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Army of Thieves Director Matthias Schweighöfer Has Been Dating His Girlfriend Ruby O.Fee Since Three Years Now



This is the current status of Matthias Schweighofer’s relationship with his girlfriend, Ruby O. Fee. Ruby is a well-known actress in German theatre.

Schweighofer, a German actor, has had a fruitful career thus far, which has led to him accomplishing a lot. Because he was born into a family of actors, he rapidly came to the conclusion that his place should be in front of the camera.

Later on, he participated in the theatre club at his high school in Chemnitz, Germany, and he credits his parents, Gitta Schweighofer and Michael Schweighofer, for his success in the club. His parents are both theatre artists, and they frequently brought him to some of their rehearsals.

After completing his education, he uprooted his life and relocated to Berlin, where he has been residing since since. His first performance was in the film picture Changing Skins, which was released in 1997 and was directed by Andreas Dresen. Another one of his projects, You Are Wanted, which was also the first German-language Amazon Original Series, was one that he produced, directed, and starred in (2017). The first season was made available in more than 200 countries and six languages around the world.

Schweighofer directed the film Army of Thieves, which starred Ruby O. Fee, who is currently dating the 41-year-old actor who goes by the name Ruby and who he has been dating.

Matthias Schweighöfer

Matthias Schweighöfer Is Dating Girlfriend Ruby O.Fee

Over the course of more than three years, Matthias Schweighofer has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Ruby O. Fee. Both Matthias and Ruby have a career in acting.

Ruby, a German television personality who was born in Costa Rica, is most recognised for her role as Sophie Kellermann in the children’s television series 13 Hours: Race Against Time. The part of Sophia v. Gelenberg, which Ruby played in the Bibi and Tina movie series, is primarily responsible for her widespread fame.

Because she has appeared in a variety of media in Europe, including kid’s movies, advertisements, historical plays, and more, O. Fee is a well-known face in that region. She is also making a name for herself in the entertainment industry, specifically in Hollywood.

The Costa Rican actress made her debut in a feature film with the role of Rebecca in the English movie Womb, which also starred Eva Green and Matt Smith. Ruby, then nine years old, was found by photographers working for a children’s fashion magazine while she was residing in a small village in Brazil with her mother. Ruby was living in the village with her mother.

After that, she found that she couldn’t get enough time in front of the camera and began pleading with her mother to sign her up with an acting agency. Ruby was successful in convincing her mother to support her acting career.

Ruby’s part in Zack Snyder’s film Army of Thieves came to an end in 2021. Snyder was the film’s director. She appears alongside her lover Matthia in the film playing the role of the hacker Korina.

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Matthias Schweighöfer And Ruby O.Fee Relationship Timeline

O. Fee and Matthias Schweighofer, who is also an actor and is also German, have been dating since 2019. Schweighofer was one of the original members of the production company that was Pantaleon Films.

Matthias and Ruby

Matthias Schweighöfer And Ruby O.Fee Are Often Spotted Together On Various Events

In February of 2019, O. Fee made an appearance alongside the German actor before the general audience. At a celebration celebrating Berlinale, Matthias was observed giving Ruby a peck on the cheek.

After then, the pair continued to show their love for one another by congratulating one another on their birthdays or the anniversaries of their relationship. They went to the amfAR Gala LA 2021 on November 4, 2021, which was held in West Hollywood, California. The event was held to commemorate TikTok and Jeremy Scott.

In 2019, They Posted Their First Photo As A Couple

In 2019, Ruby published the very first photo of the two of them together as a couple; the photograph featured Matthias.

In the picture, Ruby gave a passionate embrace to her lover while they were riding in the car. @philipp gladsome is the photographer of this picture.

They Worked In The Same Movie

After working together on the film “Army of Thieves,” Ruby and her partner were able to develop their relationship to a deeper level.

Ruby joined the cast as a new member for the film adaptation of the second book in the series, whereas Matthias performed the lead part in the first film in the series. Ruby’s involvement in well-known German television dramas, such as Allein Gegen die Zeit, helped propel her to prominence long before the release of the Netflix film.

Matthias Schweighöfer is a German actor, voice actor, film director, and producer.

Matthias Schweighöfer Bio

Matthias Schweighöfer is a German actor, voice actor, film director, and producer. Schweighofer was an actor who was born in the city of Anklam in the state of Western Pomerania. He attended the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin, but he left after only one year. Despite this, the son of actors had already collaborated with well-known directors like Peter Greenaway.
Matthias Schweighöfer debut performance as an actor came in the feature film Raus aus der Haut.


His debut performance as an actor came in the feature film Raus aus der Haut (1997), which Andreas Dresen directed. In the years that followed, he was featured in a variety of films and television shows, including Soloalbum (2003), Off Beat (2004), Eight Miles High (2007), and Rabbit Without Ears. [1] In the film Valkyrie, which was released in 2008, Schweighofer played the role of Lieutenant-Colonel Franz Herber. The film dramatises the failed assassination and political coup plot on 20 July to kill Adolf Hitler. Schweighofer was given the opportunity to be cast in other English speaking roles as a result of the international release of Valkyrie and the all-star cast, which included Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh, Terence Stamp, and Bill Nighy, amongst others. This not only allowed Schweighofer to be recognised in other countries, but it also allowed him to be recognised in other English speaking countries.

