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Cody Assenmacher (On Survivor): Who Is He? His Age, Job, Hometown, Linkedin




Cody Assenmacher (On Survivor): Who Is He? His Age, Job, Hometown, Linkedin

Cody Assenmacher is a talented American elevator salesman and television personality best known for competing on season 43 of Survivor (2022). On Wednesday, September 21, CBS broadcast the series’ debut.

Father Dale Edward Assenmacher and mother Mary Jean Assenmacher welcomed Cody into the world in Preston, Lowa. In December 2021, Assenmacher’s mother will turn 61 years old, and in September 2022, his father will turn 63. Michael John Assenmacher is the name of his other sibling.

Assenmacher, a cast member of Survivor 43, is 5 feet 10 inches tall. The television personality characterized himself as upbeat, charismatic, and fearless. He admitted to the CBS crew that he takes pride in his friendships.

1. Cody Assenmacher Is A Participant in Survivor 43
In Survivor 43, which airs on CBS on September 21, 2022, Cody Assenmancher takes part.

Assenmacher met the challenge in a way that surprised the producers, demonstrating his value to his tribe, the Vesi.

Participants in the competition collected boxes, stacked them, and used a bamboo pole to reach their destination in a multi-part race. The other tribes, Coco and Baka, fought to keep the flint from falling back down as it neared the top of the upward-slanted pole.

Cody did a good job of positioning himself for Survivor 43 to begin. His impressive performance shows that he can be both a valuable ally and a threat, in addition to showing that he is a valuable ally. It’s crucial to form the right partnerships early on in the season. If Cody positions himself right in the game, he will succeed.

2. Cody Assenmacher Is Currently 36 Years Old
Since Cody Assenmacher was born on December 9, 1986, in Preston, Lowa, he has been 36 years old.

He has lived on islands before; many years ago, he relocated to Hawaii from the Iowa plains. Assenmacher enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, and interacting with friends.

The 35-year-old is aware that his out-there persona will attract both favorable and unfavorable attention. At the moment, Cody is a participant on the American reality competition show Survivor 43.

In the episode, Cody is a member of the Vesi tribe. In a recent interview, he remarked, “My experiences, career, and living in many cities have given me wisdom ahead of my time, & I will use it to my benefit in communicating with participators older than myself.

3.Cody Assenmacher Worked As Elevator Salesman
Prior to competing on Survivor 43, Cody Assenmacher used to work as an elevator salesman. In the interview, he had described how hard he had worked as a salesman in Honolulu, Hawaii. Additionally, he is knowledgeable and skilled while speaking in the third person, which is another area in which many people find him to be talented.

According to Cody’s LinkedIn profile, he has been an account manager for KONE since 2009. Previously, Cody was employed by John Deere as a Warranty Analyst (2007 to 2009). The Dongguan University of Technology employed the Preston, Iowa native as a lecturer.

4. Cody Assenmacher Has Fake Teeth
Cody Assenmacher admitted that several of his bottom front teeth are false to the survivor 43 production (CBS). When Cody was a little child, his elder brother (Michael John Assenmacher) strapped him into a sled pulled by an ATV in a frozen cornfield. The sled overturned, and Cody lost his front teeth as a result.

5. Cody Assenmacher Is In Love With Danielle Hughes
Danielle Hughes, Cody Assenmacher’s girlfriend, and he are in love. Observing his social media, the upbeat man seems to be in a committed relationship with Danielle.

The girlfriend of Cody Assenmacher periodically uploads pictures of the two of them cuddling. Unfortunately, we were unable to verify if the couple had previously been married.

6. Cody Is Thriving On The Island In ‘Survivor 43’
Cody talked about growing up in a little town in Iowa. He had a childhood friend who had a serious illness and lost a leg. He then asked about Noelle Lambert’s artificial limb. The salesman claimed that since seeing his friend’s experience, he now takes chances.

In an interview, Cody stated, “I’m going to play Survivor as hard and quickly as I can, just as I do everything else. There will never be a day when I can’t go to bed and say, “I had a fantastic time today,” because I truly live out here.

Cody seems to be enjoying himself there. He plunged down a tall cliff into the water. He even fashioned a hat for himself out of leaves. But happiness is ignorance, as former castaways discovered upon watching the episode.

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Quick Facts About Cody Assenmacher
Real Name Cody Assenmacher
Profession Elevator salesperson
Nickname Assenmacher
Current Place Honolulu, Hawaii
Age 36 years old as of 2022
Date Of Birth December, 9, 1986
Gender Male
Home Town Preston, Lowa
Nationality American
Hobbies Going out with friends, traveling and being outdoors
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Some Frequently Asked Questions
Who Is Cody Assenmacher?
Cody Assenmacher is an American Elevator Sales person and a TV star.
How Old is Cody Assenmacher?
Cody is 36 years old as of 2022.
How Tall is Cody Assenmacher?
Cody Assenmacher is 5 feet 10 inches tall.