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Oscar Wilde: A Life of Controversy and Art



Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was an Irish wit, poet, and dramatist whose reputation rests on his only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891), and on his comic masterpieces Lady Windermere’s Fan (1892) and The Importance of Being Earnest (1895). He was born on October 16, 1854 in Dublin, Ireland.

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Oscar Wilde

Wilde’s life was full of controversy. He was imprisoned for homosexuality which was illegal at the time The Picture of Dorian Gray is a novel by Oscar Wilde that tells the story of Dorian Gray, a beautiful young man who has his portrait painted by artist Basil Hallward. Dorian is introduced to Lord Henry Wotton, who convinces him that the only thing worth pursuing in life is beauty and pleasure. Dorian becomes obsessed with his own beauty and begins to lead a life of sin and debauchery. As he indulges in more and more vice, his portrait begins to change, reflecting the ugliness of his soul while he remains outwardly beautiful