Some motivational speakers usually try to let us understand that money isn’t everything so while looking for money, you should no that it’s not everything in life and Alex Ekubo has advised his fans to ignore such messages.

According to him, money doesn’t buy happiness but neither does being broke as money buys freedom and freedom gives you the time to figure out what makes you happy hence focus on making money now.

He then added that one should do everything he/she can to make money legally and morally right then you can decide for yourself whether money is everything or not but don’t follow motivational speakers who say money isn’t everything blindly.

Good Morning my neighbors, just a soft reminder to focus on your focus.
Kindly ignore all those motivational speakers that say “money is not everything”
Do everything you can to make money legally & morally right, then you can decide for yourself if money is everything or not.
But have it first.

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