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Lady shares near-death experience, says she was unconscious for one year



lady has taken to social media to narrate her near-death experience while revealing that she was in a vegetative state for one year.
The lady identified on Facebook as Mmanti Umoh recalled when she got involved in a ghastly motor accident that almost took her life, but by the grace of God almighty, she is living today, hale and hearty. She offered thanks to God for preserving her soul despite the ordeal.
She wrote:
“In May 2006, 14 to be precise. I was involved in a ghastly motor accident on my way back from church. The driver and rider took off thinking me dead. It was worshippers from ECWA English, Airport Road, Kano that recognized me and raised alarm.
My lower body was detached from the upper body. I was bleeding from all openings. It was terrible. I was taken to the International Clinic Kano where my mom a medical professional worked too. All efforts to stop the bleeding proved abortive. The MD who had worked on 21 cases like mine prior, and seeing mine was looking worse helped my mom to give me the best care as they thoughtfully counted down to when the oxygen mask would be taken off and I would sleep.
I didn’t sleep or slip, I stayed in that mode for a year. Bleeding stopped but all I was in complete vegetative state. The doctors said recovery from a vegetative state is unlikely after 1 month if the cause was anything other than a head injury. I didn’t realize I was that way as I could hear and see everything that was going on but couldn’t process any information.
The best neurosurgeons in Kano were brought in, name a doctor that was needed and he was summoned because of Mercy Umoh (they loved her and she is really good with her profession) – they all agreed it was better I slipped through the sleep because, if I didn’t… life would be really hard and I wouldn’t be able to use my brain. Oh my parents and their faith in God.
Weeks into my stay in hospital- my friends Late Ada Ononogbu and Uzoma Tony Cheta found out and took turns to take care of me everyone waiting for the final day. Oh, my friend Uzoma was distraught he just kept saying ‘Mmanti you better not go anywhere’.
I didn’t go anywhere then, still here now. Somedays, ‘situation tells me to believe I should believe all hope is gone and from the looks of things I should be crying, but because I know who I trust my heart tells me to rejoice, my hope in God keeps telling me to hold on’.
It’s 15 years yesterday, my parents just woke me this morning with a thanksgiving song.
I made it. I have executed the toughest policy projects round Africa, worked the longest hours and excelled in ways Abba shows it can only be with Him. If you work on my team – you know it’s work. My mind is clear, my head functioning. Did I say that my spine healed and my hips stayed in place without support? I am the one God showed love.
God showed me mercy.”
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