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Gidi Box Office: Streaming platform for Nigerian content available worldwide for Africans in Diaspora



Gidi Box Office, a new streaming and content distribution platform uniquely designed to offer convenient access to cinematic Nigerian films is available worldwide and can be assessed through

Replete with the best of Nigerian entertainment, this all-access subscription streaming service allows users stream and watch Nollywood movies, TV Dramas, Drama Series as well as content it licenses from other networks and studios, directly through the use of smartphones or computers.

“With Nollywood representing the largest film industry on the African continent – sitting alongside Hollywood and Bollywood as global centres for entertainment content, we figured it was time for Nigerians to get their own movie streaming platform, for us and by us”, said Kike Moronkeji, the founder and CEO of Gidi Box Office.

“The launch is certainly a welcome solution to the problem of access to Nigerian movies, especially for Africans in the diaspora, and it also solves the problem of limited distribution outlets for film makers and content providers. We are excited to be the platform championing this innovation, and we are confident that it will help showcase the vast potential that Nollywood possesses on the global stage,” she concluded.

Gidi Box Office: Streaming platform for Nigerian content available worldwide for Africans in Diaspora

Boasting an extensive catalog of box office and independent hits, Gidi Box Office is affordable for all, coming in at $4.99 a month and $53.89 for yearly subscription, with no hidden fees or charges.

Some of the top Nollywood movies currently available on Gidi Box Office include, Don’t Get Mad Get Even, Joba, The Washerman, Stay at Home Dad, Mascara, Sisi Eko and more.

Visit to enjoy a free trial and begin streaming on your device.

About Gidi Box Office

Gidi Box Office showcases premium content from Nollywood’s silver screens, alongside Nigerian movies making debuts at International Film Festivals. The platform is centred around providing the global community with top quality Nollywood films. The available content is broad and covers a wide range of Nollywood movies from dramas, series, short films, comedies, inspirational moments, classics and so much more.