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How Do Kelly Mi Li and Simu Liu Know Each Other? Her Net Worth & Family




Kelly Mi Li and Simu Liu, one of the Marvel performers, have a well-known friendship.

In the first season of the well-liked Netflix reality series Bling Empire, which shows the lavish lifestyles of the Asian-American aristocracy in Los Angeles, she has one of the most important plotlines.

The first season of Bling Empire was made available on January 15, 2022. On May 13, 2022, the second season of Bling Empire, which had sixteen episodes and the same eleven Asian and Asian Americans in the cast, was made available.

When Kelly’s co-stars and the show’s viewers at home began to worry about their relationship with Andrew and his treatment of her, Kelly’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Gray’s relationship with them came to the fore in the plot of the show.

Quick Facts About Kelly Mi Li
Full Name Kelly Mi Li
Profession Entrepreneur and Producer
Known For Bling Empire
Birth Date November 13, 1985
Age 36 years old
Birth Place Kunming, China
Nationality Chinese
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-husband Lin Miao
Ex-boyfriend Andrew Gray
Zodaic Sign Scorpio
Net Worth $5 million
How Do Kelly Mi Li and Simu Liu Know Each Other?
Kelly Mi Li and Simu Liu are close friends, yet some people are unsure of their romance. His most recent purported love interest was actress Jade Bender.

Simu is now going through a split, therefore it makes reasonable that his admirers would link him to other women. He is currently identified with Kelly because of this.

In reality, their interactions with one another are limited to friendships. Kelly, who hasn’t been in a relationship since she and Andrew broke up, is similarly obsessed with her career.

On Watch What Happens Live in February, Liu addressed earlier this year’s allegations that he was dating Chrishell Stause, an Australian singer who was dating G Flip.

During the program, a viewer called the reality star’s “After Show” to ask if she had ever dated Liu before or after assisting him in purchasing his most recent property on season four of Selling Sunset.

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Kelly Mi Li Net Worth
Net Worth: $5 million

Blurred Reality has reportedly pegged Kelly’s net worth at $5 million.

There are four “self-made” characters in the show, including Kelly. She is a partner at Greyscale Lab and currently serves as an executive for a Los Angeles-based media and entertainment company.

At the talent agency East West Artists, she had previously served as managing partner. She also helped start the company known as Organic Media Group. She most recently founded the media and production company Wet Paws Media.

The actress moved to Los Angeles where she worked in both real estate development and the food and beverage industry. She later pursued a career in technology and made investments in a number of IT companies, such as, Nature Box, and MeUndies.

She Has Produced Movies
Mi Li, who is never one to take her success for granted, co-founded Organic Media Group (OMG) in 2018 and is currently employed as a producer for both movies and television. On her IMDb profile, Mi Li is acknowledged for her work as a producer on the action film Echo Boomers starring Patrick Schwarzenegger.

The heist thriller, set to be released in November 2020, has a group of millennial anti-hero protagonists who are disillusioned and makes a social commentary on the significant number of young people in the US who are unemployed.

In addition, Kelly has served as a producer for a number of films and television programs, including “The Swing Things,” “Spilt Milk,” “AMP House,” “Ice Moon Rising,” and “Interface,” among others.

She is an experienced businesswoman
Mi Li established one of the first successful start-up incubators in Los Angeles in 2012 in addition to investing early in notable tech start-ups like, Me Undies, and Nature Box.

As a talent manager for East-West Performers who represented and connected Asian and American artists, Mi Li was a pioneer in the music industry. In 2015, she even established a retail business that makes personal safety equipment (PPE) for the epidemic.

Kelly is skilled at making good use of the wealth she has amassed via her business and other ventures. Mi Li uses Instagram frequently and has almost 404k followers. And everyone can immediately tell that Mi Li adores traveling based on her social media activities. Mi Li, who calls herself a travel fanatic, has a pre-pandemic feed that seems more like a travel manual than anything else.

