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Jeffrey Roberts, Kimberly A Martin Husband, Age Gap Married Life



Kimberly A. Martin, who covers the NFL for ESPN, is married to a journalist by the name of Jefferey Roberts. American journalist Kimberly is the recipient of multiple awards, and she currently works for New Jersey Advance Media as the editor and lead reporter. Martin is a correspondent for the National Football League (NFL) for ESPN at the moment.

Martin launched her career as a journalist in 2005, when she began working at The Daily Orange as a sports staff writer. She formerly covered male athletics, including basketball, football, track and field, as well as recruitment.

Before beginning her career as a journalist, she spent two years and four months working as a sales assistant for the United States Trust. Martin was responsible for facilitating the day-to-day operations of the business development department, including enhancing the due diligence performed on potential high-net-worth clients and providing fee estimates for investment incentives.

The journalist has covered the league for more than ten years and has served as a national writer, columnist, and beat reporter. Her prior employers include The Post Standard, The Record, Newsday Media Group, The Buffalo News, The Washington Post, and Yahoo. She has also worked in the past for Yahoo.

In March of 2020, Kimberly started working as a journalist for ESPN full-time. She has had a fantastic career and makes a solid living as a reporter for ESPN. Her career has been quite successful. Her career as a reporter has been the key contributor to her financial success.

Quick Facts
Full Name Kimberly Atkins Martin
Spouse Name Jefferey Roberts
Profession Sports Journalist
Age 39
Date Of Birth January 9, 1984
Place Of Birth Brooklyn, New York, United States
Instagram @kimberleymartin
Twitter @ByKimberleyA
ESPN Reporter Kimberly A Martin Husband Jeffrey Roberts Is Also A Journalist
Kimberly Atkins Martin, a reporter for ESPN, has been married for many years to Jefferey Roberts, who is also a journalist and has won multiple awards for his work as a writer, reporter, editor, and storyteller. The couple has two children together.

Jefferey has a significant amount of expertise working on projects for print magazines as well as digital periodicals that have tight deadlines. He has already been awarded 21 accolades for his reporting on a national, regional, and state level. He has covered events in the fields of business, sports, health, criminal justice, and education with creativity and excellence.

Additionally, since February 2021, Kimberly’s husband has also held the position of Managing Producer at NJ Advance Media. Currently, he serves as the editor for the Topics & Features team and News Innovation at Star-Ledger. In this capacity, he is responsible for supervising the reporting on matters pertaining to health, education, law enforcement, and popular culture.

Robert began his career in journalism in the year 2002 working as a sports journalist. He now has more than twenty years of expertise in the field. Prior to that, he completed his undergraduate studies at Saint Peter’s University, where he earned a BA in English Literature with a minor in communication while maintaining an overall grade point average of 3.85.

On the microblogging service Twitter, Jefferey may be found posting under the handle @TheJRob, where he has amassed more than 17.1 million tweets and has nearly 2100 followers. On his social media platform, he can be seen tweeting quite frequently on a variety of subjects.

Kimberly A Martin And Husband Jeffrey Roberts Are In A Happily Married Life For 8 Years
Kimberly A. Martin, who covers the National Football League for ESPN, and Jeffery Roberts, who is her spouse, tied the knot on July 3, 2014, and as of the year 2022, they have been a happily married couple for eight years.

The couple’s wedding ceremony took place in Arverne, New York, and only a handful of the couple’s closest friends and members of their families were present to witness the exchanging of their vows. Instagram is a social networking site that Kimberly uses every year to share images of her and her husband celebrating their wedding anniversary with friends and family.

A few individuals had negative things to say about Kimberley because of the marriage she had with Roberts. The criticism is directed on the pair because of the significant racial and aesthetic differences between them. Throughout her entire career, Kimberley has always had the support of the people in her community.

Because Martin and Robert are regularly subjected to negative comments about them, he avoids using social media platforms in order to protect himself from the hostility and negativity that he is likely to encounter there.

What Is Kimberly’s Age Difference With Husband Jeffrey?
There is a difference in age between Martin and her husband that is approximately close to two years or more. According to the images that are available on the social media platform, both of them appear to be in their late 30s and early 40s at this point in their lives.

Kimberly’s birthday is January 9th, 1984, and she was born in Brooklyn, New York, in the United States. As of the year 2022, she will be 38 years old. On the other hand, her husband Jeffery celebrates his birthday on June 10, but we do not yet know his precise birth year. His birthday falls in the month of June. In light of this, we can deduce that he is between the ages of 40 and 41 on the basis of his images.

In a similar vein, according to his profile on LinkedIn, Jefferey began his work as a journalist in the year 2002. It was roughly the same time that Kimberly also began her professional life. Since they appear to have a warm and friendly relationship with one another, it is reasonable to presume that they belong to a generation that is quite close in age.

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Do Martin And Roberts Have Any Children?
As of the year 2022, Kimberly Martin and her husband, Jeffrey Roberts, do not yet have any children of their own and have not been given the opportunity to become parents. She has not yet made any preparations for her children despite the fact that she has been married for close to eight years.

The couple has always wanted to start a family and has a deep passion for children; however, Kimberly has expressed that she is putting all of her energy into her career at the moment. She is not yet prepared to become a mother, but when she is, she genuinely hopes that her admirers would be there to see the experience with her.

Because it has been over eight years since the couple spoke their vows and were married, fans are expecting that they will eventually start a family that consists of more than just the two of them by having children. The couple would undoubtedly set a good example for their children and provide a rich upbringing for them.

Kimberly A Martin Grew Up In A Family Of Four Along With A Sister
Kimberly Martin, who later became a sports journalist, was born into a household that consisted of four people. Her parents, Compton Martin and Camille Martin, as well as her sister, Lavinia Martin, were all there when she was born.

Kimberly was born in the United States although her parents are from Africa. In memory of her late father, Kimberley commemorated his birthday by posting a picture of both of her parents to Instagram. A few years ago, her father, Compton, passed away suddenly as a result of his battle with cancer. Kimberly was the one who was most profoundly impacted by the passing of her father. This is because she had a far more intimate relationship with her father.

Recently, the sports journalist has been providing her mother with excellent care and financial support. She has been very attentive to her mother’s needs. Martin’s habit of sending her mother images of herself serves as a demonstration of her affection and dedication to her mother, as well as her resolve to do whatever it takes to make her mother happy.

Martin made good on her father’s hope that she would have professional success in the same way that he had. She has never stopped being appreciative of the loving family she was welcomed into at birth, and she has never stopped being her father’s little daughter.

Martin attended a local high school and received her diploma before enrolling at Wesleyan University to study psychology and African American studies. She chose these fields of study as her majors. She attended Syracuse University and received her master’s degree in journalism with a concentration in both print and online media.ESPN Reporter Kimberly and her husband Jeffrey Are Of Similar Age Group

Some FAQs
Who Is Kimberly A. Martin’s Husband?
Jefferey Roberts, who is also a reporter, is Kimberly’s husband. He is also a reporter.

What Is Kimberly A. Martin Age?
As of the year 2022, ESPN Reporter Kimberly Martins will have turned 39 years old.

How Long Have Been Kimberly A. Martin And Her Husband Jefferey Roberts Married?
As of the year 2022, Kimberly Roberts and Jefferey Roberts, her husband, have been married for eight years.

Who Are Kimberly A. Martin Parents?
Kimberly A. Martin was born to her parents, Compton Martin and Camille Martin.