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How much did Amber Heard get paid for Aquaman?




Amber Heard is an American actress who is known for several roles including Aquaman, Never Back Down, Drive Angry, The Rum Diary, and more.

How much did Amber Heard get paid for Aquaman?

Amber Heard reportedly got paid $1 million for the first Aquaman movie, and $2 million for the upcoming sequel. However, her agent had argued that she should’ve negotiated for more money for the upcoming sequel because of how successful the first film was.

Considering her court case with Johnny Depp, there have been over 4 million petitions against her to be removed from the sequel after several allegations against her being abusive surfaced in court along with video and audio evidence.

Amber Heard net worth

How much is Amber Heard worth? What is Amber Heard‘s net worth? How rich is Amber Heard? Amber Heard has an estimated net worth of around $2.5 million. However, she might go bankrupt if she loses the case against Johnny Depp and had to pay a huge fine.