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Focus On Marrying Right And Not Marrying First- Reno Omokri



Focus On Marrying Right And Not Marrying First- Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has doled out one of his usual advice to his young fans who are single to make sure they marry right instead of marrying fast.

According to him, it is better to focus and take time to marry the right person and not fall into the trap of marrying the wrong partner who would unleash all kinds of horrors. He maintained that it is a right thing to wait for the perfect time than to rush and end up in a dish.

he wrote: Wise singles focus on marrying RIGHT. Foolish ones focus on marrying FIRST. What is the use of being the first to marry when the person you marry is wrong? Pray that God helps you escape the wrong person satan has prepared for you. Marry right, not fast. In marriage, accuracy is better than speed. Accurately marrying the preferable person, even if it takes time, is better than speedily marrying the available person. A slow car going in the right direction, is better than a fast car going in the wrong direction.

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His post generated lots of comments as fans slid under the comment section and reacted. Below are some comments.

esterluve: God bless you Mr Reno for your word of knowledge and wisdom 🙏

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abelvincent72: If na me write am now dey go say I no get brain🙌🙌🙌

cutiesarah93: I know its because of me the Lord dropped this message in your heart to post here 😢😢

alexpaulnedu: Rightly said…… I’m definitely not getting married now😪😪😪😪

babes3252: Many Nigerian girls frowned at this post , to them marriage a short cut to making it in life .