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Billie Holiday: Age, Marriage, Career Net worth And More.



Billie Holiday

Holiday’s music was a reflection of the social and political issues of her time. She wrote and performed songs that addressed issues such as racism, poverty, and inequality. Her music continues to inspire and influence musicians today.

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Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday


Billie Holiday was born on April 7, 1915, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Baltimore, Maryland.


Billie Holiday was the daughter of Clarence Holiday, a professional musician.


Billie Holiday had several relationships throughout her life but never married.


Billie Holiday did not have any children.


Billie Holiday had a half-sister named Eva Miller.


Billie Holiday was an American jazz singer who recorded many musical masterpieces and also wrote songs about inequality and justice. She had a distinctive vocal style that influenced jazz and pop music and was known for her improvisational skills and emotional delivery.

Social Media:

Billie Holiday passed away before the advent of social media.

Net Worth:

There is no information available on Billie Holiday’s net worth.