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How Did Damon Crestwood Die? Did He Kill Patrick Mullins?




On January 27, 2013, Patrick Lee Mullins, a happily married father of two children aged 52 who was aboard a boat when he vanished without a trace, no one could have ever predicted the ordeal that would later come to light. This is due to the fact that, as detailed in the documentary series “Unsolved Mysteries: Body in the Bay” available on Netflix, not only was his body discovered nine days later, but every facet of the case, sadly, continues to this day to be a mystery. However, there are some constant and unflagging indicators that one of his family friends, Damon Crestwood, could have been substantially engaged. Since this is the case, shall we now find out a bit more about him?

Did Damon Crestwood Kill Patrick Mullins?
It was rumored that Damon Crestwood first met Gray Mullins (Patrick’s brother) in the late 1980s or early 1990s, and the two of them went on to build such a strong bond that it eventually became something the entire family did together. Even though he wasn’t particularly close to a majority of the Mullins, the former knew all of them rather well, and this was especially true considering how frequently they spent holidays like Memorial Day and other important public holidays together. According to the documentary series, even though it was essentially always an extended get-together, the professional chef’s response to Patrick’s demise was nonetheless almost “disproportionally” over the top.

In the first season of the show, one of the family’s other close friends, Dr. Mark Sylvester, referred to Damon as “a darling.” “He was just the kind of person that you could count on, admire, and like. However, after Pat went missing, there was a discernible shift in his conduct almost immediately.” In point of fact, Patrick’s wife, Jill, disclosed that he had confided in her that he “would go and stare out along the Manatee River and cry and sob for hours.” Gray, who had been one of Patrick’s closest friends in the past, noted that he would “burst into tears and then uncontrollable sobbing.”

Nevertheless, the oddest and most inexplicable feature is that despite the fact that Damon knew Patrick, the two of them were in no way, shape, or form the kind of long-term, caring, close pals you’d expect such a profound reaction from. This cannot be denied. Another family friend, Stephen Covey, added on top of it, saying that “Damon was just kind of off the rails. Always pressing with the question, “If something were to happen, would you still be my friend?” Would I be able to rely on you to be there?’ Nobody among us could properly explain why it happened.

However, according to the production, there were signs; not only did Damon appear to have started taking crystal meth shortly after the tragedy, but he also suffered a mental breakdown every succeeding January like clockwork — precisely around the time that marked the anniversary of Patrick’s passing. The disturbing manner in which Damon had publicly tied a rope around his waist on Memorial Day in 2013, which was an exact replica of the nautical rope that was found around Patrick’s body when it was discovered, is another issue.

At least in the eyes of his family, the fact that Damon’s boat had a red design that was painted on to it — the exact same kind of red that was found chipped on Patrick’s boat — did not help his entire situation either. Therefore, he was confronted, but he did not offer any explanations; similarly, he did not open up to the authorities anytime he was interrogated; that is, up to the point where he decided to stop working with the authorities altogether, as seen in the series. It is also important to keep in mind that he lived in close proximity to the location where the remains of Patrick were eventually discovered, but the precise nature of his involvement is unknown because he chose to remain silent.

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How Did Damon Crestwood Die?
A little over four years after Patrick Crestwood killed away, on April 5, 2017, it was announced that Damon Crestwood also passed away from what seemed to be a meth overdose. Patrick’s death occurred in 2014. The 48-year-old man was a father, a formerly famous professional chef who owned his own restaurant, and he had remained a resident of Florida throughout his life. In the episode titled “Unsolved Mysteries,” Mark said, “It was another traumatic experience because we were expecting that Damon would tell us he knew something.” Jill continued, “I feel that Damon [was] aware of what happened, given his unusual conduct and given his fascination with Pat’s death,” However, because he has passed away, it is possible that we will never know.