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How long did it take Ari Aster to write Midsommar? What religion is Midsommar based on?




How long did it take Ari Aster to write Midsommar?

The exact number of years it took the writer and director, Ari Aster to write Midsommar is not clear. However, Ari Aster took years to write Misdommar. The movie was released in 2019.

What religion is Midsommar based on?

Midsommar, a film by writer-director Ari Aster, describes the Pagan rites of the Hårga, a Swedish cult. The movie follows a group of graduate students as it depicts a mysterious, wonderful, and hallucinogenic world.

About Midsommar

Midsommar is a horror movie written and directed by Ari Aster who is also known for writing and directing ‘Hereditary’.  Midsommar chronicles the harrowing journey of four friends during a Swedish summer solstice festival that suddenly turns fatal.

In the movie, Dani and Christian, in spite of their strained relationship, travel to Sweden to attend the Midsommar festival not long after Dani suffers a terrible family tragedy.

Midsommar: Dani engulfed with flowers.

Dani struggles to reach her sister after sending her a foreboding email at the beginning of Midsommar. Apparently, Dani’s sister killed both their parents and herself. Dani, who is having trouble coping, turns even more to her boyfriend, Christian, who is thinking about ending their relationship.

Christian is fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Sweden with Pelle, a suspicious-looking Swedish man who smiles way too much. That is when the fun truly began when Dani sort of invited herself along to Sweden. Following their visit to Sweden is a series of deaths and rituals/ceremonies.