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“I’ll beaat, biite off your ears and chew your intestines” – Okatakyie Afrifa to Captain Sensible as they go pound for pound (On-line video) | –



Okatakyie Afrifa has threatened to beat Captain Good all through an visible attraction on Angel FM earlier than this early morning.

Okatakyie Afrifa’s warning follows quickly after Captain Sensible defined him as a pet who has dropped its head.

The meat in regards to the two media personalities began out earlier week adhering to John Kumah’s beef.


The 2 broadcasters have shared their diverging views concerning the set off of John Kumah’s beef.

Based on Captain Sensible, John Kumah was poisoned whereas Okatakyie Afrifa has maintained that he died from Various Myeloma simply because the late MP’s post-mortem report states.

Although attempting to defend each single different’s claims, Captain Clever has set ahead that Okatakyie Afrifa is envious of him.

Nonetheless, Okatakyie Afrifa claims he’s much more intelligent, stable and truthful than him.

Daring Captain Sensible, Okatakyie Afrifa instructed him stage clean that if he tries him, he would chunk off his ears, and attempt to eat his intestines in the event that they ended as much as meet up with cope with to confront like guys.

As mentioned by Okatakyie Afrifa, he’ll conquer every Captain Sensible and his bodyguard. a look at?v=JbZUCR2cq5Y