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8 Natural remedy for body odour



Have you sat on the brink of someone with an unpleasant body odor that you simply couldn’t withstand it? body odor might be annoying and may even cause low self-worth . Well as humans we all have a smell because our body carries out metabolic processes that tend to supply sweat, you’ll be favored to not remember of this. body odor is that the perceived unpleasant smell our bodies produces when bacteria that survive the surface of the skin break down sweat into acids. Poor hygiene could lead on to body odor because it gives room for the bacterial that break down sweat to breed, hot and humid weather, recent exercise or eating of certain foods like garlic.

Body odour isn’t limited to the armpits alone, because it is that the popular belief of some people. It can occur on any point of the body, but particularly at junctures of joints (such as waist, behind the knees, elbows, underneath the chest), belly button, genitals, anus, behind the ear and our feet.

Are you battling body odor otherwise you want to enhance your body smell ? Why not try these amazing home remedies for body odor and banish yours to the darkness!

1. Apple vinegar

A home remedy, apple vinegar works by changing the pH of your skin surface, in order that it becomes inhabitable to bacteria living there. However, thanks to the very fact that apple vinegar have an highly offensive smell, it’s going to be unbearable to possess it on your body all day long. Try applying to body just before your bath, or dilute during a little bit of water to scale back the intensity of the smell.

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2. Use a light peroxide Solution

Hydrogen peroxide are used for years thanks to its many uses. peroxide is additionally very effective in combating body odor thanks to the anti-bacterial properties it possesses. 5 ml of a third solution diluted during a cup of water and applied with a washcloth over the body helps to scale back bacterial colonies and may be a cure to excessive body odour take care to not apply it to the mouth and eyes.

3. bicarbonate of soda

Baking soda may be a very useful component of the household, it acts primarily to neutralize odours and suppress bacterial growth by altering skin pH. bicarbonate of soda are often applied as powder, but could also be better suited when made into a “cake” by combining with a touch water and juice this will then be applied to the armpit and left for a short time before being washed off. Most deodorants actually contain bicarbonate of soda as an ingredient because of its proven utility in managing body odor .

4. Drinking tea Daily

Green tea is well establish for its benefits on health, but it also can reduce the severity of body odor because of its anti-oxidant and detoxifying properties. Regular tea consumption helps promote removal of poisons via the kidneys and liver, reducing the likelihood of the metabolites being secreted in sweat. The tannins found in tea also improve skin health and reduce excessive sebum production.

5. lotion

Rubbing alcohol is a superb solution to chill you down when applied to the skin on hot days, but more so it kills bacteria and slows their reproduction. Alcohol also acts as an astringent to shut the pores and reduce active sweating. Alcohol also usually overpowers body odours scent, and is safe for normal usage making it a superb home remedy.

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6. juice

Freshly squeezed juice also can help treat excessive body odor and leave you smelling fresh for hours. Lemon, while acidic, is base forming, meaning that it can alter pH and make it difficult for bacteria to grow. flavorer could also be effective for reducing odour, but won’t necessarily address the difficulty of bacterial overgrowth. Apply half a cut lemon to problem areas of the body a couple of minutes before your bath for a strong neutralizing action.

7. Alum

Alum crystals have multiple uses starting from the treatment of mouth ulcers, to preserving foods and to also reducing body odour . Alum based deodorants are already available in many parts of the planet because it has been established as an anti-perspirant and anti-bacterial remedy when applied to the body.

8. Eat More Yogurt

While yogurt may come packaged, it’s still considered a home remedy because it is natural and will not have preservatives. Yogurt are often both consumed and applied to the skin, where it encourages the expansion of helpful bacteria within the intestines. Applied to the skin, it also can alter the pH and kill bacterial living on the surface, or a minimum of reduce their density.

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