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I remorse not proudly owning children abroad- Agya Koo | –



Veteran Kumawood actor Alex Kofi Adu, generally acknowledged as Agya Koo, has regretfully spoken about how he wants he skilled younger ones overseas.

The actor was addressing challenges in his 1st relationship and hypothesis about his romantic involvement with a lady from the Uk despite the fact that nonetheless changing into married to his ex-spouse.

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Agya Koo completed his 17-year marriage along with his very first wife in 2013 and disclosed that regardless of their turbulent marriage and frequent outings abroad, he remained loyal and on no account fathered any younger kids outdoors of their relationship.

Agya Koo divorce: What occurred regarding him and his partner? 

Talking at measurement on the reasons guiding his divorce, Agya Koo handled these issues in an job interview on Fox FM.

On reflection, he blamed a few of his colleagues for at the moment being the first gadget used to destroy his relationship and defined that if he skilled been polygamous, he would have skilled quite a few little ones with numerous gals. He additionally said his relationship completed given that of allegations of adultery on his wife’s side.

As posted by GhanaWeb, Agya Koo said, “I’d’ve skilled loads of kids overseas if I most well-liked women. I used to be petrified of my wife I used to be fearful of what she would do to me. The entire time I traveled abroad, I by no means ever had little ones and despite the fact that a number of ladies approached me, I attempted out my finest to not. I revered and honored my wife. Individuals at present recommended me to present starting abroad, I ought to’ve heeded the information. by now my child would’ve been 20 a long time previous.”

“A ton of my colleagues are part of the reasons why it didn’t get the job achieved. I bear in mind there was an occasion after I woke her up at 3 am and requested my wife to watch out as a result of truth people had been being plotting in the direction of our relationship. I defined to her I had envisaged what was about to transpire and the individuals at present guiding it understood that it wouldn’t operate with me so they’d try their best to make her the purpose.”

” When all the large promotions had been being coming my means notably in the course of that time period, individuals exchanged contacts with my partner and began out remaining involved along with her. They’ve been advising her on quite a few issues. And most of those individuals had been being my colleagues. There have been being durations, after they’l invite her to motels, and host her there for a while I’ve all this data, I do know these individuals. I fulfill these women and men and nonetheless give them earnings,” he added.