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Rachael Haynes: Who Is She? Meet The Cricketer’s Wife Leah Poulton And Their Baby Hugo Poulton Haynes




Rachael Haynes: Who Is She? Meet The Cricketer’s Wife Leah Poulton And Their Baby Hugo Poulton Haynes

After welcoming her first child with partner Leah Poulton, Australian cricketer Rachael Haynes expressed her gratitude that “our world has grown a little brighter.”

Leigh Poulton, a retired cricketer for both New South Wales and Australia, and Haynes, an Australian women’s cricket player and vice captain for the national team, just had a child.

Haynes startled the world by ending her two-decade-long cricket career when she announced her retirement from international and state cricket on September 15, 2022. Rachael Haynes, an Australian cricketer, is a key member of her country’s women’s squad and has captured six global titles.

At the WACA, Haynes turned in likely one of the most impressive performances of the competition against Sri Lanka in a group stage match. She was named as the Australian team’s vice-captain for the Women’s Cricket World Cup, which will be held in New Zealand in 2022.

Haynes was also selected in May 2022 to be the vice-captain of Australia’s cricket team for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

Rachael Haynes Baby Hugo Poulton Haynes With Wife Leah Poulton
Hugo Poulton-Haynes, the first child born to Rachael Haynes and Leah Poulton, arrived on October 1, 2021.

Her hamstring injury was the reason for her earlier disclosure that she would not be playing in the historic pink-ball Test match against India. Haynes was supposed to travel with Australia to play India, but she was forced to skip the match after pulling a hamstring in the first ODI at Mackay’s Harrup Park.

Only a few days after suffering a hamstring injury that stopped her from playing in a Test and forced her to leave the India series in Queensland early, Haynes, who recently announced her retirement from cricket, gave birth to her first child with girlfriend Leah Poulton.

She commented following Hugo’s birth, “While unhappy to miss the Test, fate took hold yesterday and we welcomed Hugo Poulton-Haynes into the world.

Haynes, 34, stated in August that she would not miss the delivery of her child and would be going back to her hometown despite being aware of the rigorous quarantine rules.

She was on the Australian team when the Day-Night Test began at the Carrara Oval in Queensland last year. But she returned to her Sydney home to be with her pregnant wife, who was due any moment. Haynes, who missed the Test match against India after becoming a mother, sent a heartwarming snapshot to social media to show her appreciation for her family.

Many cricketers have wished the mother and child improved health and congratulated the couple on the birth of their first child. Congratulations to @RachaelHaynes and Leah on the birth of Hugo, said the tweet from Cricket Australia’s official account.

Age Of Hugo Poulton Haynes? How Old Is He?
Hugo Poulton Haynes, who turned one year old on Friday, October 1, 2021, was born. He is 11 months old right now.

The firstborn of Rachael and her girlfriend Leah will turn one a few weeks later in October of this year. His cricketer-duo mums may have already thought of a way to have their son or daughter’s first birthday celebration go off with a bang in order to commemorate that important day.

On May 1, 2022, Rachael and Leah also celebrated Mother’s Day for the first time with their son Hugo. They made the decision to observe the day by taking initiative and helping others. The pair selected thoughtful presents from the UNICEF Virtual Charity Gift Store, packaged them, and sent them out to moms and kids all over the world.

Age Difference between Rachael Haynes and Partner Leah Poulton
Both Rachel and Leah have since given up playing cricket. The maximum age difference between the lovers is three years, with Haynes being a little older and now 38.

Haynes, a six-time world champion, was born in Carlton, Victoria, Australia, on December 26, 1986. Her first memories of cricket are watching matches on television and using a bat made out of a fence post to play with her family in the backyard. This led her to develop a deep admiration for the late Australian cricketer Shane Warne.

At the age of 35, she announced her retirement on Thursday, September 15, 2022. Haynes won’t play state or international cricket, but she will keep progressing in the domestic league. Leah Poulton, her wife and life companion, was born in February 1984, and she has followed a similar career path to her. Lean gave up playing cricket a few years ago.

After ending their love affair with cricket, the couple will now have more opportunities to spend quality time together and with their son Hugo.

What Is Rachael Haynes Net Worth? Cricketer Earnings And Salary
Rachael Haynes, an Australian cricketer who is 35 years old, has a net worth of $1.3 million thanks to her impressive career.

She can now unwind and remember her glory days because she has said farewell to her cricket career. She served as the Australian women’s national cricket team’s co-captain. In addition, Haynes led the national team to six global titles.

A Sydney Thunder player’s professional cricket career generates a respectable income. The deal is still only on paper, even though it has been claimed that the national team will pay men and women equally.

