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Kevin Mitnick Spouse: Was Kevin Mitnick Married?



Kevin Mitnick was a famend American laptop hacker and cybersecurity specialist.

Born on August 6, 1963, in Van Nuys, California, Mitnick obtained notoriety within the Nineteen Eighties and Nineteen Nineties for his hacking exploits, which produced him an individual of essentially the most required laptop computer or laptop criminals in the USA.

Mitnick’s fascination with applied sciences commenced at an early age when he discovered his enthusiasm for understanding how laptop computer strategies labored.

As a teen, he began out hacking into quite a lot of laptop networks to try their vulnerabilities and procure unauthorized entry. 

His capabilities shortly made, and he turned acknowledged for his potential to bypass stability measures and infiltrate even essentially the most protected strategies.

Mitnick’s hacking actions principally centered on getting acquire to company networks and stealing delicate data. 

He was notorious for using social engineering strategies to govern individuals into revealing passwords or different confidential particulars.

His actions prompted important monetary losses for a lot of organizations and led to a prevalent worry of cybercrime.

Was Kevin Mitnick Married?

The late Kevin Mitnick has a surviving partner. He was married to Kimberly Mitnick.

Earlier, Kevin Mitnick was married to Bonnie Vitello. They’d been married between 1987 to 1990.