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Covid-19 in Nigeria: How can we fight the war?




Nigeria is one of the Nations of the world affected by Covid-19, a virus declared as Pandemic by WHO. Covid-19 started in China, before it later spread to some other part of the world including Nigeria, presumed to be the giant of Africa.

The first case of COVID-19 was discovered in Lagos, Nigeria and as of today, Nigeria has recorded over 45 Cases of Corona Virus. Many of us believed that the virus won’t have been recorded at all or perhaps spread to this Number in Nigeria if the Government had taken proactive measures earlier by restricting travelling into the Country. Our argument is based on the fact that most of the first set of discovered cases of the Pandemic were returnees from foreign countries.


Both Federal and State Government are currently taking various measures to curb the widespread of the pandemic. Measures taken so far include creation of isolation centers in each state of the federation, giving public workers holiday/leave, closing down of schools, and recently closing down of markets. I believe this is not enough to arrest the situation.

My proposed way forward

1. Declaring State of Emergency/Total Shut Down the Country: Corona Virus is a form of infection that can easily be transferred from one person to another through body contact. Thus, mandating people to stay indoor is the best way to curtail the spread of the virus. Total shutdown of the country for 3 weeks will go a long way in curbing the spread and will also aid easy identification of affected victims.

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The challenge with this approach is that reasonable number of Nigerians depend on daily earnings in order to survive each day. This implies that if they did not work in a day, they can’t meet up with their daily needs. Therefore Government must be ready to provide adequate welfare package during the shutdown period.

2. Enforcement of Ban on all Public Gathering: Most State Government already ban public gatherings like clubs, events and religious houses. We Still have markets operating like nothing is wrong in the Country. I believe that this virus can be easily contacted in markets than even religion houses. Government should enforce a ban on markets and other public gatherings or create screening point at the entrance of each major market.

3. Restricting Inter-State movement: At least 5 states in Nigeria including Abuja have recorded cases of Covid-19. States that have not recorded cases of coronavirus are reported to have put measures in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

Just like many affected Countries see the current Pandemic as an invisible war which they must fight, Nigeria States must also stand tall to fight the war. In war, one of the fight approach to be taken is to safeguard your boundary from external attack, I still find it difficult to understand why most of the states that have not recorded any cases still have their boundary open as if everything is right. The critical question we need to be asking is, are these State governments fully prepared and equipped to face the battle of Covid-19?

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By now, the Government should restrict inter-state movement or create screening points at the entrance/border of each State.

4. Sensitization: There’s need for massive sensitisation by Government and other relevant stakeholders. Sensitization will help to create more awareness and enlighten the people about the danger of the pandemic and how to avoid it. I believe the government is currently doing a lot in this aspect but there is also a need to make hand sanitizer and soap available at some strategic locations

I salute the current day Government for the measures being taken while i also encourage them to look into the aforementioned approach. Nigerians should also assist our Medical Practitioners with prayer while we also pray to Almighty to safeguard our land for us.