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Michelle Tsiakkas’ Strictly Dancing Partner: Her Net Worth, Age, Family and Nationality



Professional dancer and Latin dance champion Michelle Tsiakkas. She hails from Cyprus originally. Burn The Floor, a dancing group that performs all over the world, now includes Michelle. Michelle became well-known in July 2022 after being hired as a professional dancer for BBC Strictly Come Dancing.

The Cypriot is a gifted dancer who started dancing at the age of six. From 2001 through 2011, Michelle won several consecutive national championships in her native Cyprus, where she was an unbeaten champion.
She later made a research trip to London, England. The Cypriot went on to represent England in significant international competitions while continuing to play in the United Kingdom.

The newest professional on Strictly Come Dancing, Michelle Tsiakkas, will make her debut on the program on Friday.

On the Latin and ballroom show this month, the 26-year-old Latin champion will appear for the first time on BBC One alongside Vito Coppola, Carlos Gu, and Lauren Oakley. She remarked of landing her “dream” job, “I’ve been watching the show since I was a child, and I’m still as intrigued by it today as I was then.”

Tisakkas said she “can’t wait” to start production on the program, which debuts on September 17. She then admitted that the future king, Prince Charles, would be her ideal dancing partner.

Cypriots are the ancestors of Michella Tsiakkas. The Dancer was born to Cypriot parents in Cyprus. Tsiakkas will reportedly be the first professional dancer from Cyprus to join the cast of the BBC One program Strictly Come Dancing, according to speculations that surfaced on Monday.

Tsiakkas has participated in a number of national dance competitions during the course of her dancing career. She has been recognized as a qualified dancer by Strictly Come Dancing.

As one of the new Strictly Come Dancing dancers, Michelle Tsiakkas is dating her partner Simon Arena.

She is a renowned Latin dancing champion as well as a professional dancer. She is a performer in the internationally touring dance production Burn The Floor and is from Cyprus.

Tsisakkas gained notoriety after she was revealed to be a professional dancer on the BBC Strictly Come Dancing program in July 2022. She has a big following thanks to her incredible dance ability.

Before relocating to London to pursue her studies, The Dancer amassed an unblemished record by winning national championships in a row from 2001 to 2011.

On Strictly Come Dancing, Michelle Tsiakkas is a new professional
This Friday, Strictly Come Dancing’s newest pro Michelle Tsiakkas will make her television debut.
Alongside Vito Coppola, Carlos Gu, and Lauren Oakley, the 26-year-old Latin champion will make her BBC One debut this month on the Latin and ballroom show. She referred to her “dream job” as “the show,” adding, “I have been watching it since I was a child and am just as enthralled by it now as I was then.”

Tisakkas expressed excitement for her upcoming appearance on the show, which premieres on September 17. She then acknowledged that the future monarch, Prince Charles, would make the perfect dance partner.

As of 2022, Michelle Tsiakkas is in her mid-20s
When glancing at her social media posts, Michelle is in her mid-20s. As of 2022, The Dancer has refrained from disclosing her exact birthdate. She may appear to be a fully grown adult, yet she is just in her mid-20s.
Tsiakkas is 5 feet 5 inches tall and has a toned body. She adheres to a stringent eating regimen to keep her weight in check and develop flexibility for dancing.

As a member of the Cypriot nation, Michelle Tsiakkas is descended from Cypriots
Cypriot nationality is what Michella Tsiakkas possesses. The Dancer was born in Cyprus to Cypriot parents. According to rumors on Monday, Tsiakkas will become the first professional dancer from Cyprus to join the cast of the BBC 1 show Strictly Come Dancing.

Throughout her dancing career, Tsiakkas has participated in a number of national dance events. On Strictly Come Dancing, she was acknowledged as a skilled dancer.

On Strictly Come Dancing, Michelle Tsiakkas
As one of four new professional dancers joining Strictly Come Dancing for its 20th season on BBC One, Latin dance champion Michelle Tsiakkas was unveiled on July 11, 2022. Vito Coppola, a Chinese national champion, Lauren Oakley, a British under-21 champion, and one more dancer are joining exclusively for the 2022 series.

In regards to entering Strictly, the professional dancer remarked, “Since I was a young child, I’ve wanted to perform as a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing. I can’t believe my wish has already been fulfilled! I’m overjoyed to be a part of this amazing family, and I can’t wait to take the stage on that enchanted dance floor and give it everything.”

The Dancer and Simon Arena are dating

An experienced dancer and choreographer, Simone Arena is dating Michelle. His band, Burn The Floor, also counts him among its members. In the early 2022 season of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) in Belgium, Simone Arena and artistic gymnast Nina Derwael took first place.

The Dancer is overjoyed to finally have a boyfriend who is understanding and caring. The goals of both spouses are similar and they are both career-focused. Perhaps we’ll get to see their wedding in the days to come.

A Creative Person, Michelle Tsiakkas

Michelle Tsiakkas is a singer, dancer, actress, and painter. She enjoys using her original ideas to create a variety of things.

On a stage around the world, she is currently doing her dance. In an interview, the dancer said she hoped to combine all of her artistic abilities into one work of art. She stated that she is making every effort to grant that request of hers.

The height of Tsiakkas is 5 feet 5 inches
At 5 feet 5 inches tall, The Dancer is a tall person. She appears gorgeous while performing her dance and has a well-kept curve physique. As of 2022, Tsiakkas is also employed as a local brand model after working arduously to keep her physical appearance.

Michelle Tsiakkas began her dance career at a young age

In her native Cyprus, six-year-old Michelle Tsiakkas started dancing. Before traveling to London to pursue her studies, she established herself as an unbeaten national champion by winning four straight championships from 2001 to 2011.
Before joining the world-tour dance performance Burn The Floor, she continued to compete in the UK, representing England at important international events.

Instagram model Michelle Tsiakkas
As of 2022, Michelle Tsiakkas has modeled for numerous regional businesses and is also a popular Instagram user. Her attractiveness and dancing prowess have received a lot of great response from many of her fans.

The Dancer has 9,698 followers, 596 followers, and 324 posts on Instagram with the handle @michella tsiak. She most recently posted on September 22, 2022. We learned that she is a professional dancer after checking out her social media accounts.

In 2022, Michelle Tsiakkas earned more than $1 million
By 2022, Michelle Tsiakkas will have earned more than $1 million from her dancing career. Tsiakkas is only making her worldwide debut, so in the next few days, her net worth can significantly rise.

The Dancer, however, is content with her loved ones and friends. She posts countless photos of her traveling and seeing new locations with her companions.

On Strictly Come Dancing, Michelle Tsiakkas is a competitor
The 20th season of Strictly Come Dancing will premiere on BBC One on July 11, 2022, and will feature four new professional dancers, including Latin dance champion Michelle Tsiakkas. Vito Coppola, the Chinese National Champion, and Lauren Oakley, the British Under-21 Champion, are two additional dancers arriving only for the 2022 season.

The professional dancer responded when questioned about joining Strictly, “Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing. My dream has come true, and I still can’t believe it! I’m so happy to be a member of this wonderful family, and I can’t wait to take my spot on that special dance floor and give it all I’ve got.