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You Wan Marry Me Or You Wan Knnack Me Dey Go? – Bold Lady Questions Boyfriend (WATCH VIDEO)



You Wan Marry Me Or You Wan Knnack Me Dey Go – Bold Lady Questions Boyfriend

A young woman who bravely confronted her partner to find out his actual feelings for her has received praise on social media.

In a viral video, she questioned him about if he intended to wed her or whether he was simply using her for his own $*x*al pleasure.


She rebelled against the custom of males making marriage proposals to women just to have them sleep with them later and abandon the relationship.

In the video, the brave woman questioned her boyfriend about his true desires for her, and cyber citizens praised her for her audacity.

What’s the way forward? You wan marry me or you wan just dey fuck me dey go.” She said.


Watch the video below.