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Bobi, World’s Oldest Canine Age: How Outdated Was Bobi?



On Oct 21, 2023, Bobi, the world’s oldest canine, handed away. He was 31 yrs and 165 days earlier.

He was a Portuguese Rafeiro do Alentejo purebred canine.

The Countrywide Union of Veterinarians, which oversees the Portuguese authorities’s pet databases, confirmed Bobi’s age.

He was born on Might 11, 1992, and invested his full on a regular basis dwelling within the village of Conqueiros, shut to Portugal’s west coast, with the Costa family members.

In accordance to Bobi’s proprietors, he lived a really lengthy and nutritious existence and handed away peacefully when sleeping.

He was a “loving and trustworthy companion” who shall be sorely skipped, in accordance to them.

The passing of Bobi indicators the shut of an interval.

He was the oldest canine in recorded historic previous, and the planet round, of us ended up moved by his story.

He served as a reminder of the distinct romance we have now with our animal companions as very effectively because the power of affection and companionship.

Bobi’s death
Bobi’s lack of life

How Aged Was Bobi?

It’s described that Bobi lived to be 31 a number of years and 165 days outdated and died on Saturday.