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Who Is Harris Wolobah? Teen Who Died From The TikTok 1 Chip Drawback



Who Is Harris Wolobah? -The viral “one chip problem” from TikTok claimed the every day lifetime of a 14-12 months-old college scholar named Harris Wolobah on September 1.

Harris Wolobah, a 14-year-aged boy from Massachusetts, handed away on Friday, September 1, in keeping with officers.

His family believes that the “one chip problem” might properly have induced “problems” that led to his dying, nonetheless, the findings of a publish-mortem are nonetheless ready round.

The induce of Harris’ demise is unknown, and authorities withheld extra info and information in regards to the conditions encompassing it.

Harris Wolobah
Harris Wolobah

What Is TikTok An individual Chip Impediment?

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