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Hadiza Bala Usman Meets with The Minister of Defence and Minister of State for Defence



Bala Usman

Hadiza Bala Usman The Special Adviser to President Bola Tinubu on policy coordination, speaking for the government has stated that there is a need for ministers and ministries to sign a bond to deliver on the government agenda as envisioned by the president to ensure the nation is lifted from poverty.
Bala Usman spoke on the sideline of a meeting at the Ministry of Defence which had in attendance both the Minister of Defence and Minister of State for Defence, noting that Nigerians deserve to know what the ministers are doing with tax-payers’ money.

She stated that from January 2024, the government would start a quarterly assessment of all the ministries to determine what each was able to deliver based on the performance indicators of the government.
She said, “We just held a session with the Ministry of Defence and we have a detailed interaction. This is arising from the fact that Mr. President has mandated us to engage and have a bilateral session with each ministry whereby the ministries will own and understand the deliverables and ensure that all their deliverables are tied to the 2024 budget. So that is where we are, the session was very exciting.”
According to her, “We have identified everything around the security architecture that is being supervised by the Ministry of Defence and we look forward to seeing the Defence Ministry deliver on all those key performance indicators.

“As mentioned during the meeting we are going to have a quarterly assessment, and the assessment is going to commence for all the ministries with effect from January 2024 where we will determine what is it we were able to deliver within that first quarter and at the end of the day there will be a full scorecard on which every minister and ministry will be graded to determine how much you have been able to deliver on the directive and mandate of President Tinubu.
“We would have clarity on exactly what the deliverables are and these deliverables would be contained in a performance bond that the ministers will sign – the Minister of Defence, the Minister of State for Defence, the permanent secretaries, and Mr President will sign the performance bond whereby the minister will be mandated or bound by that document to deliver on those activities and lack of delivery on those activities are detailed on that performance bond that would enable the president determine the capacity of that minister.”