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Athena Strand Cause of Demise, Age, Suspect



athena strand

Athena Strand is a 7 decades previous girl who has been murdered in North Texas.

In accordance to Sherriff Lane Akin, her overall body was found Friday, December 2, 2022, two times after she went missing.

The physique was learned 6 miles from her home.

From digital evidence and confession, Law enforcement say Athena was taken by contract driver of a FedEx Truck.

It has also been detected that she died within just an hour of her abduction.

Tanner Lynn Horner who is aged 31 has been discovered as the driver. He has due to the fact been detained at the Intelligent county jail.

Tanner is reported to have delivered a box to Athena’s residence and may possibly have kidnapped her in the driveway.

In accordance to Sherriff Lane, Tanner sent the Police to two bogus destinations in advance of he gave them the right path.

Tanner had no acquitances with Athena and her household and therefore are unable to tell what the purpose for the criminal offense is.

Athena Strand Age: How Old Is Athena Strand

Athena Strand is 7 years outdated.

Athena Strand Bring about of Demise: How Did Athena Strand Die?

Protection Officials say from confession of the suspect, Athena Strand died an hour soon after her abduction.

Athena Strand Suspect: Who Is Tanner Lynn Horner?

Tanner Lynn Horner works with FedEx. He is the only suspect linked with the dying of Athena Strand. In accordance to security staff, Tanner directed then to exactly where Athena’s entire body was following taking the to two bogus internet sites previously.

Sheriff Akin claims of the spouse and children of Athena that “They’re distraught.” They are upset as a end result of what took place, which was the removing of a priceless child from their life.