A new contract that Cricket Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee negotiated in late 2021 makes female athletes in Australia the highest paid in the country. Despite not earning as much money as men do, semi-professional cricket players at the state level can still train without needing a full-time job to supplement their income.

Women who play cricket for their states now earn an average of $40,000 annually, a 22% increase from their previous contracts, while those who play for the national team now earn an average of $180,000 annually, according to Daily Mail.

Income from Sponsorship and Endorsement Contracts
Haynes’ list of sponsors includes a few reputable companies. She struck a profitable contract with Lend Lease Breakers in 2011. Additionally, Australian Captain promises her Major’s support for the Thunder Nation.

The Lend Lease Australian Diversity Council-funded Intern programme strives to match students with fulfilling employment in a friendly environment with a flexible schedule. Rachael will be able to balance working, practising, and playing cricket as a result of this.

Rachael Haynes Parents: Meet Ian and Jenni Haynes
Ian and Jenni Haynes, who are both from Australia, gave birth to Rachael Louise Haynes.

Her parents reared her in a close-knit family in Victoria, Australia. She is fortunate to receive all of their love and devotion because she is a single child. They had never done this before, so they were thrilled to see their daughter represent their country in a World Cup.

When Haynes was eleven years old, he accepted a neighbor’s invitation to join North Balwyn Cricket Club. She was soon drawn to Box Hill Cricket Club, where she later teamed up with future Australian colleague Meg Lanning to play at the highest level.

Haynes received a VCE in 2004 after graduating from Our Lady of Sion College. She finished her studies at the Australian Catholic University and obtained a Diploma in Management from the Box Hill Institute before receiving a Bachelor’s degree in commerce.

Rachael Haynes Retires From International Cricket
Rachael Haynes, one of the most important members of the Australian cricket team, finished her career as an international player on September 15, 2022.

The Australian women’s team vice-captain announced her retirement from both domestic and international cricket. When the current season of the WBBL with the Sydney Thunder concludes, she will have finished her professional career.

Haynes led Australia on 14 times when Meg Lanning, the captain, was hurt. This included the 2017–18 Ashes when Lanning’s shoulder injury prevented him from participating.

Haynes, an Australian top-order left-hander, made her debut against England in an ODI at Lord’s in 2009. In international competition, she scored 3818 runs, 2585 of which came in ODIs and included two centuries for her.

She expressed gratitude to everyone who contributed to her captivating career, saying, “Playing at this level isn’t possible without the help of many individuals.

She had spoken about her upcoming retirement during the previous year, and she said it in New Zealand during the World Cup. She claimed that she had the same thought every night. if she is ready to go on? However, she is now retired.

Rachael Haynes: Bio & Career
Rachael Haynes plays cricket for the Australian Women’s cricket team. In 2004, she enrolled at Our Lady of Sion College to complete her VCE. She later relocated to Box Hill Institute, where she completed a management diploma. Later, the athlete enrolled at Australian Catholic University to earn her bachelor’s degree in marketing and continued on to the University of Southern Queensland to earn her master’s degree in business administration. She and her boys used to play cricket in the backyard of their house because she had always loved the game. Rachael joined the Box Hill Cricket Club because she had a strong passion for the game and there she met Meg Lanning, who would go on to become a well-known player.

Haynes made her WNCL debut in 2005 with the Victoria Women’s Cricket team for the 2005–06 season. She scored 83 runs and was unbeaten in the second final of this series during her playing career in 2006–2007, defeating New South Wales by 8 wickets. Rachael played well and maintained the record for a first century in the 2008–09 season. She ran 357 times, averaging 44.62. The player then continues to demonstrate her cricket magic in the following seasons: 2009–10, 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2016–17, and 2017–18. She scored 31 runs in the 2018–19 season and won by scoring 79 runs off 105 deliveries. In 2016, she also took part in the WBBL league.

She made her ODI debut for the Australian Youth team against New Zealand in 2008-09. She was also considered for the national team for the trip of England. Rachael started playing T20 internationals against New Zealand in the 2009–10 Rose Bowl series, scoring 53 runs in 73 balls. In addition, Haynes participated in a variety of organisations, including the Ashes and World Twenty20 victory in 2011–12, Comeback and Captaincy in 2017, Fourth World Championship (2018–19), Fifth World Championship, and Comeback and Captaincy in 2018. (2020). She performed admirably in the 2013 Women’s World Cup, which was held in India. She also won Women of the Series for her outstanding work.

Quick Facts About Rachael Haynes And Her Wife Leah Poulton
Full Name Rachael Louise Haynes Leah Joy Poulton
Age 35 38
Born December 26, 1986 February 27, 1984
Birthplace Carlton, Victoria, Australia New South Wales, Australia
Nationality Australian Australian
Net Worth $1.3 Million $1.5 million