Together with the TV personality Joko Winterscheidt, Schweighofer established the fashion label German Garment in the year 2009.

His first film as a filmmaker, the romantic comedy What a Man, was released in 2010, and he went on to direct his second feature, Break Up Man [de], three years later in 2013. In 2017, he directed, produced, and performed the lead part in You Are Wanted, the first television series created by Amazon Studios that was in a language other than English.

In the film Army of the Dead, which was released on Netflix in 2021 and directed by Zack Snyder, Schweighofer played the role of Ludwig Dieter. In the film’s prequel, Army of Thieves, which he also directed, he appeared in the part that he had previously played.

In the 2021–2022 school year, he played the part of real-life music producer Frank Farian in the biopic Girl You Know It’s True, which was about the scandalous pop duo Milli Vanilli. The film was written and directed by Simon Verhoeven, and Wiedemann & Berg Film was the production company.

The movie is scheduled to be distributed in theatres by Leonine in the year 2023.

Personal life

Ani Schromm and Schweighofer dated on and off from 2004 until 2012, and then they began dating once more in the summer of 2013. They welcomed a baby girl in 2009 and a baby boy in 2014 into the world. Later on, Schweighofer and Schromm broke up, and as of the year 2019, Schweighofer is dating his Army of Thieves co-star Ruby O. Fee. Schromm and Schweighofer were formerly married. Schweighofer can be found residing in Berlin at the moment.

Matthias and Ruby attending the amfAR Gala Los Angeles 2021

Matthias and Ruby attending the amfAR Gala Los Angeles 2021

Relationships, Wife & Children

Angelika Ani Schromm, a German film writer and director, was his girlfriend from the year 2004 until the year 2012. After having broken up in 2012, they reconciled during the summer of 2013 and are still together. Greta, who was born in 2009, is Angelika and Matthias’s daughter, and Valentin, who was born in 2011, is their son. In January of 2019, Matthias made public his intention to part ways with Schromm.

Soon after, he made the announcement that he was dating the Costa Rican actress Ruby O. Fee. Ruby O. Fee is an actress.


In the year 2000, he made his debut as an actor in a full-length motion picture with the German film “Trust Me,” in which he played the role of “Speedy.” Jan Quinn was the name of his character in the German film “Mein Vater, die Tunte,” which he debuted in as a leading actor in the year 2001.He then made appearances in lead roles in the German films Soloalbum (2003), Polly Blue Eyes (2005), Rabbit Without Ears (2007), The Red Baron (2008), and The Architect (2008). Some of his other major German films in starring roles are 2 Paces Without a Head (2009), Friendship! (2010), Russendisko (2012), Frau Ella (2013), The Manny (2015), and Hot Dog (2018). In 2008, he made his American film debut as ‘Lieutenant Herber’ in ‘Valkyrie.’ Not only did his performance in ‘Valkyrie’ earned him worldwide recognition but also opened opportunities for more English-speaking roles.In 2009, his first main role in an American film was with ‘Night Train’ as ‘Frankie.’He acted in the American films Must Love Death (2009), The Wild Life (2016), Resistance (2020), and Army of the Dead (2021).

First Picture Of Matthias And Ruby As An Couple

First Picture Of Matthias And Ruby As An Couple

Frequently Asked Questions About Matthias Schweighöfer

Who is Matthias Schweighöfer?

Schweighöfer is a German actor, voice actor, film director, and producer.

How old is Matthias Schweighöfer?

Schweighöfer is an American national born on 11th March 1981, in Anklam, East Germany.

How tall is Matthias Schweighöfer?

Schweighöfer stands at a height of 5 ft 11 in / 180 cm.

Is Matthias Schweighöfer married?

Between 2004 and 2012, Schweighöfer dated Ani Schromm, and they got together again in the summer of 2013. They have a daughter born in 2009 and a son born in 2014. Schweighöfer currently lives in Berlin.

How much is Matthias Schweighöfer worth?

Schweighöfer has an approximate net worth of $1 million and $5 million. This amount has been accrued from his leading roles in the entertainment industry.

How much does Matthias Schweighöfer make?

Details about Schweighöfer’s salary are not yet disclosed. However, information about how much she makes will be updated as soon as it is available.

Where does Schweighöfer live?

Schweighöfer is a resident of Berlin, we shall upload pictures of her house as soon as we have them.

Is Schweighöfer dead or alive?

Schweighöfer is alive and in good health. There have been no reports of him being sick or having any health-related issues.

Where is Schweighöfer Now?

Schweighöfer is still an active participant in the creative entertainment industry, he is a cast member of Army of the Dead. Watch the trailer below.