She has even been spotted at the St. Regis Hong Kong. The seasoned businesswoman takes lavish vacations in Vietnam, China, and Singapore. The LA-based businessman only needs a private aircraft to go quickly across America or to destinations like the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and Mexico.

Mi Li advocates for disadvantaged children through more official humanitarian endeavors. Mi Li was named the first (and only) global ambassador for Prince Harry’s charitable foundation, WellChild, in 2013.

She actively participates in Pencils of Promise as well. This charitable company builds schools in poor countries. She is a member of the UNICEF Chinese Children Initiative advisory board, which works to provide kid-friendly facilities in some of China’s poorest provinces.

Mi Li routinely promotes animal adoption on her online platform. She is the proud pet parent to Sophia and Kilo, two rescue dogs.

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Kelly Mi Li Was Left With Nothing When She Got Divorced
Viewers of Bling Empire are familiar with Kelly’s relationship with Andrew Gray, albeit some may not be aware that Kelly has previously been married. When they were both in their early 20s, she wed her ex-husband, Lin Miao, but their union collapsed for a variety of reasons.

The pair wed three years into their relationship. However, the fairytale was short-lived as Lin was arrested for running one of the largest computer frauds in American history.

Through a multi-million dollar plan, Lin and his associates added text message services to clients’ bills without getting their permission.

According to The Sun, Lin pleaded guilty and received a supervised release in return for helping the authorities. When Kelly found out about her ex-legal husband’s troubles, they had already divorced and were living in different homes.

In November 2014, Kelly filed for divorce, and it was finalized the following year. Kelly asserts that the couple donated around $168 million to the government and that their assets were blocked. As a result, Kelly was left with nearly nothing.

Kelly’s Parents Are Doctorsly
China’s Kunming is where Mi Li was born, but after her mother found work there, she moved to Chicago. Her medical father was ultimately forced to go back to China due to a lack of employment.

In order to provide Mi Li with a better life, her mother, an American single mother, raised Mi Li.

Even though Kelly has lived in the United States for the majority of her life, she spent about 10 years of her life in China before migrating to the Chicago area with her family. Kelly is quite happy with the environments and groups of people who helped shape who she is now.

Mi Li started working when she was young and hasn’t stopped since. She started her first employment in the life insurance sector when she was 18 and living in New York.

Kelly’s family has piqued the interest of several viewers, who have asked if she has any brothers or sisters. Kelly admitted that she doesn’t have any siblings during a Q&A on her Instagram page. She was born during China’s one-child restriction. As a result, her parents were prohibited from having any further children.

Who Is Kelly Mi Li Boyfriend?
A member of the Bling Empire cast was seeing Andrew Gray. The Red Power Ranger actor Andrew Gray, who played her in Season 1, handled her in a way that made their romantic dynamic very unpopular with the show’s audience.

The argument between Andrew and Kelly escalates when she calls him on the phone when he is sleeping at the hotel while she is out shopping in Paris with Anna.

Throughout the first season, the two attend the couple’s counseling in an effort to work out their issues, but they ultimately decide to separate ways. At the conclusion of the season, which was filmed in 2019, they seemed to be back together, but they publicly separated up in March 2021.

In season 2 of Bling Empire, Kelly seems to be putting herself first and trying to end the pattern of toxic relationships, which makes us happy for her.

Some FAQs
Are Kelli and Andrew still together?
In March 2021, they already broke off their relationship.

Who was Kelly Mi Li husband?
Kelly Mi Li’s husband was Lin Miao, the founder and CEO of a messaging business.

Why is Kelly Mi Li rich?
She is a businesswoman who allegedly invested in over 20 businesses and once constructed a private club in Jim Morrison’s former Los Angeles apartment.

What does Kelly Mi Li do for work?
She is a partner at Greyscale Lab and currently serves as an executive for a Los Angeles-based media and entertainment company.