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The world will end in 7 years – Man living in dilapidated mansion shares secret he discovered



The world will end in 7 years

A 53-year-old man has predicted that the world will end in 7 years owing to signs that he observed.


Leslie Southam is of the firm belief that the world would come to an end in the next 7 years and has decided to wait for it.

The world will end in 7 years

The world will end in 7 years

The Sun reports that Leslie currently lives in an abandoned estate located in Brynmefys, Wales, UK with his elderly parents.

The property they reside in was acquired in the 1980s but hasn’t witnessed development or renovation activities for a while, leaving it in a state of derelict.


In an interview with Wales Online, Leslie pointed to the current coronavirus pandemic as one of the signs that humans are living in the last days.


He noted the rotting carcasses of homes, dumping of refuses and collapsing roofs which he argued are the handiwork of nature that wants to reclaim its land.

He said these signs precede Jesus Christ coming and the apocalypse. “The way things are going, it’s only going to be seven years at most.”

The world will end in 7 years

The world will end in 7 years

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