her time, but she does her best to care for the plants she adores. As she travels with her son to other lakes for vacations, she has the intention of passing on to him her passion for the local flora as an inheritance.

Roan Curtis, who hails from Canada, is a well-known actress.

Roan Curtis, who hails from Canada, is a well-known actress.

Roan Curtis (Actress) Wiki

Roan Curtis, who hails from Canada, is a well-known actress. She became well-known for her performance in the television series titled Before I Fall, in which she played the angel Cupid. She is a familiar figure in the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

She has also made appearances in a number of films, including Daughter, Secrets of a Gold Digger Killer, Girl on a Bus, and In God I Trust, amongst many others. In addition to that, she has appeared in a number of other television series, including Before I Fall, Firefly Lane, The Magicians, and a great deal of others.


Full Birth Name Roan Curtis.
Sweet Name Roan.
Profession Actress.
In Limelight For Firefly Lane & Gold Digger Killer.
Date of Birth February 1, 1997.
Birth Place Vancouver City in Canada.
Age (As of 2021) 24 Years.
Nationality Canadian.
Gender Female.
Zodiac Aquarius.
Love & Relationship
Marital Status Unmarried.
Boyfriend. James Rittinger (Actor).
Parents Mother: Stephanie Butler.
Father: Kildare Curtis.
Siblings Sister: Ruby Curtis.
Physical Stats
Height feet & Inches: 5′ 6″.
In centimeters: 167 cm.
In meters: 1.67 m.
Weight Pounds: 112 lbs.
Kg: 51.
Eyes Blue.
Hair Brown.
Alma Mater Wagner College.
Social Media Accounts
Last Update
02 February 2021 ( © Copyright- )

She is the well-known actress who has received the most likes on the social networking site for uploading photos and videos. Because of the breadth of her skill set, she has been able to obtain gigs with some of the most well-known names in the industry.

Singing, dancing, and swimming are some of her favourite pastimes. She shot to fame thanks to her stunning good looks, endearing smile, chic sense of style, and wonderful attitude, and she continued to build on that popularity with compelling photos and videos. The rate at which she is expanding her profile on social media is amazing. We take you through everything there is to know about her.

Her country of origin is Canada. As in the year 2021, she will be approximately 25 years old. The sign of Libra is her horoscope. She was born in Canada and holds a Canadian passport. On February 1, 1996, she entered the world.

2007 marked the beginning of her career as an actress. Her first role on television was in an episode of The L Word, in which she portrayed a Kid. This was her first television series.

Regarding her educational history, there is no further information available. She is also an endorser for a number of brands and works with a number of different influencers.

She is an influential figure on social media.

She is an influential figure on social media.

Roan Curtis Family

Roan Curtis was born in Canada to a Christian household and currently identifies as being of Canadian nationality. She is descended from Caucasian people. Kildare Curtis is her father, and Stephanie Butler is her mother’s name. She was named after both of her parents. Ruby Curtis, one of her siblings, is likewise talented in the art of belly dancing. The clothing shop is run by his father and is called Eugene Choo Clothing. She has a very strong bond with her relatives.

Roan Curtis Age

Roan Curtis is now 24 years old, but she has been in the public eye ever since she was a young child. She has spent a lot of time working in the industry and has put a lot of effort into growing her fame over the years. According to her zodiac sign, she is an Aquarius. She will soon be seen in the series Firefly Lane and Gold Digger, both of which are available on Netflix.

Roan Curtis is now 24 years old

Roan Curtis is now 24 years old


  1. Her Instagram page has more than 35.6 thousand followers.
  2. She keeps uploading her stunning pictures to her Instagram account.
  3. She is an influential figure on social media.
  4. She has worked along with a wide variety of other influential people.
  5. Because of her chic appearance, she has a lot of admirers.
  6. She often publishes reels and short films on her channel in order to maintain her audience’s attention.
    She posts pictures of herself in a bikini very frequently.
  7. During her workouts, she posts photographs and videos on her Instagram account frequently.
  8. Dogs are her best friends.
  9. She has been using the social media site to share photos and videos from all of her recent travels and adventures in the great outdoors.
  10. Watch out for her the next time she appears on a talk programme.