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Josh Larkin Girlfriend – His Love Life After Split With Gee Nelly




There is a possibility that Josh Larkin was seeing his ex-girlfriend Gee Nelly, but as of right now, he is totally single.

TheBurntChip is a British YouTuber who has gained over 1.3 million subscribers to his channel with his videos of himself playing FIFA games on the platform. He is often considered to be among the most skilled FIFA players on the social site.

The FIFA pack openings that he does are what set his channel apart from others, as they are incredibly entertaining to watch and something that no football lover should miss out on. The videos created by Larkin are original, and they provide the viewers with a novel way to enjoy the action of football games. In addition to that, his game commentary is genuinely unrivalled and incredibly entertaining to listen to. On a more personal note, Larkin is originally from Manchester, which is located in England, United Kingdom.

He is the older sibling of one younger sister and he dated an Instagram model named Gee Nelly at one point. The avid player of FIFA relishes the opportunity to catch up with his partner whenever he has some spare time on his hands. In his spare time, he enjoys going out on the town with his pals and doing trips with them.

Josh Larkin Girlfriend – His Love Life After Split With Gee Nelly
Late in the month of December in 2017, Chip and Gee made their relationship known to the public. Gee was only starting out as a gamer at the time, and it’s possible that her partner’s achievements inspired her to go better. Following the release of their announcement, Gee and Chip both shared collaborative videos and dedications on various social media platforms.

On the 9th of May, 2019, Chip posted a statement to an Instagram photo of himself and Gee in which he mentioned that she loved their relationship and that Josh thought they had established a fair arrangement. He also stated that he thought they had achieved a balance between their needs. He takes care of her financially and lets him play Fortnite for ten hours a day in exchange for this favour.

In January of 2019, Gee took a break from the usually entertaining content she creates to be more transparent with her audience about the challenges she faces with her mental health. Gee did her best to hold back her tears as she talked about her diagnosis of psychotic depression and the ways in which she manages to cope with it. She described streaming as her “happy spot” and noted that having a strong support network is vital for helping her get over the dark points in her life.

According to a podcast that Chip conducted with The Fellas, it is being said that he is no longer together with Gee, despite the fact that there have been highs and lows in their relationship. The influencer describes a moment when he misled his girlfriend into believing that he was a member of the LGBT community when the two of them were dating, which led to a chaotic situation. At this point, it is not apparent if he is genuinely referring to Nelly or not.

Facts To Know About Josh Larkin
Josh Larkin is 28 years old and was born on July 13, 1994. His birthday is July 13. He is the definition of a complete dork, and his zodiac sign is Cancer. In addition to that, the influential person is nurturing and sympathetic.

As a member of the YouTube Allstars team, he has been competing in the charity football game that took place in 2016 previously. JMX stepped into his grandfather’s shoes when the latter passed away on June 1, 2016, which enabled him to do so.

The British YouTuber from Manchester operates the channel known as TheBurntChip on YouTube. It is estimated that he has a net worth of 140 thousand dollars. The majority of his films are dedicated to opening FIFA packs, while others feature vlogs with members of Sidemen, roast videos, and other comedic and amusing content.

On Instagram, where he goes by the handle @theburntchip and has over 600 thousand followers, Larkin is active. His most recent contribution to the platform is, “Chippo Wines has joined forces with @footasylum to compete in the Lockedin House. Please head over to the comments and show your support for Don Crimes.”

On YouTube, his videos have been seen more than one billion times, and he has one million subscribers. Larkin first joined on October 21, 2012, and he continues to contribute original and entertaining stuff even today.

Are Chip and Gee still dating
Are Chip and Gee still dating

TheBurntChip Bio
Quick Facts
British Celebrities Born In July

Girlfriend: Gee Nelson

Also Known As: Josh Larkin

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Males

Born Country: England

Height: 5’10” (178 cm), 5’10” Males

City: Manchester, England

Rise to Stardom
On October 21, 2012, Josh Larkin established his first channel on YouTube under the name ‘TheBurntChip.’ It was titled “FIFA 14- If Uche Pink Slips Vs ANESONGIB,” and it was his first video. After this was completed, other FIFA 14 gaming videos began to play. The YouTuber eventually switched to the FIFA 15 edition of the game in September of 2014, when it was first released. Larkin finally produced FIFA 16 gameplay videos in April 2015, after working on them for a number of months. His first video on the new edition was titled “FIFA 16 Slot Machine!!! – New FIFA 16 Game Mode,” and it was followed by further movies of the same kind that involved gaming.

Larkin’s ascent to fame on the video-sharing platform proceeded unabated as he maintained his work as a YouTube content creator. Over the course of time, he amassed more than 1.3 million subscribers and more than 140 million views. Today, his station offers everything that a fan of football could want to watch. In addition to FIFA gameplay videos, the YouTuber has published a number of vlogs and challenge films on his channel. Each of these movies, as well as the FIFA gameplay videos, is extremely entertaining and jam-packed with enjoyable content.

The video titled “The Best FIFA 15 Toty Pack Opening Ever” is one of the videos that has received the most views on his channel. This video was uploaded to YouTube on January 18, 2015, and as of this writing it has racked up over 3.6 million views and over 76,000 likes. For those who are passionate about FIFA, this video is an absolute requirement to view! The video titled “World Cup Fortnite Football” was one of the most recent uploads to Larkin’s channel and is accessible there. This video was first made available online on June 15, 2018.

Gee Nelly is an influencer.
Gee Nelly is an influencer.

Personal Life
Josh Larkin, also known as TheBurntChip, was born on July 13, 1994 in Manchester, England, in the United Kingdom. On his Instagram account, you can find images of the two of them together. He has a younger sister.

In terms of his romantic life, the YouTuber is now in a relationship with another YouTuber named Gee Nelson. She has completed coursework in media studies and currently manages two channels on YouTube. Alongside her close friend Gigi, she is a co-owner of a glitter business that goes by the name GLOW. In addition to becoming a model on Instagram, she has previously done modelling work for Ralph Lauren.