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Photo: Keir Starmer Resignation Letter Becomes Trending As Labour Shadow MP Quits His Team




Keir Starmer’s old resignation letter has become popular on Twitter after a member of the Shadow Cabinet quit his job.

Keir Starmer will say that Labour will never negotiate with the Scottish National Party. This is another move to stop the Conservatives from calling the coalition a “coalition of chaos.” Aside from that, his party would rather form a minority government than talk with nationalists.

As part of his summer campaign, the leader of the Labour Party is likely to say that his group will not make any deals with the SNP or allow a vote on independence.

With that position, the SNP would be daring them to vote against a Labour Queen’s address and take the blame for toppling a Labour prime minister and helping a new Tory government take power.

Why Is Keir Starmer’s Resignation Letter Photo Trending On Twitter?

After his top staff quit, a photo of Keir Starmer’s resignation letter as an MP from 2016 is trending on Twitter.

Everything might have started with his resignation speech, in which he said he would quit if he was punished for having a meeting with beer and curry during a lockdown.

Sir Keir said in a short speech that “no rules were broken,” but he also said that he would “do the right thing and step aside” if he was punished.

He said that it was “a matter of principle and honour for me, it’s about who I am,” and he said that his critics were “trying to feed cynicism” while “not believing” the claims themselves.

In response to the apparent rule breaking, he said that “people had a right to expect that politicians would follow the same rules as everyone else.”

Keir Starmer ‘Labour Shadow Minister’ Mike Amesbury Quits His Team
Mike Amesbury, who was the shadow minister for local government, said on Thursday that he was leaving his job in order to “put his constituents first.”

The Cheshire MP for Weaver Vale said it was “an honour” to be in Starmer’s shadow cabinet, but he couldn’t do the job with “the intensity and demand it requires.”

He praised Lisa Nandy, who is the shadow housing secretary, for “fighting” the Westminster Tories “every step of the way.”

Amesbury said, “When inflation hits, I will stand with people who just want a fair deal for themselves and their families.”

Amesbury beat a Conservative candidate in the 2019 election. He told Starmer that he would like to see him in Downing Street, but that he should put his constituents first.

In response, the leader of the Labour Party said he was “sorry” about Amesbury’s decision to quit.

Will Keir Starmer Resign As Well? Tori MP’s Prepared For Snap Election
If Sir Keir Starmer quits as leader of the Labour Party because of “Beergate,” the Tories are said to be thinking about calling a snap election.

Sir Keir was accused of breaking Covid-19 rules in April of last year when he was caught on camera having a drink and a curry with coworkers in Durham. Because of this, senior Conservative MPs have been putting pressure on him.

He also said he would quit if the police gave him trouble. He did this to set himself apart from Boris Johnson and show that “politicians are not all the same.”

While the Labour leader waits for the results of the Durham Constabulary investigation, the Conservative Party is reportedly working on a plan to take advantage of the results and a future leadership race in the opposition.