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Meet Jeordie, Beau Jarred and Leilah



Melanie Safka, the enduring singer-songwriter identified for her hits like “Model New Key” and “Lay Down (Candles within the Rain),” was not only a musical legend she was additionally a mother to a couple gifted children who inherited her ardour for songs.

Fulfill Jeordie, Beau Jarred and Leilah

Leilah, Jeordie, and Beau Jarred Schekeryk nearly each carved their very own paths within the tunes area, carrying the torch of their mom’s artistry and infusing it with their distinctive kinds and voices.

Leilah: The eldest of the trio, Leilah, born in 1973, started her musical journey early. On the tender age of seven, she and her sister Jeordie unveiled a tackle of “There’s No Only one Very Like Grandma” that charted in Canada, showcasing their pure musical expertise.

Leilah went on to develop right into a singer-songwriter, weaving introspective lyrics and soulful melodies into her music. She typically collaborated together with her mother, each of these on part and within the studio, their voices mixing harmoniously in a testomony to their deep musical relationship.

Melanie Safka
Melanie Safka

Jeordie: Born in 1975, Jeordie, like her sister, embraced music from a younger age. Her voice, typically described as rich and expressive, captivated audiences across the globe.

Jeordie’s songwriting delved into themes of affection, discount, and social justice, echoing the introspective lyricism that had come to be a trademark of the Safka relations.

In the midst of her occupation, Jeordie unveiled quite a few critically acclaimed albums, growing a dedicated fanbase drawn to her raw feelings and extremely efficient vocals.

Beau Jarred: The youngest of the siblings, Beau Jarred, born in 1980, recognized his calling in instrumental new music. A reliable guitarist, he often accompanied his mom on tour, together with his vivid vitality and technological prowess to her keep performances. Beau Jarred additionally ventured into music output, collaborating together with his mother and sisters on many tasks. His musical contributions further enriched the Safka household’s sonic tapestry, mixing acoustic features with fashionable influences.