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Chacha Eke Kiss Hubby Passionately To Debunk Divorce Rumours (WATCH VIDEO)



Nigerian actress Chacha Eke is seen in a viral video passionately kissing the hubby to debunk speculations of divorce of her marriage.

In a previous post Chaacha EKe made it clear that she was done with her marriage and wants to move on with her life.

She late made a U-turn claiming what she said is false and it’s as a result of bipolar diseases that have made her make such a statement.


However, her brother has debunked her statement, claiming she isn’t bipolar, and insisting that Chacha’s husband is guilty of an offense, which he refused to disclose.

In a video trending online, Chacha Eke intentionally kisses hubby passionately to tell everyone her marital home is safe and secure, with no divorce speculations