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Who Killed Her? Case Particulars




The horrible Sandra Chavez homicide circumstance shocked the women and men of Tracy, California.

Sandra Cantu, who was eight years outdated on March 27, 2009, failed to return residence from her carry out that night time. Her mom tried every particular person avenue to seek out her.

Sadly, though, all of that carry out was for nearly nothing for the reason that authorities discovered the youthful teen inside a bag, lifeless.

Authorities questioned Sandra’s natural father, the folks up coming doorway, and anybody else they may following mastering of the unsettling homicide circumstance.

The cops skilled a tough time determining who may probably have killed this youthful boy or woman and why. However completely everybody was shocked to grasp the fact.

Along with getting brutally murdered, the 8-yr-outdated additionally seasoned sexual harassment.

The terrifying specifics of this state of affairs had been being additionally protected in an ID tv sequence episode titled “Somebody You Belief” (See No Evil).

It must be talked about that Sandra Cantu is the goal her father is Daniel Cantu, and her mom is Maria Chavez.

Sandra Chavez Homicide: Drugged And Sexually Abused

Instantly after supper, the 8-year-aged daughter disappeared to take part in at a good friend’s dwelling. She shared a home together with her mom, a number of older siblings, and grandparents.

Additionally, the goal attended Melville S. Jacobson Elementary College, precisely the place she was a 2nd-grader.

Her family advanced was searched extensively making use of police canine, equestrian groups, and helicopters, however no hint of her was uncovered.

She was seen crossing the road in surveillance footage prematurely of she was out of sight. There was a $22,000 prize accessible, and the FBI was recognized as in to help.

An early suspect was eradicated, a neighborhood one who skilled been observed kissing Cantu two a number of years earlier than.

Regrettably, on April 6, Sandra’s demise was came upon inside a suitcase when a typical pond draining was underway.

She had been overwhelmed, sexually assaulted, and smothered, in accordance to post-mortem outcomes, and toxicology screening confirmed that Alprazolam skilled been present.