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Melinda Michael (Fly Away With Me) Age, Career, Acting, Facts, & Professional Details




Melinda Michael, an actor in the Hallmark movie Fly Away With Me, is thirty years old.

Her main motivation for leading a life that inspires, heals, and touches the heart has been Michael’s unwavering enthusiasm for acting. She does this by bringing to life compelling stories that have a beneficial influence on audiences, confront limiting beliefs, and bring mankind together.

Melinda is happy to have performed her own stunt work on set and enjoys pushing her physical limits during her martial arts training (Muay Thai with Sweden’s former national coach as well as a celebrity trainer).

Melinda Michael Fly Away With Me Age

As of 2022, Melinda Michael, the main character of Fly Away, will be 30 years old.

At three dance and music recitals, Melinda made her stage debut. She developed a liking for movies and television at a young age, and when she turned four, she requested her parents for a ticket to see “The Phantom of the Opera” in Toronto.

She eventually joined the Original Kids Theatre Company and landed her first role with them, “Alice in Wonderland,” after realizing acting was what she wanted to do. Michael had that epiphany right there.

Melinda participated in practically every performance put on by her elementary school and high school, including main roles in “Twelfth Night” and “The Mistress of the Inn” as well as the ensemble in “Chicago,” a musical.

With the Amabile Choirs of Canada, the actor participated in international competitions, made many CDs, and undertook some of her most formative experiences, including performing for Queen Elizabeth II.

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Actress Melinda Michael’s Professional Career

Melinda changed her concentration to film and television, where she attended famous acting programs in Toronto, Los Angeles, and the esteemed New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.
Melinda is an advocate for mental health with a focus on holistic nutrition, body movement, and yoga. She also studies spirituality, provides energy healing (Certified Reiki Practitioner), travels the world to learn about other languages, cultures, and histories of people from around the world, and is a mental health advocate.

Michael has appeared in several films and television shows, including Hallmark’s FIT FOR A PRINCE (as Julia, Cindy’s adversary-turned-ally Natalie Hall), the CW’s THE 100 (as Ankara, Octavia’s rival in the show), Netflix’s Hemlock Grove (as Bill Skarsgard), and Hulu’s Murdoch Mysteries (as Bill Skarsgard), as well as Hallmark’s FIT FOR A PRIN (as Esther Fields).

Melinda was most recently engaged in Bollywood work, starring in a number of feature film projects. Melinda’s ultimate ideal job would be to portray an elven warrior who was inspired by Arwen in the Lord of the Rings adaption, which is one of her all-time favorite movies.

Melinda Michael: Five Interesting Facts
At the age of three, Canadian actress Melinda Michael developed a passion for the arts and theater. Her current age is 30.
Melinda Michael is a well-known Canadian actress best recognized for her work in “The Money Movie,” “Maa Teresa,” “Nico,” “Saints City,” and other films.
She joined the Original Kids Theatre Company when she was very young, when she received her first acting role as “Alice” in “Alice in Wonderland.” Since that time, the actress has not turned back.
Melinda Michael is an actress, and she is 5 feet 8 inches tall.
Her acting gigs, brand endorsements, and management company all provide her with a significant portion of her revenue.
Career In Acting

Melinda has been inspired to live a life that inspires, heals, challenges our thoughts, and has a positive impact on others by her unwavering enthusiasm for acting (film and television, voice over, and motion capture). She now resides in the urban centers of Toronto, Vancouver, and Los Angeles thanks to her journey.

Since she was three years old, she has been doing recitals of both music and dance. Melinda was four years old when she requested a ticket to attend “The Phantom of the Opera” in Toronto. She was so moved by the performance that she has felt a constant compulsion to perform ever since. Melinda immediately understood that acting was what she was intended to do in order to inspire and engage with people through this creative platform.

Her debut part was with Original Kids Theatre Company as Alice in “Alice in Wonderland,” where she joined as a member. Melinda went on to perform in every play and musical produced by her elementary school, high school, and university. Her main roles include Olivia in “Twelfth Night,” Ortensia in “The Mistress of the Inn,” and ensemble parts in “Chicago,” “Once On This Island,” and “The Wiz.”

She assisted the Young Americans on their world tour, passed her Grade 8 piano exams from Conservatory Canada, and twice participated in the summer programs at The Shakespeare School in Stratford, Ontario.

She also participated in international competitions with the Amabile Choirs of Canada, released a number of CDs, and shared some of her most memorable life experiences with them, such as performing for Queen Elizabeth II and taking home a gold medal at the Choir Olympics in Bremen, Germany.

Melinda is well known for playing Julia in the TV drama Fit For A Prince from 2021.\