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Big Mouth – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review




The Campaign for Mayor Gets Underway

The funeral of Chairman Kang serves as the setting for the beginning of Big Mouth episode 15, during which Chang-ho makes a threat against the mayor and his position. Chang-ho refers to the mayor by his given name, Cho Sung-hyun, in front of Joo-hee, who overhears him.

Gong Ji-hoon is able to speak with Chairman Kang’s attorney thanks to the efforts of the Prosecutor Choi. After receiving assistance from Ji-hoon, the attorney then presents him with a copy of the chairman’s will. He has distributed it across all of the people. Ji-hoon feels discouraged, but the attorney is unwilling to make any changes to the will.

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When Ji-hoon does not respond to a call from Chang-ho, he finds himself trapped in the parking lot by Chang-ho and the other members of his crew. Ji-hoon has decided that he would no longer collaborate with Chang-ho. According to Chang-ho, Ji-hoon will soon come to them pleading for assistance on his own.

At the location where the reading of the will will take place, Chang-ho and his associates will utilize repairmen to set up a camera inside. They watch as a new attorney is brought in beside the previous one, and they disclose a new will that the chairman drew up a week ago. Choi Do-ha and Joo-hee are likely to get the majority of the chairman’s assets as a result of this provision in the will.

Mi-ho receives a phone call from a hospital informing her that the results of her blood test are concerning and that she would need to undergo more testing. She has been telling her father a lie about it.

As was to be expected, Chang-ho comes across Ji-hoon pleading for his assistance. He is informed by Chang-ho that the truth of Do-identity. ha’s In exchange, he would like Ji-hoon to back him in his bid to become mayor.

Do-ha informs Joo-hee, who is present at the house of the mayor, that he intends to run for mayor once more rather than for a seat in the national assembly because he believes that the chairman would have wanted him to do so. He inquires as to Joo-level hee’s of confidence in him.

After some time has passed, he will make the announcement public. They start their campaigns together with Chang-ho.

At the hospital, Mi-ho learns the results of her tests; she has stage four lymphoma and requires chemotherapy as soon as it can be administered.

Following a night of drinking to celebrate Chang-rising ho’s poll numbers, Mi-ho and Chang-ho decide to go for a stroll on the beach. She lets him know that not only she but also her father is aware that he is Big Mouse. She hopes that Chang-ho would grow up to be a decent Big Mouse, one who will bring down those who abuse their authority and hurt others for their own gain. They discuss the day when they opened Chang-legal ho’s firm for the first time, and both of them agree that it was their happiest moment together. They fondly remember the days when Mi-ho would bring him meals at his place of employment.

Ji-hoon decides to convene a meeting of the NR Forum, but when he arrives, he discovers that everyone has instead gone to visit Choi Do-ha. He rushes there and causes a scene, but despite discovering his true identity, they have already promised their support to Do-ha. Despite this, he causes a scene. In a flashback, we see how Do-ha revealed his true identity to Joo-hee and persuaded her of the sincerity of his motives.

Ji-hoon comes to Chang-workplace ho’s just as Chang-ho is getting ready to participate in a TV discussion. He hands Chang-ho a flash drive containing information about Do-unique ha’s treatment of the NR Forum during the time that he served as mayor of the city. In their conversation, Chang-ho inquires about the chairman’s son. Ji-hoon claims he is currently in the United States. Chang-ho asserts that they can use him as a scapegoat in order to challenge Chairman Kang’s will about the inheritance.

When Ji-hoon returned to his own office, he instructed Prosecutor Choi to locate the son. In addition to this, he discloses the fact that the son is a serial killer and that another person was imprisoned in his place.

Mi-ho receives a phone call informing her that the condemned prisoner Tak Kwang-hyun is in his final moments of life. She confronts him in his final moments and tells him that his mother is still alive and doing well, despite the fact that she knows this to be a lie. After he has passed away, his sister reveals to Mi-ho that he did not commit the crime. He was willing to take the blame for a wealthy man who turned out to be a psychopath and the true serial killer. Mi-ho confronts Joo-hee with the facts in front of everyone. Mi-ho makes a solemn promise to show Joo-hee that she is mistaken about presenting the truth having no effect on the situation.

Mi-ho comes over with a packed dinner, just like she used to all of those years ago, while Chang-ho is working through the night. After he has finished his business with Do-ha, she requests that he visit her more frequently, and he assures her that he would always be by her side. Mi-ho watches with longing as he goes about his work.

Do-ha receives information from Jung Chae-bong regarding the bitcoin fraud case that Chang-ho was involved in during the first episode. Do-ha and Lee Du-geun later have a meeting with the attorney in charge, who agrees to assist Do-ha in his case.

In the meantime, at the television studio, the representatives of the candidates are briefed on the format of the broadcast. It contains a segment featuring impromptu questions from members of the community. Soon-tae contends that this particular section was not present in the text previously. We find out later that the person in charge has arranged everything in accordance with Do-directives. ha’s

It has come to light that the bitcoin scammer paid Chang-ho 5 billion Won in order to have the case dismissed. Chang-ho and the other people talk about the impact it will have on his reputation. He insists that he will address the issue head-on during the television discussion.

Mi-ho gets up out of bed in the middle of the night to use the restroom. She ruminates on the pipes that were installed in the labor zone where the inmates were held.

Mi-ho has a conversation with Jerry after Chang-ho has left to participate in the TV discussion. He investigated the fish farm to which the pipes belonged and discovered an unusually high level of safety measures. According to him, the proprietor of the fish farm used to work for NK Chemicals as the head of the company’s security department. Mi-ho and Jerry are attempting to round up Chairman Yang’s people. She warns them that the decision they are about to make will determine whether or not they win the election.

The episode comes to a close just as the countdown clock leading up to the TV discussion hits zero.

The Episode Review
A campaign for mayor seems strangely out of place for this show, for some reason. It’s not as interesting as the power plays that came before it, despite the fact that the actors do an incredible job. On the other hand, it was a magnificent revelation when it turned out that the person on death row had been the one to accept the blame for Chairman Kang’s son.

The determination shown by Chang-ho to bring Choi Do-ha to justice appears to be somewhat misplaced. I thought NK Chemical was responsible for the death of Noh Park’s daughter. And didn’t Do-grandfather ha’s have a problem with that? Isn’t Do-ha taking revenge for him? Have his goals shifted in any way? If Chang-ho is still seeking vengeance on behalf of Big Mouse, then it is difficult to see how Gong Ji-hoon is not to blame.

A number of the particulars just don’t seem to add together. In addition, Choi Do-ha is not nearly as interesting to watch as the icy Chairman Kang is in his role as the antagonist. It was too soon for them to get rid of him.

The manner in which Mi-ho is handled in the show is yet another contentious issue. They appear to be adhering to a prevalent practice in Korean dramas of transforming female characters into damsels in distress towards the conclusion of the show. After all that Mi-ho has done, it does not seem right that she should be reduced to the role of a victim and that her suffering should be utilized to forward Chang-purpose. ho’s

Having saying that, the story did provide us with some very moving scenes between the couple. The scene where Mi-ho delivers Chang-ho dinner is endearing and warms the viewer’s heart. Also endearing is the walk on the beach. Even a brief sight of the previous version of Chang-ho is seen, which serves to highlight how much he has developed. We’re down to the final episode now!