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How Did Suzie Fletcher Achieve A Weight Loss Over 8 Stones?




Suzie Fletcher, who works at the repair shop, has successfully shed more than eight stones’ worth of weight. It was in 2008 when she began to put on some weight as a result of the significant amount of food she consumed while in her 40s.

Not only does Suzie help individuals repair broken items, but she also returns them to them or assists them in preserving the memories of their loved ones. Her ability to fix things has brought tears to the eyes of the audience on more than one occasion, as well as unique significance for the visitor being helped.

It is one of the things that sets her skills apart and is one of the reasons why people enjoy watching the show. Suzie has amassed a sizeable fan base over the course of her career, and many of her admirers are surprised by her level of physical prowess, given her advanced years. In addition to that, there is a tale that goes with it.

Suzie Fletcher

Suzie Fletcher

It’s possible that despite her age, Suzie Fletcher appears to be in good condition and shape. She used to have to practically drag herself up the stairs and was always visiting to the doctor, complaining about knee troubles caused by the extra weight she was dragging about. However, she has since lost some of the weight that she accumulated to the point that she is able to walk normally again. Even a trip to the convenience shop left her gasping for air and out of breath.

As a result, she came to the conclusion that she needed to alter her way of life. She moved to Ely from Surrey and started working part-time at Waitrose about the same time she joined a local swimming club. According to an article published in the ElyStandard, the benefits of her hard effort showed as she lost more than eight stone.

She also claimed that the considerable weight gain she had in her late 40s was due to the fact that she had a voracious appetite, although she insisted that she rarely consumed sweets. Therefore, in addition to working out to lose body fat, she also focused on her diet and replaced fatty snacks with a daily total of four servings of Muller Light yoghurt.

During our conversation about her figure, she said that she had always been a bit on the plump side. And this was the time when medical professionals would compliment mothers on having large kids because this was evidence that their children were healthy.

On the other hand, it constantly brought Suzie’s attention to the fact that she was overweight. However, she did not have to face the challenges that obese children in today’s society face, such as having to shop for clothing in adult sizes. Therefore, despite the fact that she was approaching 50 years old, she believed she could make a fresh start because if Madonna could, then there was no reason why she couldn’t either. As a result, she went from a size 32 to a size 12 in the trimmer version.

Who is Suzie Fletcher?

On the show “The Repair Shop” on BBC One, leather and saddles are her area of expertise, and Suzie Fletcher is the show’s resident expert.

After making her debut on the second season of The Repair Shop, Suzie soon established herself as a fan favourite and joined the show’s cast, which is opened in a new tab. Suzie has now worked on everything leather-related on the show, from a handmade rocking horse to a steamer trunk designed by Louis Vuitton. The show is currently in its sixth season.

Name Steve Fletcher
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Clock Repairer/Restorer
Married/Single Married
Instagram @stevefletcher.clock

Suzie’s career in the leather industry spans more than 40 years, and she was born and raised in Oxfordshire.

Earlier this year, she stated in an interview with the BBC that she had given earlier that year that she had been obsessed with horses ever since she could remember and that she distinctly recalled from a very young age sewing saddles and bridles for her rocking horse and Cindy horse.

My mother was highly talented in designing and creating clothes, and my father was a watch maker, so it should come as no surprise that I found a way to combine my passions in design and horses to become a saddle maker. My mother was very skillful in designing and manufacturing clothes.

In the middle of the 1970s, Suzie began her education to pursue a career as a saddler. Before she attended Cordwainers College in London, she was initially taught by Ken Langford. After that, she moved on to study at another institution. Before going to Colorado in the United States, she completed her education and became a Master Saddler.

She mentions that among all of the repairs she’s completed for the programme, Ralph the Rhino was her absolute favourite to work on.

“But Chris Adams with the spurs and helmet that belonged to his grandfather is the one that really gets to me. He was a veteran of both wars, and the helmet he wore had a ding in it from where shrapnel had been repelled by the helmet. Because his story is one of the many that have not been told, I felt a great deal of pride in being able to help tell this one.”

