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Pentecostal Church Pastor Seen Trying To Knack His Sister-In-Law In Delta (WATCH VIDEO)



Pentecostal Church Pastor Seen Trying To Knack With His Sister-In-Law In Delta

A supposed man of God who is yet to be identified has been apprehended after he was caught trying to have $**ual relations with his sister-in-law in the Warri area in Delta State.

The man who is said to be the head of a Pentecostal Church in Udi road after he was apprehended was also accused of secretly sleeping with some of the female members in his church.


In a video obtained, the man of God could be seen sitting on the ground as a group of agitated people who caught him in the act lambast him for trying to carryout such a taboo.

We still do not know who these people caught the pastor in the act but the man of God is seen pleading with them to forgive him.

In other news, a Nigerian man identified as Amaechi Agnalasi and his biological daughter has been reportedly banished from the Nnobi community in Anambra State for having an incestuous relationship and producing two children as the results.





In a viral video where the two parties were being interrogated by some members of the community, the said daughter of the man gave her name as Queen Bassey and they both hail from Cross River State.

According to Queen, her father, Amaechi broke her virginity after his wives abandoned him. She said that her father forced her to become his wife under an oath but she has no idea as to why she allowed the relationship to go on for a very long time.

The father, upon the confrontation also said that he engaged in the incestuous act with his daughter because he didn’t want her to also abandon him like his wives and other children did to him.

He added that he engaged in the shameful act with his daughter because he didn’t want her to leave his sight.

The two are said to have been banished from the community for engaging in such a shameful and a taboo.