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Does Leon Vance Die? Is Rocky Carroll Leaving NCIS?



The past and personal life of NCIS Director Leon Vance are explored in the fifth episode of the twenty-fifth season of the suspenseful television series NCIS, which airs on CBS. When Vance comes face to face with the group of guys who have broken into his home in quest of “something,” they attempt to kill him. Vance’s life is still in danger despite the fact that he was able to survive the attack. This is because he has reopened an investigation from his past and is dealing with the ramifications of that investigation. Rocky Carroll’s fans should be concerned about his future on the show since his adversaries are still tormenting him, and his opponents have a history of tormenting Rocky Carroll. Now, let’s look at some things that we have in common regarding that!

Does Leon Vance Die?
No, Leon Vance does not die. In the fifth episode of the 20th season, multiple guys attempt to assassinate him when he stops them from searching his home for whatever they were looking for. Vance is able to escape the assault without suffering any injuries that could endanger his life. He then continues to fulfill his professional commitments by accompanying Special Agent Alden Parker on a trip to Berlin, Germany, where the two will participate in a conference. Vance is reacquainted with Lena, a former coworker of his, and the two decide to spend their time together. However, Lena is injured by the people who were behind his attack, and he learns that he is being pursued down by a criminal family that he and Lena had previously investigated together.

It comes to the attention of Vance and Parker that the individuals who attempted to take Vance’s life were searching for Heidi, the daughter of one of the criminals who poses as Lena’s daughter. While the crew of crooks is attempting to safeguard Heidi, they also make an attempt to eliminate Vance. Following a tense confrontation, Vance and Parker are successful in killing them, and they then take Heidi to check on Lena, who is healing. Even though Vance is able to survive the attacks, the audience must be curious as to whether or not his life will be put in danger once more, which would, in the end, pave the path for his passing and Rocky Carroll’s departure from the program. So, in that case, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it right now.

Is Rocky Carroll Leaving NCIS?

There has not been any announcement made on the actor’s departure from ‘NCIS’ as of yet by either CBS or Rocky Carroll. The many threats on Vance’s life that he survives in the fifth episode of season 20 could be interpreted as narrative events that were planned to incorporate Lena into the character’s tale. According to Carroll, there is a possibility that Vance and Lena will reunite in the show at some point. Carroll stated in an interview with TV Insider that “He [Vance] hasn’t shut the door completely with regard to Lena.” “I don’t think he’s ready to throw in the towel just yet, but at that time, he’s simply not ready to commit to anything beyond what’s in front of him. […] I believe that what Vance wants to do is get back to his house, sort through all that took place, and then decide what to do next. However, I believe that he is leaving the door ajar,” he continued.

Carroll has given the impression that there is room for future developments in Vance’s plot, which brings up an interesting point. “I really hope we can find a way to continue the story from this episode. In the same interview, the actor said to TV Insider, “Now that we know that Vance has a significant other or the possibility for a significant other, I’d like to see where that goes.” Carroll’s statements ensure that he is committed to the show as well as his character and give the impression that he is not planning to leave the action series in the near future. Even though Agent Timothy McGee fills in for Director Vance when Vance is out of the office, it’s possible that McGee won’t be taking over that role anytime soon.

Carroll has been a member of the show for around one and a half decades, therefore it is doubtful that he will leave the show without his own volition. Because the actor has not indicated in any way that he is open to such a move, it is possible that we do not need to be concerned about his dedication to the show ‘NCIS.’