In addition, Suzie’s ideal restoration project would involve a saddle from the early 1900s. She mentioned something along the lines of a military vehicle or a horse-drawn coach of some style.

Suzie Fletcher is one of the cast members in The Repair Shop

Suzie Fletcher is one of the cast members in The Repair Shop

Who Is Suzie Fletcher Husband From The Repair Shop? Everything To Know About Her

More About Steve Fletcher Family

Both Steven and his sister Suzie are employees on the television show “The Repair Shop” that airs on the BBC. In point of fact, Suzie didn’t sign up until a year later because Steve’s participation in the plan served as motivation for her to follow suit.

Suzie elaborated by saying that in jest, she had responded that if they were looking for someone to work with leather, “If they need somebody to do leather, I’m your gal because [Steve] always seemed to be having a fantastic time when he called.” She thought you were joking around with her, but after several calls from Steve and a lot of prodding from him, I decided to give it a chance and join the team. I can honestly say that this is one of the most pleasurable things I’ve ever done, therefore it’s a good thing I did it.

In the year 2021, he has a distinguished professional history and he resides in Oxfordshire. As a means of monetizing his role as a social media influencer and making money off of his Instagram account, he promotes a wide variety of Affiliate products and content.

Suzie Fletcher and her brother Steve on the set of The Repair Shop

Suzie Fletcher and her brother Steve on the set of The Repair Shop

10 facts on Suzie Fletcher

  • It is estimated that Suzie Fletcher is between 50 and 60 years old; however, specific information regarding her birthdates is not available to us.
  • Suzie mentions that she has a brother named Steve Fletcher, but that they are not identical twins while discussing her family. Both of them have had appearances on “The Repair Shop.”
  • The repair of watches and clocks is Steve’s area of expertise as a horologist. Since its founding in 1910 in Oxfordshire by the Fletcher family’s grandfather, The Clock Workshop has been passed down through three generations of the Fletcher family.
  • She had an American husband, and the two of them had made their home in the United States. However, after her husband passed away, she moved back to the United Kingdom. She adds that her late husband was a “brawny” man who was “extremely strong both physically and psychologically” and who worked as a heavy-equipment machine operator. She also says that he was “very strong both physically and mentally.”
  • The leather specialist and reality TV star’s salary and net worth are currently being analysed for further detail.
  • She has been a passionate rider ever since she was a child, and this passion led her to pursue a career in the equestrian industry. She was resolute in her goal to achieve Master status.
  • 1975 was the year that she first began her training under the tutelage of Master Saddler and former Society of Master Saddlers President Ken Langford. After that, she attended London’s Cordwainers College for a total of two years.
  • Her WikiBio has not been brought up to date, although you can find some of the information about her on other websites.
  • She eventually moved back to the UK and settled in Oxfordshire there. Suzie maintains a workshop where she carries on the traditional saddlery skills that she learned from generations of English Master Saddle Makers. These abilities were passed down from generation to generation.
  • Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any of her social media accounts.
Jay Blades hosts The Repair Shop with a team of expert tradespeople

Jay Blades hosts The Repair Shop with a team of expert tradespeople

Suzie’s brother Steve on The Repair Shop

You would be correct in assuming that Steve, a regular at The Repair Shop, is related to Suzie if you were wondering about this.

Since its inception in 2017, this series has utilised both of these brothers and sisters as contributors and experts throughout its entirety.

While Suzie has a knack for working with leather, Steve’s specialty is in the repair and restoration of antique clocks. Additionally, Steve makes his home in Oxfordshire, which is also the location of his business, The Clock Workshop. Since its inception in 1910 in Witney, Oxford by the Fletcher family’s grandfather, The Clock Workshop has been passed down through three generations of the Fletcher family.

The apprenticeship of Steve’s craft also started in the early 1970s.